Gov. Murphy: Infrastructure Bill Could Be Game Changer For New Jersey 1

Gov. Murphy: Infrastructure Bill Could Be Game Changer For New Jersey

Andrea Mitchell is joined by Governor Phil Murphy (D-NJ) ahead of his meeting with President Biden and other mayors and governors to discuss critical infrastructure in their respective states. Gov. Murphy says that Democrats' infrastructure plan could be “a potential game-changer for New Jersey.” He also discusses the urgency to get vaccinated, saying that to his knowledge all patients currently hospitalized due to COVID-19 in New Jersey are unvaccinated. 
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  1. Have the very rich millionaires with the 30 million dollar homes pay their taxes to all municipalities to put New Jersey in a state of safe infrastructure .

  2. OMG please hurry. I’m in Kansas in a heat wave the bridge behind me is out. The train in front of me is broken down HURRY

  3. We, the people, demand :
    Infrastructure Bill +
    Voting Rights Bill +
    $3.5 trillion Reconciliation package(no make it $35T) + etc… must be passed through the Congress NOW

    Vote the QGOP out

    1. @Godspeed
      Let’ s start with the minimum $15 USD an hour wage (but this minimum wage, twice a year, must be regulated with “expensive time adjustments” due to ongoing inflation).
      In Europe there are many countries which have minimum wage and paid vacation/holidays at least 3 times as in the USA.

      Over all in Europe, reading/attending universities & colleges is for FREE(And all the students get “the State Education Support, SES. In some countries like Denmark, Norway, Germany the SES is as much as $800 USD a monthall that money is for FREE).

      Yes, they pay gladly their tax ( normally 32% – 38%, but for somebody with very high yearly salary the tax is approx 50% or higher, but this tax rate is only for the amount of the yearly salary which is exceeded $200.000.
      For the rest of the salary (the amount from $1 to $199.999) the tax rate is 32% – 38%.
      Let’ s do the same. So all the US people have the opportunity :
      to go to the college/university for Free.
      to go to the MD/physicians for Free.

      If the europeans could do it. So can we.

      The 1% multibillionaires must pay more tax.
      No more taxcut to billionaires and their companies.
      But taxcut to small business in the first 3 years since opening.
      Minimum $15 USD an hour wage NOW

  4. I think the American Government has left their country in a broken state.Paying for all the wars overseas have left all their systems crumbling from healthcare ,education and infrastructure .Sad to watch it in real time.

    1. Important to recognize WHO in American government are letting things crumble! It is those who fight to the bloody end to not require American Millionaires & Billionaires to pay their 3% taxes, for if they did it might pay for all of the infrastructure and we cannot have American’s safe and secure. If the rich had to pay taxes it would put the Re’Trumpkkk’s out of their side business!

    1. @Jennifer Lehnherr If any one of us can figure out how to force them to tell the truth ,
      BOOM that’s a game changer .

    1. I would welcome that, feck it make it $40 a gallon, in case you haven’t noticed, the planet is choking.

    2. @Getridda BigtechMedia I guess you’re worried that moonshine wil also increase in price, just use more methas a replacement.

  5. “could be, maybe, might, possibly, potentially” More speculative reporting. Call me when you actually have some news.

  6. Okay Murphy, that would pay for only fixing the roads, electrical grid and clean water for citizens right?

  7. Absolute power corrupts absolutely
    Sergeant Robert Justin alford green where are my daughters karee and Jahmela and my 7 grandchildren

  8. What was the use of getting both House when the Republicans are still dominating with the filibuster.

  9. If your kid needs medical attention, even if it takes all the money you have, you get the kid to a doctor. You might not have money for rent, but that is, while important, not AS important.
    Infrastructure has been delayed and delayed, each time costing everyone more, and is now at emergency levels. Politicians need to stop halting it for supposed political gain,

  10. Don’t forget about student loan forgiveness, please. Millennials and Zoomers are saddled with tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt for having a basic degree needed to rise much above minimum wage and are still often unable to afford a house, let alone enjoy the kind of living that their parents did and do.

  11. John 8:44
    Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

  12. “Dr” Phil needs to be under investigation for killing gram and pap.
    Another clueless elite dummy expecting a freehand, while failing to get his states budget under control.

  13. We The People
    Love our President Joe Biden, a real civil servant for the American people.

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