Governor's Back-To-Business Zeal Leaves Public Less Informed, Less Safe | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Governor’s Back-To-Business Zeal Leaves Public Less Informed, Less Safe | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Nebraska State Senator Adam Morfeld talks with Rachel Maddow about why Governor Ricketts' policy of policy of withholding details of the spread of coronavirus in Nebraska hurts public safety and hinders help from people responding to the crisis. Aired on 5/8/2020.
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Governor's Back-To-Business Zeal Leaves Public Less Informed, Less Safe | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. @Sophie Robinson will never end, just hope America, votes him out, but with 40% of americans still fanatical followers, you may be looking at another 4years of this . I really feel for you all except trumpters . We have only 93 deaths thus far too many , due to testing and estensive tracking. I look at America a supposed rich country and you have to realise Trump definatly caused so many deaths. But I have freinds living there, they also work in the medical feild and I worry so much. Now after watching DMC 1960 covid another inside job and you will see how evil Trump is., check it out.

    1. mike oren How would you like to spend $5 billion tax dollars in this country? Hmmm? mr impeached nepotist is putting Kushner in charge of painting the tremendous “wall” black. For $5 billion.

    1. Big Ern Dog mr impeached nepotist has put Kushner in charge of painting the “wall” black to a tune of $5 billion. Meanwhile, education is cut, and infrastructure is crumbling.

    2. @the moors china is communist country and is coddled by the media and lebron james because it has 6 billion potential customers. Communist Leaders really don’t care for us at all. They’re human rights violations against the Uyghur people should be grounds for International Hearings but will this happen, no. Can’t jeopardize future revenues.

    3. @L W would you ask Lynyrd so the doctor who trying to save your life if they wore a Maga hat? Be careful what you wish for and stop judging people based on a hat or a color or race or Creed or a religion they might be the first person at the front lines to save you! SMH God bless you anyway

    1. Beau Ferguson – Wilkinson ERA Real Estate Magnificent failure. he ignored the crisis and held rallies and played golf. He stopped Chinese from flying in, not flights. He provided nothing for the states, told them the had to take care of themselves, he was just backup.When the states did order stuff for themselves,nether feds grabbed it right out from under their noses at the airports. Flynn confessed. All of the alleged note wasn’t read. Mueller Report, all 450+ pages, not the heavily edited bit Barr read. Conclusion: mr impeached was fully aware that Russia was aiding his campaign. And since he ignored the virus, refuses aid to the states, and continues to praise only himself–no. He’s done nothing for this country except make it a thing of pity.

    2. Mr Hansen Mr impeached is the one who wants all the power and authority. He has said so. Until we get rid of the two-party process, that’s the way it will stay. He has done such a poor job, the countries that are not laughing at us pity us. Did you know there was a virtual international conference on the pandemic? No? Because we were conspicuous by our absence. Oh, yes, $5 billion of our tax dollars will be going to paint the “wall” black, while doctors and nurses are going without gear. mr impeached nepotist has put Kushner in charge of the paint job, along with all the other duties he’s handed him

    3. @Sophie Robinson Thanks for provin g that Democrat supporters are the absolute dumbest people on the entire planet! You people make winning too easy!

  1. On April 8th, Nebraska had 519 confirmed covid-45 cases and 12 deaths. Just a month later that’s 7,831 cases and 92 deaths. Right now Nebraska’s case numbers are doubling every 10.4 days. That’s not under control.

    1. @Ged Farnan Oh my goodness, you broke out a new word for the day! Yay, thats a fun game! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    2. @Dmitri Fukov ok go to Texas then….why u still talking…..there are alot places thts even cheaper than Texas also….so ur point is mute …..u have a bless life man….

