Gov't Encouraging Looting & Cronyism - PNP | TVJ Midday News - Oct 12 2021 1

Gov’t Encouraging Looting & Cronyism – PNP | TVJ Midday News – Oct 12 2021


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  1. I hope the Education minister sees this. What she needs to do at the primary school’s put the school’s on shifts make the smaller children come in the morning so that they could have enough space. The bigger ones in the evening

  2. They can not curve the crimes,
    poverty and joblessness but they stand in the house of Parliament and talk a lot of rubbish and lies

  3. UIC all the way. Change change change the peoples need Better and deserve it. tired of the two corruption

  4. To get back to normal? There will be no normal Mr pm. Only the blood of Jesus can help us. Get covered under the blood.

  5. The JLP has left the country in a lurch due to its incompetency. When are children supposed to return to school? The Education Minister does not know.

  6. All these politicians leave the door open so corruption can continue…every government organization need to show up in front the senate every month to give account for every action taken with the public funds…..the Integrity commission can’t show up telling us what corrupted person did years ago all these government entity should be audited every month

  7. Use the data from the health ministry to determine where the positivity rates are and reopen where there are no to low cases.

  8. Just as the young man can have 12 students in an old building teaching and they comply with mask wearing why can’t that happen in regular classrooms? Obviously there is little or no covid in those areas where those children are. Once children can walk to school and no covid let those schools reopen.

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