Gov. Hogan On Voter Fraud Press Conference: ‘A Train Wreck’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Gov. Hogan On Voter Fraud Press Conference: ‘A Train Wreck’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1


Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) responds to yesterday’s press conference at the RNC headquarters. Aired on 11/20/2020.
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Gov. Hogan On Voter Fraud Press Conference: ‘A Train Wreck’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

91 Comments on "Gov. Hogan On Voter Fraud Press Conference: ‘A Train Wreck’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC"

  1. Finally finally a republican that comes out and speaks logical with knowledge and respect

  2. Imagine the outrage had Obama lost and tried a stunt like the ORANGE ORANGUTAN??

    • @victor maz Exactly

    • Everybody aint stupid like Trump. Obama has no shadow of guilt following him, he served with integrity. He may not be liked by a few but he is well loved by many. Obama is a BOSS. If he had lost the election he, like many others before him would have conceded without delay. Even you know that.
      Trump is trying so very hard to remain in power because he is running from all the corruption he is neck deep in and remaining a president is his only escape….

    • @Naomi Iton ….as FLOTUS famously said to POTUS….when they go low, we go high.

    • Indeed you couldn’t be more right!👍

    • @raytucker1954 dayum right!!😂😂

  3. I love my Governor. Larry Hogan is a real person who happens to be republican!! Thank you Govenor Hogan ☺️

    • Chris Ke He’s a RINO just like Mitt

    • @Free Speech didn’t Trump register as a Democrat for years, and donate to both parties? Hogan’s been a Republican for life, he’s not the RINO in this scenario

    • Hewlett William | November 20, 2020 at 4:41 PM | Reply

      @Free Speech change your name to free facts Moron 😭😭😭😭

    • @Free Speech He’s pro America and pro democracy. Only you are saying that is anti republican.

    • I am sure now that he came out and said this, the Trump cultists will label him a traitor to America…They seem to do that a lot.
      They worshipped Fox until some of the hosts decided to tell the truth for once and now Fox is considered part of the MSM.
      It really does boggle the mind how people can worship this Orange Conman who only seems to give a sh..t about himself and would sell his own family to hold on to power if he could.

  4. One of the only Republicans that has a sense of decency and integrity. Glad he comes from my home state.

  5. Hogan is one of like, 4 or 5, decent, sane and principled Republicans left in the whole country currently elected to office at this point.

    • Luke Oliver wow…who are the other is very rare to see a Republican like these ..I left the Republican Party due to that..many has no honor in their position and so I was quite surprised how wording on the election was spot on ..

    • @Robert Nguyen there isn’t 5 like Hogan, but to a lesser degree Romney, Sasse, and Amash (who was kicked out for it despite being very ideologically Republican) have stood by their principles. At least some of the time. Hogan’s practically a unicorn in the GOP at this point, he may not last with the direction of the party

    • @Robert Nguyen Romney, Hogan, Phil Scott, and Charlie Baker. Mostly moderate east coast governors…and all vehemently Never Trump. Kudos to you on leaving the sinking ship that is the current GOP. It’s become a principle-less, autocratic, tribalistic movement that is defacing our institutional norms and desecrating our constitutional republic.

    • we md dems disagree, he may shine re covid, but his other policies smack of stone rethug. glad to be expat in country where folks take the virus seriously

  6. trump is persistent as bedbugs at doral hotel

  7. The fake president’s Legacy= person…. woman… man… camera …tv

  8. It’s a side show folks. And half of the American electorate loves it. We live in an idiocracy.

  9. There’s a Weezer song called Trainwrecks. Tribute to Trump.

  10. Christopher Bland | November 20, 2020 at 3:54 PM | Reply

    The whole Administration is a Train Wreck

  11. it’s not a sideshow.. it’s an attempted coup and should be viewed as such.

    • @S B so that is what you believe…from guiliani and the Trump minions. That all makes sense. My question to you is, why doesn’t these so called evidence shown to the judges. Tell me why the judges already tossed out the suites then. Have you not heard? If you continue to drink koolaid from Trump, then there is no point to debate further.

    • @S B AP and everyone already called Biden the victor!!!!!! You need to keep up.

    • @S B also Georgia already did a recount and not much changed and certified Biden the winner. If you believe the stupid dominion software doing tricks theory, then why the # didn’t change much? These are hand counted. That tells you all these stupid conspiracy theories are bogus.

    • @Fire Ice as I’ve told you so many times previously, the lawyers show their evidence to the judges in court. I believe that a judge makes the call on if the evidences is admissible in court. And will make a ruling on each case individually. Your claim that if you make a case to a court and your evidence is dismissed that you cannot pursue any further cases with any other evidence. And that somehow you deserve to hear evidence before a judge for upcoming cases. Why is that? Do you need to cover something up?
      Why are you so worried about losing?

    • @S B dude they can continue to file cases as they want. What I told you is all the cases so far have been tossed out except one which is not related to anything. I don’t care what they’re going to file tomorrow that’s not my or your call. What we’re talking about is what is happening right NOW, not speculations. Do I need to spell that out for you.

  12. RNC, is that the Republican Nazi Committee… Seems so.

    • Royal_BloodTaker MobaGaming | November 20, 2020 at 6:44 PM | Reply

      I never heard of this 3 letter organization but I like to know about it and will research from different sources and collaborate and hopefully get an understanding overview. This country has too many 3 letter agencies to keep up with.

