Gov. Inslee: Heat Wave Is Beginning Of Permanent Climate Emergency 1

Gov. Inslee: Heat Wave Is Beginning Of Permanent Climate Emergency


“This is the beginning of a permanent emergency. That is why it is so disturbing,” says Gov. Jay Inslee on the blistering heat wave gripping the Northwest. 
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    1. @just me “I don’t think science knows actually” Trump during 2020 meeting with experts on the fires and climate change.
      You sound just as smart as him since forest management was his only solution, even tho he reduced the funding to those forests… those greedy politicians are a problem for sure.

    2. @just me Forest Management is the job of the Federal Government. Trump recommends raking the forests,which shows his ability to grasp the seriousness of the situation.

    3. @Nancy Ross Let’s put him out there raking and grasping, along with his followers. Do the world some good.

    4. @Ellen Setteducati They will probably burn in the next fire. But rather them than valuable wildlife.

    5. @just me Forest management is a tiny part of a mitigation measure but it doesn’t solve anything at all. The climate changing to more extreme and longer periods of hot & dry then shorter but more intense wet and windy weather has nothing to do with forest management. OK, we might make the fires a little less easy to spread but that isn’t the problem either. The problem is the climate which is causing the conditions in the first place and minimising human contribution to that effect on climate is much more difficult than forest management. It is about fundamentally changing our behaviour, like reducing meat production (which crushes me, as I love my meat…), reducing hydrocarbon usage (…and I love my car…), reducing unnecessary travel ( …and I love my holidays…). The problem is I also love my children and I hope I also love my (unborn) grandchildren.

  1. I remember kindergarden when they warned us that if in a few decades change wasnt made that we would reach a point of no return….and here it is

    1. @john Kiefer I spent that entire year looking for the strain that made Marijuana illegal.
      Never have found that good sht that turns you into a bat.
      I will not leave a trichome unsmoked until I find it.😁

    2. @John L Rice Oh yeah, Earth will be fine in the long run. Even just one million years from now, bar a few particularly sturdy subterranean structures in extremely stable geological zones, there will be no trace of humanity left on Earth, with all cities and structures etc long gone, whether or not our distant descendants ever swing back this way to see where we started off from. But in the immediate future, major problems for human life, and because we’re screwing things up so badly, it’s likely we’ll make many other species go extinct because people today, right now, won’t do what needs to be done for our future ancestors. I suspect many future humans will hate us all, from our current lifetimes, unfortunately.

  2. Writing this from Spokane right now almost eight o’clock it’s a hundred and six freaking degrees. Almost ten down to eighty four mucho better. Ok next day it’s right before 3 in the afternoon and it’s 110 in Spokane. I’m 64 and have never been in heat like this thank God for ac.

    1. @Lumberjack Dreamer blame the boomers. Multiple gas crisis yet the majority is still feeding big oil!

    2. @Anthony Bha blaming won’t fix anything. We all need to just do our part to not add to the problem.

    3. @Crystal Hazer Smart response, though i think blaming the Republicans that refuse to vote on anything to change or fix *anything* is legit. I mean… Roads are melting in Wa state… That’s not normal… even for the NW

  3. Folks west of the Rockies, enjoy this summer – it’s probably the coldest summer for the rest of our lives.

    1. @AlbertaBound you’re citing things that are normal (cold in Texas) and/or not caused by climate at all (wildfires).

    2. @Ralph Sims So records broken year after year are just pure coincidence? Or is every thermometer, hygrometer, airport sensor, satellite photos, and just plain human observation (such as watching the snowcaps by me recede earlier year after year) in on a conspiracy?

    3. @Ralph Sims Nonsense! Of course Texas has experienced occasional cold spells and periods of drought, but these are becoming steadily more pronounced. Every family who loses their home to a wildfire experiences a ‘catastrophe’. Every person who is drowned in flooding in the Indian sub-continent during increasingly extreme monsoon seasons, is a ‘catastrophe’ for their loved ones. Central African droughts leading to famine and contributing to millions of humans experiencing malnutrition and early death is a catastrophe. These are directly attributable to climate change and only lunatic conspiracy theory fuckwits argue otherwise (or those with financial interests…). Now there is some room for argument as to the (extent) contribution of human activity but we’d be completely stupid to do nothing. Although, I suppose some of us are pretty stupid!

  4. I’m currently melting in my apartment in Seattle. It is, right now, about 100.

    And I’m lucky. I can get up andgo get a cold shower. The homeless are roasting in their tents and cars.

    Old people are cooking inside apartments. There’s lots of misery at the moment.

    Inslee is right.

    1. I live in Portland where it was 116 today. We don’t have AC and our house was above 90 today and yesterday. It’s bonkers.

    2. Misery and more. Look up “heat wave deaths europe”–we don’t talk about that here. Let’s support Inslee and do all we can. (Feeling for you, Portland, and Seattle, from Seattle! ♥️ )

  5. I’m an outdoorsman and a mountain climber, and I’ve been documenting weather patterns for the last 23 years in the PNW, especially Oregon and I can assure you that the last two years are by far the worst I’ve ever witnessed!

    1. @james robinson No, they KNOW who they are. Its YOU that doesnt. but have no fear….its ALL as it should be

    2. @Ellen Setteducati the studies been done its called experience. dont encourage more useless money spending.

  6. Water management and alternative fuel options are critical priorities now and going forward. The entire infrastructure needs to be reimagined for a future that will have more weather extremes than what we see today.

    1. @Ditkazbearz2 I note you haven’t even attempted to answer any of my pretty easy questions… you first!

    2. @Ditkazbearz2 Wow! So you’re saying that 75% of scientists take the position that human activity doesn’t contribute to climate change? Or that climate change is a myth? Or that changing climate is not a risk to hundreds of millions of humans?

      It isn’t only your previous spelling and grammar which are low quality, senior. You ‘flat-earthers’ are all the same, evidence is of no value to you because you lack the intellect to differentiate between what can be trusted (often dry, boring stuff) and that which is designed to appeal and then deceive you. This is pointless as you have no interest in bettering yourself.

    1. Too late now… We should have thought about it 60 years ago… Now, people are too busy watching the Kardashians…

    2. No problem! There is enough water in plastic bottles .May cost you 10 bucks a gallon but who cares?

    3. @Veggi B!tch I told my family this today! They said I was negative! 😒🤦 I needed to take more classes!

  7. The sad reality is that Conservatives have kicked the can down the road for so long that the planet is doomed I fear. We are past the point of no return without efforts so aggressive and draconian that no one can deal with them. Now feedback loops we never imagined are going to exacerbate and accelerate the process. The time to get serious on this was decades ago – when moderate changes could have made a difference. FUTURE GENERATIONS WILL CURSE US AS WELL THEY SHOULD. At least I can say I tried and I did my part.

    1. This is what the 2030 thing was about- not that the world ENDS in 2030 but that it will be irretrievably broken. Plus, if you tell people we have until 2050, they MIGHT do something in 2049.

    2. @Ellen Setteducati there is no problem global warming is a hoax and a lie you democrats don’t even show the proof to back up your accusations if global warming is real then show me the proof instead of lying and making things up.

  8. This is reality now. This isn’t some dream. We really are going to perish at the hands of an out-of-control climate

    1. Crawl to the republicans in congress and a few democrats who are actually republicans. They’ll NEVER do whats for ALL the people unless they get green stuff up their arses.

  9. “The capitalists will sell us the rope with which to hang them.” , Lenin was thinking too small, the capitalist would destroy the planet for a profit

  10. Once upon a time Conservatives used to care about the environment. Now they have become science haters and faith lovers.

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