    3. @Angela Greenkiwi Great post!
      Forget skype—too many things can go wrong…is it plugged in? Is the camera set up? Yeah,that little round thing Dad!…Bugger that.
      Get them on whatsapp.
      My Dad died last September-fortunately i think–because he would have been uncontrollable during the lockdown!!!! Too stubborn and set in his ways for any of that namby-pamby I reckon.
      I second your thoughts–saves me using yet another of those dreaded metaphors!!
      Kia kaha etc 😉

    1. angel whitney : China is a Communist Regime, sworn to bring Communism to the entire world, and sees itself as lock in a, “Cold War,” type, “struggle,” to end capitalism around the world. Anyone who surprised at their hostile intent, doesn’t read. Sure, they covered up, punished the truth tellers and cost the world valuable time. But, Donny did exactly that, for his own reasons. Sure, they are helping now, because a worldwide pandemic is a threat to them, as much as us. And, sure, just because they literally have, “an embarrassment of riches,” having more per-capita millionaires than ANY other nation on Earth (look THAT up, if you don’t believe me?) since when has hypocrisy and criminality EVER altered China’s intent or actions? We MUST view them as hostile, always. Donny has confused his cult, by loving them one minute and hating them the next. And, his response to them, over Covid 19, was just another classic example out of SO many, when he literally THANKED them and made out they were America’s BFF’s in a Tweet, the very SAME DAY that he accused them of cooking up the virus in a lab, and trying to wipe out the WORLD! It’s a sad truism, that we simply CANNOT look to government for answers OR protection, because it’s all about him getting his shareholder bosses PAID. And paid BEFORE November. Keep that single FACT in mind, and ALL of his subsequent actions are explained, in Technicolor

    2. Jeff Gibson : What a mad thing to say to a Conservative, like me, son? Just because I urge Americans to vote for the man, woman or Fisherprice Toy that is NOT Donny, doesn’t make me a, “supporter,” of anyone? That’s why you propagandists can’t get anything to stick to Biden. Because no one CARES. They’re voting AGAINST Donny, son! Not for ANYONE . . .

    3. @Ash Roskell sorry i tagged wrong people lol my phone is being weird it keeps skipping around. I agree with you ash.

    4. angel whitney : Totally cool and the gang. I thought you sounded too smart to be fooled anyway.

    1. @Ian Sampson At least russian leaders picked up the phone admitted they were in error and worked with experience and science to contain; instead of mitigating and deflecting.

    2. Reuben Herrera after they got bad press. And they are still working on further containment.

    3. The thought had crossed my mind too! Russia lied of the “official” numbers that died of radiation poisoning. Didn’t tell Germany and Norway that radiation was leaking, carried by the wind from Chernobyl… same thing!

  2. In America, no one’s life is worth a dollar (except those with most dollars). That is the way it has always been in case you hadn’t noticed before.

    1. @Brock Madigan True I don’t but then I doubt I would want to know anything about you now you have dished up your rather nasty and vindictive comment

    2. I have an Idea.
      Lets move all the Sick COVID-19 patients in to Nursing Homes.
      This way we can save a lot of money on Pensions and Nursing home state costs
      When they Die!

      Thats a great Idea Andrew.

  3. If you didn’t see it, it didn’t happen…
    Similarly, if people aren’t tested, the infection numbers don’t go up…
    Perfect Logic…

    1. @wily wascal we dont need testing you moron. randomized testing has already been done and shown that ‘rona is everywhere, the fatality rate is nowhere near high enough to justify all this hysteria, and we should have an intelligent policy instead of shutting things down and risking economic disaster over a nasty cold.

    2. Says the CDC who are fudging statistics. Why does everyone seem to trust the government when they have their heads up their butts??

    3. @Tom Bombadil Telling someone else moron when you miss the point of testing …. They do not test to see how spread virus is — they test to isolate people who is infected and do tracking to stop virus from spreading even more. But basicly you talking like that because virus didin’t touch you or your family members or friends. Thats pretty much normal everyone is there for themselves, but if one of you get infected you will say you do not need testing thats just nasty cold? I assure after condition will be really grave you will run to the hospital to get tested and treated immediatly. But sorry when all hospitals are full barely have any equipment to help people — you are in no luck sir.

  4. It’s a great idea to hide all the facts, if people can’t see what is going on – then it really isn’t happening. Job done.

    1. Trump is actually beginning to try and gaslight his supporters into thinking that covid isn’t real.

  5. “My authority is total, my accountability is zero, I take no responsibility at all” – direct quotes from a very stable genius who knows lots of stuff.

    1. @sirreal6 funny… because he’s a clown… it’s all smoke, prisms, mirrors and make-up… ESPECIALLY the make-up… he makes it all up, too.

