Gov. Whitmer On Warning Against Potential Violence: 'Nobody Did A Darn Thing' | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Gov. Whitmer On Warning Against Potential Violence: ‘Nobody Did A Darn Thing’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC


Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-Mich.) says she warned President Trump, Vice President Pence and others months ago against potential violence and “nobody did a darn thing.” Aired on 01/07/2021.
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Gov. Whitmer On Warning Against Potential Violence: 'Nobody Did A Darn Thing' | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. Governor please make everything possible to send him to prison for endangering your life and the life of your family.

    1. Agree. Law enforcement should hunt down every last one of them and a judge hand them a full measure of what the law allows in recompense for their actions. ….. ZERO tolerance !

    2. Enemies of our nation…….sit back, grab the popcorn, and watch the large orange boy-man destroy America with his Minions

    3. @Jtrcvfr Bghbgtd Yes Drop Trump and his rotten Children in the middle of Baghdad and tweet out their location!

  2. if those people are Afghans or Iraqis Trump will label them terrorists. Enemy within is far more damage and dangerous actually, and they are the true enemies of US.

    1. @Starlard 65 I agree with you, please do not get me wrong. But with all the aspersions he has cast against Hispanic people, this criminal was supported by huge number of Hispanic people, why?

    2. @Enigmatic51 Me no, your comment is stupid. Are you blind as well as stupid? What does knowing all the presidents have to do with what your orange traitor DICKtator tried to get his cult followers to do.

    3. @Mogulstein Racewarberg Racewar, LoL . Did you you wear your pointy white sheet while writing this, your a POS.

  3. Cops literally removed barricades, waved armed terrorists into the Capitol building, and took selfies with them. That’s treason, no questions about it.

    1. Trump has unleashed the racist in America. He sent them to the capital! If you agree with him you need to leave the country!

    2. @Bill P.
      And the racists/fascist on the right? The dems do not own violence. Trump marched these fascist to the capital

    3. @Enigmatic51 Me Funny with all the pics and FBI backgrounds many are identified as Q anon and other right wing trouble makers that were the worst looters and destroyers and instigators of violence at the relatively peaceful anti racism and hold police to account rallies the the instigators blame ANTIFA and BLM for, those that point one finger have 3 pointing back at themselves.
      They exposed themselves to the public in this case and they are identified and tied themselves back to the trouble makers at the relatively peaceful rallies as well. Mercenary ? agitators but in who’s pay

  4. The trajectory of the Trump administration runs from Charlottesville through Helsinki to the Capitol. Trump is the worst U.S. “president” ever by a country mile.

    1. ​@FISH TEXAS : I typed, ” you appear to condone ” since you did not indicate otherwise in your contrasting disparagement of Biden. Since we live in a Democratic Republic, the outcomes of governance are not determined by one person, but consists of several thousand representatives, Republican, Democrat and independents. Biden knows this, Trump didn’t understand it. The levers of power are used opportunistically by all. Just look at the extent to which McConnell used his position as Republican senate majority leader to obstruct the Obama administration . Over 300 bills which had been passed in the house, many with bipartisan support never made it past his desk. I.e. he used his position to thwart the administrations programme and boasted about it. How does that serve the country ?
      Another example is the rank hypocrisy of his obstructing a hearing for the soon to be Attorney General’s nomination to the Supreme Court a year out from an election, yet when Justice Ginsberg passed he initiated the process of facilitating her replacement within hours.
      Biden is 78, the same age as McConnell and others, some senators are older. Trump will be 78 if he runs in 2024. At that age it is not going to be surprising if a person dies or suffers health issues requiring they step down. Precisely why there is a Vice President, and it won’t be the first time.
      The 150 billion Iran regained access to was a case of sanctions being lifted as part of a negotiated nuclear deal.It was their own money which was frozen and largely being held in European banks. The agreement was negotiated by China, France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom and the European Union and the US. Trump lied about this repeatedly while campaigning and a good percentage of his base uncritically ” swallowed the lot.”

