Gov. Edwards Talks Ida Storm Devastation, Search And Rescue Efforts

Gov. Edwards Talks Ida Storm Devastation, Search And Rescue Efforts 1


  1. Not to worry; TFG will show up at a rally with some paper towels.

    In seriousness, thank you Biden admin/FEMA for already helping so many and I hope the damage and loss of life is as minimal as possible.

  2. What about the Search and Rescue Efforts for the 15,000 Americans that Joe Biden abandoned in Afghanistan?

    1. You think Biden is incompetent but demand he do something about it. Why not send your Messiah to Kabul with a crate of paper towels to toss? 🤷🏽‍♂️

    2. @Not RixAmoris you are aware that the Taliban and Joe Biden broke that deal right so stop making excuses for your pathetic president with approval ratings down to 38% now

    3. @Mark Evans and the donalds whole 4 year stint he never passed 51% so yeah biden should have never follow trump’s taliban deal

    4. @Mark Evans You are aware that deranged donnie released Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar from prison just like he released all the thugs in the US to create his mafia mis-administration.

    1. WTF is your problem? So no one should report on anything else? News channels are giving plenty of air time to that quagmire which is 100% the fault of the $#%! Bush administration for starting it. Biden is just doing the impossibly difficult, but necessary job of ending it.

    2. @Dawn W if i am distracting from reality, aka the worst political/global disaster for 2 decades, what does that make those talking about weather

  3. A reporter was interviewing a family yesterday who had a family member who had just tested positive and they couldn’t find a motel or hotel that would take them, so they just hunkered down. Some times there is a valid reason to not evacuate.

  4. Too bad it didn’t include MSLSD’s studios in its path. The world would have appreciated that. 🏄‍♂️

  5. If this had happened in Florida, DeSantis would have banned search and rescue operations, and forbade work crews from clearing debris and restoring power. You know, so the people could be free to choose their fates, and their rights would not be infringed upon.

    1. @S D No, I didn’t.

      I purposefully typed DeSantis. Because he is the governor (allegedly) of Florida (not California), where the vaccination rate is 52% (lower than California – 55%), the current case-load of covid19 is averaging over 20,000 per day (much higher than California – 11,000 per day), the current number of individuals hospitalized from covid19 is about 16,500 (much higher than California – about 8,700), and the deaths in Florida due to covid19 are currently 247 per day (much higher than California – 88 per day). Nah, I definitely meant to type DeSantis. If there was a typo, it’s because I could have typed ‘DeSatan’, or ‘DeathSentence’ – but I didn’t. I intentionally typed DeSantis. Because I want everyone to know exactly who I meant. Ronnie DeSantis.

  6. I liked Edward’s, But this news network is so bad a random person attacks a reporter in mississippi doing a storm report.

  7. The Governor of Louisiana sounds like a rather calm, competent, knowledgeable, and compassionate person. Sounds like he cares about the people of his state, and has a good grasp of the situation – no hemming and hawing, no blaming others, no deflections, no distractions, no feigned anger – just a concerned leader working on getting a crappy job done, and helping folks as best as he can. Good Job Governor Edwards!

  8. Sorry does not reverse the situation but I will say there is a time and a season for everything that happens on this earth. Pray for Louisiana again. Satan rules this world, not Jehovah God. But God is going to reverse it. He’s going to reverse it all. Stay humble. Stay prayed up. There are times and there are seasons. Have we learned our lesson? I conclude we have not. But we must maintain hope in the midst of the storm of life. It’s going to be okay. Will this be your last day? Or will we do better? Stephanie, I appreciate u very much.

    1. You are so right. The Lord’s will be done, I pray for the courage to keep my head, and do God’s will, with so much going on. The devil was put here as a guide, but abused his power and fell from Grace. I pray for those who have been deceived, I pray for strength, and patience wisdom to know what the Lord is wanting of me, so I may serve Him. I am a sheep, but not of man’s flock…..the Lord is my Shepherd.

  9. Oh my gosh…. like this man…not baiting into drama or blaming…not defending a position or others choices, but just giving the circumstances.

  10. Supposedly 80 million people voted for Biden

    “ Not me “ and I doubt that’s the case but here you go! So happy to see the outcome of your votes!

    Bumbling Biden and Ho Harris are the worst president and vice president in American history!

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