  6. The president said testing of White House staff will now be done daily, rather than about once per workweek. Trump has recently touted the rising number of tests now belatedly being done in the United States, but has also routinely played down the importance of testing as a metric for how quickly the country can safely return to normal.
    –WaPo May 9/20

    There are approximately 377 west wing staffers.
    If 50% were tested daily that would consume about 5K tests per month.

    And the president** and those close to him do not wear a mask and all of them have understood that the 15 minute test is not always accurate.

              V   O   T   E     and     E   V   I  C   T!!

    1. @D Casey
      But daily testing is now necessary for the president**, VP and others who must meet with him.
      And those who leave the West Wing free of covid-19 may return infected.

    2. @Gaetano Vindigni
      Absolutely! If Trump were to become incapacitated/infected, Pence would become interim president, and same if Pence also became incapacitated. The speaker would assume the position etc. America is in this up to our eyeballs, and Trump thinks even if we were to have 250K fatalities or more, as long as he keeps the top 1% making their billions screw the rest of us pheasants. Trump and his cronies need to go.

    3. I have an Idea.
      Lets move all the Sick COVID-19 patients in to Nursing Homes.
      This way we can save a lot of money on Pensions and Nursing home state costs
      When they Die!

      Thats a great Idea Andrew.@Alisha Monique

    4. @Gaetano Vindigni
      Already voted in primary, waiting till November. Take care, be safe, stay strong!

  7. Nebraska’s just living up to it’s tourism slogan.
    Nebraska – It’s not for everyone…..

    1. @Texas Outlaw Quote me where I said I was getting my information from “the news.” I said that I choose to base my OPINION on things OTHER than the news. Read, please.

      I am a Software Engineer and long time Data Analyst. I also serve on the board of directors for a couple of Non-Profits that are directly affected by this pandemic. I can tell you, for a fact, as I sit here in the Omaha Metro Area – that Gov. Pete Ricketts is steering Nebraska down a very dangerous path.

    2. @Texas Outlaw Well, interesting questions. Have I been tested for Ebola? Not sure what that has to do with this conversation, so no.


      My wife just finished her last chemotherapy for DCIS/IBC treatment on Wednesday, April 1st. I just picked her up TODAY from the hospital after receiving her last outpatient surgery for reconstruction. She showed COVID symptoms (top to bottom) in January. Every one of them, from the low grade fever, to the lost of taste and smell. It cost her 3 weeks of treatments (she wasn’t receiving any at that time as she was recooperating).

      Ask me how many times she was tested for COVID-19?

      I’ll answer for you. ZERO. She wasn’t even tested to get the surgery today.

      Now, ask me how many times she was tested for Influenza B, Pneumonia, and RSV?

      I think I know a bit more than you think I do, buddy, of what is going on in Nebraska. Every time you make an assumption of what is going on, you show how ill informed you are to comment on the subject of the original video.

    3. @Texas Outlaw – Wow … up to 50% of positive tests are people who don’t even feel sick and you wonder why we shouldn’t test everybody? BECAUSE THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE RUNNING AROUND FEELING FINE AND KILLING ELDERLY PEOPLE YOU MORON.

    4. @Texas Outlaw – And …. if you can use your brain to use the slide on the bottom of that graph, you will see that COVID cases went up by 3.5 million in just two months. Do you know why? Because of testing. If it was up to you, those 3.5 million cases wouldn’t exist. Many scientists calculate that the real number can be as high as 10 times the 4 million. Only a moron wouldn’t be concerned.

  8. Hi from Australia… I once heard, pre-virus, that America is a third world country with a first world paint job… starting to think that’s true

    1. @Dimitri Ignatowski – ps … I’m going to buy a Fisker EMotion instead of a Tesla. Where I live, there are at least 3 or 4 Tesla’s at every major intersection. They are old hat now. I bought my Volt 9 years ago. I still love that car.

    2. Many parts of rural America are literally falling apart, houses, businesses, factories. Same in parts of cities. Question: are poor people in Australia evicted from homes they own because they are too poor to pay property taxes? Happens every day here and we puzzle over homelessness.