    2. Governor i am glad ur safe we have crazy president but that’s not his fault the whole Republicans including representatives Mitch McConnell if we had the impeachment was done all this headache could spare now. The only solution Kik those republicans not elect them to office for a long time ( Vote them out) period.

  5. These terrorists are dangerous and great in number. By not holding them accountable immediately, there will be more incidents to follow. Start with the one in the White House NOW. Take off the kid gloves and treat them like the criminals that they are.

    1. WHITE RIGHT WING MOBSTER’S !!! Historicaly the most dangerous !!! In the following of the KKK !

    1. Meh she a poor leader and ignores the constitution… you call her good ? She should be charged and remove from off but she dem not going to happen because she part of lets f over american movement.

    1. We ALL knew this was coming. But I happen to live in a country that accepts reality, not the whims of a failed real estate con artist.

    2. From Australia. Yes, I said to my family and friends this would happen, but they all laughed and said not in America! Sadly I was right.

    1. @m jones Sedition is overt conduct, such as speech and organisation, that tends toward rebellion against the established order.when exactly did they display sedition???

    2. Hawley and Cruz have become figureheads of white nationalism in suits, in congress. If America continues to coddle these terrible people hindsight won’t do any good.

  6. “The Biggest Crime… Was Trump Sent Them There In A Rage While Watching… And Refused To Call For Help!”

    1. Elect a clown….Expect a circus.
      Trump and GOP. But remember imbecile Trump DID NOT call in the National Guard, it was up to Pence to do that. Trump was watching and laughing, the protesters did EXACTLY what he wanted.

  7. The problem with politicians is that they are not being held accountable. This needs to change. No more lying in public or gaslighting.

    1. @Ryugu Rena who are you talking to? You’re calling a person saying that politicians who gaslight and lie to the public should be held accountable an animal? Maybe you’re overwhelmed and can’t read straight but you need to stop being obtuse.

      This person is very obviously saying that those like Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, that have been pushing conspiracies, lying and gaslighting the public should be held accountable and you’re over hear being melodramatic if someone is coming to attack your family.

    2. @Vern thats all the names you could come up with? What about comey saying he couldn’t find intent, then when being questioned by gowdy saying destruction of evidence would be used to prove intent. What about one device Clinton, there are many more all sides should be held accountable including those who lied to the fisa court to obtain warrants for wore taps. It can’t just be one side held accountable

    3. @mike taylor so, the riots from yesterday where MAGA men broke into the Capital was 100% the result of Donald Trump’s lies and conspiracies that he and the Republicans have been peddling, without consequence, about the election.

      You have zero argument about any other group or individual as this is the only case in American history where the results of any politician’s lies have been so horrific and so unsurprising.

    1. Unfortunately, Pence has no power to start 25th ammendment process. Cabinet members must bring it up to him before he can take it to Congress.

    2. And nothing will be done. He’s been doing this for four years and will continue till it’s too late. Country is lame, real lame.

    3. @Grandpa 82547 yes and trump’s cabinet are dropping out so they don’t have to make that decision.

    1. +@David Cool No such thing as ANTIFA. Timothy McVeigh Fascists for sure. The type that blow up 168 Americans.

    2. Liberate America invoke the 25th! Then investigate, prosecute, and hang for treason.

    1. Enemies of our nation…….sit back, grab the popcorn, and watch the large orange boy-man destroy America with his Minions

    2. Come on, y’all…it can be ANYBODY, this entire World is going crazy. Let’s choose Peace! We’ve got a bigger problem than skin color, we’re looking at the HEARTS of mankind. We better get it together…

    1. WHITE RIGHT WING MOBSTER’S !!! Historicaly the most dangerous !!! In the following of the KKK !

  8. Trump to fascist sympathizers: Stand back and stand by.

    Trump to Capitol Police and National Guard: Stand down and pose for selfies.

    1. WHITE RIGHT WING MOBSTER’S !!! Historicaly the most dangerous !!! In the following of the KKK !

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