Gov. Kathy Hochul: Transparency Will Be The Hallmark Of My Administration 1

Gov. Kathy Hochul: Transparency Will Be The Hallmark Of My Administration


Gov. Kathy Hochul, D-NY, joins Morning Joe on her first week as the first female governor of New York to discuss her background, the plans for her administration, why she says her staff won't have to worry about harassment and vaccinations for teachers.

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  1. Well she sounds like a lot lower ego level that the previous dude… & sounds like I don’t want to fight her in a dark room👍

    1. How can you use the covid testing when it was proved by the man that invented it kary Mullis says the PCR testing doesn`t work ” bogus”.

    2. Mika was worried about the sexual harassment, murdered elderlies are more important than sexual harassment.

  2. Hochul can start by releasing the facts related to nursing home COVID scandal – which killed 15,000 elderly citizens. What did Hochul know, and when did she know it?

    1. Starting in on the new Governor already? How about you give her a chance before automatically attacking her?

    2. What did Drump know about COVID when he called it a Democratic hoax that would magically disappear. His failure to lead caused 600,000 deaths. Will he be held accountable. He admitted to sexual assault, but nobody cares. Will he ever be held accountable?

  3. I have no doubt women can lead. I’ve known several women in management positions and field officer rank in the military. Never had a problem with it. What I don’t get is the whole “we need more women doing this” based on the random idea that a certain number of women should automatically gravitate to those careers. As if humans operate on percentages. X percentage should be here because we think so. Men and women are different. Physically and mentally. Just as women are all different from other women and men are different from other men. Men and women naturally incline to different careers in different numbers. Each to his or her own. It’s not something we should force because of some social or political ideology. Sure, it’s cool to remove anything blocking someone who is qualified from advancing. But, other than that, let’s just let people be people and accept that’s how life works.

    1. I hear you, Kevin. But I think a lot of the time looking at the whole is missed. You might have someone that is better for the specific job than someone else, but the other person is better suited and more beneficial for the org as a whole.

      In this instance, in an org that has had a bad culture with women, it makes sense to have more women on the inside making (forcing even) that culture change.

  4. Thank you for that. She seems amazing. Transparency from a person in a position of power? Imagine that. I like how Mika asked her some pointed questions. A good interviewer treats every interviewee the same, regardless of race, gender, class, political affiliation, etc. This new governor seems like a breath of fresh air. Maybe SHE will be the first female president? You never know. Thanks again for the great post. Kudos. : )

  5. First time seeing her speak, or at all really. I found her VERY impressive. And wish her (and all of us) the best of luck.

  6. An Irish American women is the Governor of NY, excellent ,watch out NY someone who’s really in charge✌️

  7. She hasn’t said anything so far to cause racial divide that’s a good start for her first 2 days… Govern for all people don’t become racial and race bait

  8. WE NEED MORE WOMEN IN POWER! Go for you MSNBC. but do not talk about sending us back to any war zone AT ALL!

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