    3. Oh you have NO IDEA….I’m from Queensland. I lectured in every state in the U.S. except Alaska. I saw HORRENDOUS poverty that truly shocked me. TRULY 3rd world country poverty. My assistant (black guy) had to sit in a hotel in Virginia while I gave a lecture because there was “no accommodation” for him. I had a minor accident, off to the emergency room and WITH INSURANCE it cost me $2500. I paid 6 times my rates/electricity/taxes when I lived in Kentucky, but you get nothing back. NOTHING. They have toxic water in Flint, bridges falling down, shooting each other, but the final straw was (again WITH insurance) when my insurer wouldn’t pay for my double mastectomy. I had to fly home (obviously it’s free here in Australia) and get it done here, In America, I’d be bankrupt, or dead, or both. But their entire system is based on keeping black and brown people uneducated, sick, or preferably to the KKK types – DEAD. I was so disgusted in how they treat their own people (huge taxes on Puerto Rico, but they’re not allowed to vote – or bombing their OWN PEOPLE with nuclear weapons in the Marshall Islands just to see what would happen) that I’m so glad to be sitting here on the Gold Coast watching the beach wondering how I ever coped with the rudeness, the homophobia, the outright institutionalised racism for that long. GOD BLESS AUSTRALIA – you know we’re the richest country in the world now?

    4. @Colleen Kelly Hi Colleen up on the Goldie, to quote Samuel Clemens – it is easier to fool someone than to convince them they’ve been fooled. Reading through some of these quotes the old Twain knew his stuff. There seem to be so many old stories and fables that aptly depict “right now” whether it be The Emporers New Clothes or Don Quixote or frighteningly Ring a Ring a Rosie I can’t help but feel we’ve been warned of these times and the consequences that follow. Stay safe

    5. @Colleen Kelly thank you for the first hand account from someone not raised in a society that was “created perfect and has been improving ever since”. It’s hard to convince natives who believe there can’t be anything better than what they have grown up with.

  9. It is odd that government and businesses are only concerned about peak and decline data to manage filled up hospitals and then so they can open up business as usual.
    I’m only concerned about not catching this virus.
    Don’t ask me to go back to work until they have a cure.
    This virus and people’s needs are not being managed well at all.

    1. You are correct. Everybody blaming Trump for their own governors decisions. Well said.

    2. @Twoofer Derper : Have you notice how Trump has responded to the crisis? Strange, I have notice any response either.

    3. Twoofer Derper mr impeached wants to spend $5 billion to paint his wall black. Kushner is in charge. isn’t that lovely?

  10. As someone with NO influence, all I can do is tell anyone I see this WILL get worse, A LOT,  before it starts to get better. If EVERYONE does this, maybe it’ll help!

    1. All that anyone can do Dixie – is to warn the people – and all that the people can do is to wise up and listen carefully. Sadly it appears the people (at least those who support the evil that currently have the influence) are going to take this horror right to the end in death.

  11. Ms Maddow and Senator Morefield, If you have time please read this: I am paraphrasing what Pulitzer prize-winning science writer Laurie Garret said. She stated this in a TV interview. In America, we have a patchwork response, we don’t have unified national response to the virus, we don’t have any uniform standards, no guidelines, the CDC is virtually mum, numbed and silenced. We’re operating as if every local mayor, every local governor has equal capacity to make appropriate choices and to decide how to best fight this disease. You can drive from one state to another with completely different policies being executed. And they’re all competing to get their economies going, competing to get masks, PPE, medicines, health care workers, ambulances, and burial details. We’ve pitted each component of America against each other for resources, for policy, for response and now the President says, for our economy. She believes the best-case scenario is 36 months before it’s over. The worst-case scenario is that it becomes a new permanent feature on the landscape for generations to come. She says different parts of the world will be hit at different times. Whether Ms Garrett’s predictions are right or wrong, what is needed now in your country is leadership and President Trump does not seem to have this quality. Be well.

    1. they know that. Intelligent Americans know that. But thanks for the summary. I’d never heard of that author, so now I can go look her up.

    1. China actually implemented a very early and very strict lockdown. No-one allowed outside the house and streets disinfected twice daily by people in biohazard suits. Their lockdown lasted for 76 days.

      Most US states have a far more relaxed lockdown and only did it for like 3 weeks before reopening. So is it any surprise that the US figures are far, far higher than Chinas?

    2. How about we Blame Trump and the Republicans for not sharing those real numbers they got from the CIA?

      500 million infected and 32 million dead in China at the very least.

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