Gov. Murphy: New Jersey To License Police Officers For First Time | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. so.. once again taxpaying red states are going to have go prop up the police forces of all the blue shitholes in our country?

    2. Inaccurate statement . They are unable to retain nowhere near the 400 officers that they promised. Retention is a huge problem.

    1. @thane9 How many times recently have we seen students put in harms way by either a teacher or the police?
      The schools are not what they are supposed to be which is why a kid walked into a school in Florida and began killing children.
      or was it Colorado
      I must have meant Kentucky……..

    2. @boredom2go winner, winner…chicken dinner.
      Are you going to do anything special to celebrate your victory?

  1. You need to break up the “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” dynamic in the Criminal Justice System. From the Prosecutors to the Medical Examiner’s office to the governor himself they all ensure the other’s survival and that’s gotta be broken up.

    1. That means dismantling not only the judicial system, but the executive and legislative branch too. And the economy as well, since that’s what corporations participate in.

  2. If I need a license to cut somebody’s hair, cops need a license to go out on to the streets with a gun.

    1. Are you advocating that the pre employment requirements and investigations, and the training requirements for being a police officer should be eliminated and lowered to just what is required to obtain a pistol permit, with the reason/purpose of the licence being ’employment as a police officer’?

    2. @Charles J. Do you mean like the Dems that they should throw in the gulag for trying to disenfranchise me and 60 million other voters by trying to oust our duly elected President Trump?

    3. @Todd Lack Actually yeah. There are over 18,000 local police departments in the US, and they all have their own rules for what qualifications are and are not needed to become one. This is why officers who have been fired in one location are often rehired, refired, and rehired again. Bad cops can just go to the next town over and get a job.

    4. thane9 So you want universal police license. They already have that called the FBI. Each state is a separate thing you can’t punish them in all 50 states unless they are felons. They should do better vetting that’s the real issue. Lots of people look good on paper but that’s about it. It’s actually quite hard to become a cop believe it or not.

    1. @john D exactly…opiods and coke are what that city’s current foundation is built upon.

    2. Education and employment are key for any communities success. And both Democrats and Republicans have failed many cuties like Camden. Eminent domain aka steal your land for the purpose of gentrification. Award contracts to companies with no intentions hiring people from the community. Love pay for teachers and administrator, and a lack of school material;oh don’t forget strong police presence. Last lack of upkeep of infrastructure. It’s sad there are most of the beautiful people in Camden do want better. But they and the city have been ignored. So many of you have strong opinions about this, to me they sound negative and heartless. The history of Camden is long full of pain and beauty. The positive in me respects and honors the positive in you

    3. @Earl Hawkins or if you’re just a human being, Camden would scare the crap out of you….

    1. @Angela Mathys I’m not smoking dope, but have more than seen what it’s being illegal has caused, including the underground economy that brought us crack, and what it destroyed. If you think that a politician that tests positive for pot should be barred from office, then you support all the destruction, neighborhoods you can’t walk in after dark, gangs and incarcerations and resulting destroyed lives that could have been prevented. And, you support the expansion and diversion of our criminal justice system to going after people because of (originally) pot. And, by the way, there was something on TV the other day that said that, where I live, it’s illegal to be in public with an ice cream cone in your pocket on Sunday. I don’t buy ice cream cones, and wouldn’t put it in my pocket if I did, but I oppose that law also.

    2. Charles J.
      You can’t tell me that some of them are on or off they’re meds, drugs whatever when they vote or make decisions that effect us all. I don’t want them making any sort of decisions while on anything prescribed or not. If you can’t drive taking it because it alters your ability to drive you shouldn’t be able to make decisions that will in some cases greatly effect us and most of the time adversely

  3. Typically Murphy answer, leaves you asking more questions and more confused after his answer.

  4. MSNBC isn’t even news. They admitted they aren’t News in a court hearing against OAN. Why are there not caveats when they are or are not news?

  5. “After years of phucking up with lies as excuses we’ve investigated ourselves and finally had no choice but to dismantle what we built.”

  6. This guys a joke he’s a puppet of the Democratic Party he will do what he’s told and shut up and like it This guy has no back bone


  8. How about devoting attention to solving these senseless unsolved murders in Trenton NJ as well, that’s happening frequently the perpetrators are rarely captured.

  9. of course getting rid of cops makes the crime rate go down….everybody knows people only commit crimes because of police…!!!! lol….

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