Governor Kristi Noem Under Scrutiny For Taxpayer-Funded Travel | The ReidOut | MSNBC


    1. God bless Donald Trump the greatest president in History.Americas hero .We will re-elect any Trump that runs for office from now on 😁.

    2. @Sniffy Biden Ok. Wonder how cheerful you will be in about 6 months or a year when all the Trumps will be under federal/state charges and indictments. Looks like they’re gonna be a bit busy 😂

    1. Well.. they want to “Impeach Kamala” and Stacey Abrams is under investigation for “passing the deadline” on voter registration…. NOW THAT’s A CRIME FOR THE REPUBLICAN FASCIST PARTY!

  1. Republicans that were so busy campaigning and defending the indefensible Trump Administration while on the job they neglected their job’s. In my opinion

    1. @Nancy Ross You can tell Yt about it via the “Send feedback” menu choice, under your icon picture at the top right of the page.

    2. @Alvinius Alviniathan You can tell Yt about it via the “Send feedback” menu choice, under your icon picture at the top right of the page

    1. jane : The 14th amendment ? My gosh, there has already been 2 impeachments which both failed, and he’s not even in office. NOW ? this is just politically vindictive.

  2. Only Republicans can rip off and steal money from their own supporters and have their supporters still keep funding them anyway.

    1. It’s the Democrats that stop the steal. They stop the stealing of money from the lower and middle class to be given to the rich to make them richer.

    2. Russiabots, when Alexei Navalny replaces Putin, your paychecks stop, what then ? Frumpbots, House gone, Senate gone, Wh gone, dems are not tired of winning, are you tired of donating to the loser ? Recovering Q people, x jacked his hotel rates in DC for your March party, it is not going to happen, when it doesn’t, go see him in Florida and ask why he did that to you.

  3. George Washington warns the people that political factions may seek to obstruct the execution of the laws created by the government or to prevent the branches of government from exercising the powers provided them by the constitution.

    1. @Melvington Wescott deprogrammed from what? Are you mistaking me for a Trumpian? I voted Biden. That’s the problem with you (as with many others), if I am critical of the left, you assume I’m on the right. I’m a moderate. What am I “missing that I have to admit to”? (If that’s even a real sentence)

    2. @jaygee Leans? funny. I’m talking to all the people in these comments who act like the left owns the truth. As if there is such a thing in political opinion.

    3. @S JeffriesI agree about some of those points. Trump hopefully will do prison time for massive tax evasion, or inciting violence. Then Trumpians can whine about how libtarded judges and juries are. Hats off to the 7 senators who are willing to risk their lives.

  4. The grift is on, they see what Trump has gotten away with, so, they are going to follow his lead, screwing the American people.

    1. The Trump administration is the golden era of financial fraud in America,
      if you can ignore narcotic addicted pedophiles.

    2. Republicans have been fleecing all but the 1% for decades. They just now see that the immoral minority never cared as long they towed the ‘White America First’ narrative.

    3. @Dies Irae” You’re being too polite. Think about the Republicans and Texas oil men who were responsible for the Kennedy assassinations up to the three high-rises that came down the same way the same day, called 9/11. It’s America first all over the world for those people.

    4. @Yes 0r?: Past President Trump was a front for deep Republicans who go back to the Kennedy assassinations and those three high-rise buildings that came down the same way the same day, known as 9/11. They had a movie star front for them before and a TV reality star was the same, when none of them could become president any more.

  5. Gotta give her credit for one thing. She’s smart enough to know that her voters are too stupid to realize they’re getting conned. 🤔😅😂

    1. Let’s not forget Boebert seems these Republicans think they are entitled to spend our money however they seem fit. Don’t forget Noems ranch subsidies millions while she denies 400 dollars 400 dollars for supplemental welfare to people who actually need the money true humanitarian

    2. @Dave Enyart Actually, Republicans can be stupid and not care. It comes from the idea that if you are rich, your good, if you are poor, it’s your own fault. Unless, of course, it’s you that poor, then it’s immigrants and non-whites fault.

    3. @Paul Drusbasky I take it that you were probably one of these dumb Trump supporters that donated money to these Retrumplican cons

    4. @Dies Irae It’s like so sad how they get conned to believe these things. They get that from evangelicals and FOX

  6. Noem’s horrific leadership has her state’s Covid numbers increasing while 39 other states are trending better. She’s disgusting.

    1. Absolutely the same playbook. Another politic scam, for positioning her into the nod your head in unison syndrome John Thune has. He’s another back room traitor to our nation. She is being coached and trained by ex dump psychos to be a media slant. Any news is good news right. I’m in her state of ignorance. The country folk around here in SD still want it to be the year 1921. South Dakota is one of the more corrupt states in the us. Screened for the delete cleaners.

  7. Funny how we’re hearing about all these criminal activities from trump’s associates now! Bill Barr’s not there anymore to stop any investigations. America has four years of catching up to do I feel.

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