Government shutdown avoided as Congress passes funding bill | USA TODAY 1

Government shutdown avoided as Congress passes funding bill | USA TODAY


Republicans only got on board after Democrats removed a provision raising the debt ceiling.


The House voted 254-175 to approve the bill that raced through both chambers in a few hours. The approval came quickly after Democrats dropped attempts to combine the measure with an increase in the amount the country can borrow.

The bill now heads to President Joe Biden for his signature.

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  2. Why is the media appearing to applaud Congress for not even doing a complete job? They should be penalized for not doing their jobs properly. Maybe, someday, they will be fined every day after 30 Sept that a complete budget is not passed. They all know that a budget is to completed and passed prior to 30 September.

  3. hi usa,

    imaginons que l’état américain fasse fonctionner la planche à billet.
    les gens sont soit sans emploi, soit au travail.
    à quel moment…les américains cesseraient d’aller travailler si on leurs donnerait du fric qui viendrait de la planche à billet, une sorte de déflation énorme ?

    maintenant, on change…sans faire de mauvais jeux de mots !

    ce monde est fini, 20% de la population mondiale épuise 80% des ressources de cette planète.
    le peu de gens sans travail n’a pas d’impacte sur cette fuite en avant.
    l’innovation n’est pas là, par exemple, on n’a toujours pas de moteur électrique zéro cuivre ! et on ne voit pas comment produire plus d’électricité dans un monde soit disant plus vert !

    ma question est simple, comment les USA font pour relever un plafond qui n’existe pas structurellement ?


    imagine that the American state operates the printing press.
    people are either unemployed or at work.
    when … Americans would stop going to work if we gave them money from the printing press, a sort of huge deflation?

    now we are changing … without making bad puns!

    this world is finished, 20% of the world population depletes 80% of the resources of this planet.
    the few people without work have no impact on this headlong rush.
    the innovation is not there, for example, we still do not have a zero copper electric motor! and we don’t see how to produce more electricity in a so-called greener world!

    my question is simple, how does the US manage to raise a ceiling that does not exist structurally?

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