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  1. Politicians are getting their money while everybody else are getting short change.State of emergency is like putting a bandaid on sore.

  2. The minister did not even express regret that the teachers were not paid. I bet she got every single cent of her salary and benefits.

  3. My question to you you get paid every month you’ll get traveling allowance to waste taxpayer time which you should not get the teachers are stressed out the teachers are fed up the teachers cannot pay their bills at the end of the month the little bag juice money teachers should enforce a boycott teachers must stop the talking show action

  4. I think the teachers are telling you the job that you are doing is very poor and they are not happy with you what they are saying Miss Williams it’s time for you to go

  5. Is a degrace from lost year our nation teachers don’t get paid for their wonderful services. very bad pay now!!!!!

  6. I just listened to the breaking news from the RJR news center monkeypox is no confirmed in Jamaica

  7. All you teachers need to do is to switch from slavery to being your own boss if is even doing some far6on those idle lands, even rearing animals that eats only grass or scrap foods and not a beauty to the criminal eyes. eg rabbits, sheep, common fowl.etc

  8. Is full time the teachers get their computers.Shame teachers donot get paid for the last summer school yet.

  9. Teacher Voucher – The truth behind the voucher is; The vouchers are locked to specific stores, so if a teacher sees a quality laptop they can’t buy it unless its at a store on their ‘party’ list. So you have to do some backdoor deal or wait up on a good deal. You say the 90k is for teachers to purchase a Laptop, so why can’t teachers use the money to buy from other stores in Jamaica that offers value for the 90k?

    But hey give teachers the voucher so that my affiliates can benefit and I may get a cut of the pie.

    You would need to work at the school for 5 years before the laptop is considered yours, starting on the date when you purchase the laptop.

    Summer school money is only 21,000 for the month, man I can’t see how they can’t pay it considering they told parents it is free of cost and they will pay…

  10. I just don’t understand this teachers issue, so, what is the function of the JTA which is one of largest union on island, I would have thought that their function is ensure the people they represent are properly looked after when it comes to wage and conditions and welfare. I ask again what are the functions of the JTA, what are they doing to protect their members.

  11. teachers are tired, summer school should have began last week of July through to the second week in August

  12. Government tief then them complain bout criminal And crime and extortion, When they themselves a tief, teachers have bills to pay food to eat

  13. I am still disappointed and feel used by the ministry. I remember at the initial stage when we were signing the summer school contract we were told that our pay will be tax free. To my surprise, I waited for nine months for my pay. I waited in anticipation that I was going to get $53,000 (My hours of service added up to this amount) When I collected the cheque from the school I got only 38,000! Tax! they took tax out of something they said would have been tax free. I worked as a tutor to help to clear my college expenses and this is what the ministry did to me. I will never work for the ministry ever again.I see that I could be a valuable gem in the education sector but not me. I prefer go to another country to offer my service.

  14. My advice to these teachers is to take your expertise elsewhere while still serving your community. Online teaching is an option you might want to look into. Many countries would be interested in learning English, China for example.

  15. Am so sorry for that man who got sick with diabetes very sadden but the sound of your story I will pray for you cause you need help.πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™‡πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ“–

  16. Am so sorry for that man who got sick with diabetes very sadden but the sound of your story I will pray for you cause you need help.πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™‡πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ“–

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