    • JohnPaul Jones | November 20, 2020 at 6:52 PM | Reply

      @Royal_BloodTaker MobaGaming
      alphabet soup.
      Why’ll you are at it please have your handler posttheir artifical intelligence in media credential here

    • Royal_BloodTaker MobaGaming | November 20, 2020 at 6:56 PM | Reply

      @JohnPaul Jones lol

    • JohnPaul Jones | November 20, 2020 at 7:06 PM | Reply

      @Royal_BloodTaker MobaGaming dude, you sound just like a high functioning AI. The RNC is the republican national committee. Russia hacked thier servers in 2016 but chose to keep that info as Kompromat while strategically, in coordination with the trum campaign, releasing stuff from the DNC (democratic national committee)

      Where you from?

    • Royal_BloodTaker MobaGaming | November 20, 2020 at 7:22 PM | Reply

      @JohnPaul Jones because I do not know of the two entities of these establishments doesn’t justify I’m dumb or anything. I’ve only heard of them I think 2 times each. I’m from the US. Also please learn to spell the word “while” instead of “why’ll!” You make yourself look illiterate.

  13. Governor Larry Hogan IS The ONLY Republican Governor That I HAVE Respect For.
    Governor Hogan and His Wife Yumi, Have Done A Lot for Maryland.🙏

  14. The only person trying to steal the election is Donald Trump.

    • @Sultan Mahmood one of the source materials listed the bottom is an Australian news Outlet. I believe everything you said because of the simple fact that Australia is only a couple hundred miles off the coast of Africa. Pilots are taught and instructed, and mentally conditioned to fly in a weird pattern to make it seem like it is thousands of miles. But of course they cannot be a flat Earth. Also the way the Democrats got their money is through the fake NASA it is all done with CGI even the moon landing was faked. There is Starscape beyond our atmosphere. It is all just lights place there by our Creator God inside the firmament of the Dome. For more information look up Mark Sargent. I’m sure you will believe everything he has to say too because you seem just like that kind of person.

    • Sultan Mahmood | November 20, 2020 at 6:32 PM | Reply

      @Grandraplady akaAMB I am sorry you are averse to my comments, I only meant to awake asleep hearts, the national manmade laws are about to experience a step by step divine correction if you don’t want to believe what’s coming for not just America but for all the secular constructed Godless society that has rejected the naturally signposted reality of Night and Day despite Revelations warning not to take reason as your legislator”. God is God, He has decreed to avail over every fallacy naturally, and man is going reap what he has sown.

    • Think about it | November 20, 2020 at 6:46 PM | Reply

      I feel bad for Bernie, AOC, and their crew….they were played like fools by Joe’s corporate machine😕

    • Sultan Mahmood | November 20, 2020 at 6:53 PM | Reply

      @robtay1963 I only meant to awake asleep hearts, the national manmade laws are about to experience a step by step divine correction, Even, if Trump sincerely endeavored to reconcile and handover rains, he cannot avert whats’s coming not just for America but for all the secular constructed Godless society that has rejected the naturally signposted reality of Night and Day despite Revelations warning man not to take reason as your legislator”. God is God, He has decreed to avail over every fallacy naturally, and secularism is going reap what it has sown.

    • @Sultan Mahmood Which god are we talking about? The fire and brimstone old testament one, or the worship one get two free new testament one? Perhaps the patricidal Greek and Roman pantheon, or the extended family Hindu range, possibly even the god is life Buddhist philosophy? It’s all so confusing and followers are really cultists arguing false realities. But you do you Sultan.

  15. The GOP is a criminal enterprise disguised as a political party.

    • @arctic1z

      Watch more Hannity.
      He graduated high school.
      Nothing else, though.

    • @Jay Wills You’ve had way too much bsnbc kool ade. Hillary instigated the Russia hoax and you bought into it and just cannot let it go. New flash, IT’S FAKE!! Your entire premise is, hogwash..

    • Think about it | November 20, 2020 at 6:38 PM | Reply

      I feel bad for Bernie, AOC, and their crew….they were played like fools by Joe’s corporate machine😕


      Last night it was reported that Dominion would renege on its previous promise to speak to Pennsylvania legislators, prompting the Pennsylvania House GOP to declare a press conference where they publicly levied their claims and concerns about Dominion.

      State Rep. Seth Grove, who serves as the State Government Committee Chair, told viewers that “the members of the State Government Committee were looking forward to publicly addressing the plethora of accusations against Dominion Voting Systems in a format which would have offered open and honest dialogue,” and he “was impressed” by Dominion’s initial “willingness of Dominion Voting Systems to address accusations.”

    • @bartman22x1 They heard the footsteps of impending doom for their fraudulent activities leading to Biden’s phony election.

  16. “There’s no honor among thieves except for us, of course……said rudy!”

  17. Donald is ‘blaming everybody but himself’ because he lost his re-election.

  18. The mere fact that this administration’s continual outrageous behavior is normal for them/not surprising is profound cause for concern. #ichooseamerica

  19. Yolanda Morales | November 20, 2020 at 5:18 PM | Reply

    Put an end to this Oligarchist. That’s why he’s so chummy with dictators. He want to be one. Thany you Governor for protecting democracy. Biden won.

  20. The RNC and the GOP should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this circus to continue.

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