Gov. Whitmer: When Trump Focuses On Me, The ‘Violent Rhetoric’ Increases | All In | MSNBC

Gov. Whitmer: When Trump Focuses On Me, The ‘Violent Rhetoric’ Increases | All In | MSNBC 1


“Every time he focuses on my state or on me, we see the violent rhetoric increase. We see the threats online increase,” says Gov. Whitmer of Pres. Trump’s attacks, “It’s dangerous. It’s anti-American.” Aired on 10/28/2020.
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Gov. Whitmer: When Trump Focuses On Me, The ‘Violent Rhetoric’ Increases | All In | MSNBC

63 Comments on "Gov. Whitmer: When Trump Focuses On Me, The ‘Violent Rhetoric’ Increases | All In | MSNBC"

  1. Let us get out and VOTE for BIDEN/HARRIS in GREAT NUMBERS so there is NO QUESTION as to who is the clear WINNER!

    • @deven dewald we have the highest unemployment since the depression…. trump is the president.

    • @deven dewald unless you’re part of the 1% what taxes going up. 🤣 you’re the very definition of misinformation.

    • @bLoWc16 or I’m in the 99% who actually looked at Biden’s tax plan. 😅

    • @bLoWc16 you know nothing… the states are in charge of locking themselves down. Trump didn’t make those decisions. You should try to read more factual material.

    • @deven dewald you’re in the % who saw a meme and thought that’s a tax plan since trump conveys his plans through a tweet 🤣

  2. I’m from East Lansing, we need to vote Trump out!

  3. Six days until the man from Florida is put on the path to indictment.

    • Do NOT be overconfident. We have a SCOTUS that has been rigged to go for the Republicans wherever possible, and a huge number of state legislatures which have done their best to completely cook the election to suit the same. We need EVERY damned vote out there if we’re going to have enough of a majority where even THESE can’t make it look right if this election gets stolen as in years past. We need an OVERWHELMING majority, not just a reasonable margin. VOTE as if your lives depend on it… because this time, kiddos, they really do. Not only YOUR lives, but that of your children, and even THEIR children (Barrett is gonna be on that court at LEAST a good 30-40 years, and if we don’t win now, who knows how many MORE extreme right-wing judges will end up there… each as young as they can make ’em, and thereby ensure they rule the court’s decisions for the next several generations).

    • Dreamer.

  4. Trump told Woodward in March, was part of a strategy to deliberately minimize the danger. “I wanted to always play it down,” the president said. “I still like playing it down because I don’t want to create a panic.”

  5. Barbara Bergstrom | October 28, 2020 at 10:20 PM | Reply

    This is insanity.

  6. Stay safe never Dumpers. VOTE BLUE.

  7. I know she has been through a lot, but I have to say she is very beautiful.

  8. These groups are beyond delusional. It’s like they’re stuck in an endless Call of Duty loop that they can’t get out of.
    Most of them are too fat, too lazy, too dumb, and too cowardly to have ever served, and the few that did, were undoubtedly rejects and 💩-birds. They’ve created a dream world that doesn’t exist. Part of that dream world is this so called “civil war” that they’ve been fantasizing about. The group that made plans to go after the Governor of Michigan was living in a dream world too. They have now woken up to face reality.

  9. I’m really struggling with this, how is it legal for a president to instigate violence on a US governor?

  10. Gov Whitmer is describing how adults handle matters. She must realize that she is dealing with an individual who is not mature enough to behave like that. Just today, he was speaking and mocking her and her husband at one of his rallies. I pray that she has security for her family. Every time he mentioned her they started chanting Lock her up. Be safe

  11. But if these militia tough guys are all at the polls, then who is going to be helping their mothers clean the ferret cages at the local pet stores? 🤔😅😂

  12. Trump’s behavior is deplorable and i agree I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired

  13. sick and tired of being sick and tired. BYEDON!

  14. The solution to trump is,

  15. Liberate the White House!

  16. Imagine if her and Harris were on the same ticket?

  17. The FBI uncovers a major plot to kidnap a governor, and THE PRESIDENT IMMEDIATELY ATTACKS THE GOVERNOR and echoes the terrorists’ demands. This is outrageous! Just over a week ago, he called for militants to interfere in the election.

    Remember his “2nd Amendment people” comment in 2016? Now, he’s calling for the AG to indict his current opponent.

    And what’s this radical, horrible thing that Governor Whitmer did? She had the nerve to follow federal guidelines to stop a deadly pandemic and promote public health.

  18. I’m sorry but if I had Trump’s armed cultists on my front lawn I would either turn on the hose, call the police or ‘stand your ground’. I’m assuming they have that law in Michigan. I really hope someone is looking into the DeVos family because that first armed group that went to the capitol were paid by a Devos family pac.

  19. Careful of Trump’s Sturmabteilung. They will try to intimidate you. Keep voting this dangerous administration out.

  20. Trump really doesn’t like strong, intelligent women. He’s intimidated by them so he lashes out.

    • The disgusting Russian Puppet —Must GO | October 28, 2020 at 10:57 PM | Reply

      Absolutely…. he is an old repulsive choevenisst pig!!! And a conman, coward and a traitor!

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