Gov’t Planning Begins on Section of High Security Prison | TVJ News – Mar 1 2022

Gov't Planning Begins on Section of High Security Prison | TVJ News - Mar 1 2022 1


    1. Where have you been that’s been happening
      For some time every month a new police station is open upgrade. Many new clinics and new hospital is being built or refurbished. Improvements in every sector is taking place. But these things are not highlighted. Like crime. So I don’t blame you for not knowing that.

  1. High security prison don’t let me laugh. You mean better vacation spot.
    When unuh going to start giving these killers some hard labor time. SMFH

  2. Waste of taxpayers money the roads across the country need fixing that money will be better spent sorting out our road what you guys needs to do is start send these criminals guards that are bringing the phone 📱 inside for their criminal friends

  3. Government need to pay the Police more or give them subsidies. Example a Police man live in Kingston and stationed in Westmoreland , need rent allowance, food allowance, gas allowance etc… If you don’t start paying the Police or providing these stipend , then you going to have the same corruption in the force. Support them better and they’ll have a different mindset. Build living quarters that they can stay until they go home on their days off. Hire a maintenance worker to upkeep the quarters. Build a Police station with the welfare of the officers in mind.

  4. What percentage of that money could be spent on training facilities and community programs to stop them from turning criminals anyway ? I know the house of Parliament is housing higher profile criminals than behind the bars in Jamaica. Who are policing political gang members who sit at the top of our society and decide how are what we the taxpayers money should be spent on? Come on my fellow Jamaicans the destiny of almost 3mil. People should not be decided by 64 who see it right to even for us to address them as honourable Mr or Mrs so & so simple means they put themselves above us and see us as inferior to them.

  5. No cell phone should be in any prison so prison officials and all the top head must consider what they’re doing moving them from one place to other not going to stop it unless they took out the communication part of it etc etc etc.

  6. today march 3, 2022 have mark 6 years of the dictator Prime minister reign what he he done for poor people

  7. Jamaica serious how many ppl cant afford the simple food much less all the ones without a job a uno wah wastw money fi build prison …yow JLP AN PNP SICK ME!!!…I WISH JAMAICANS WOULD WISE UP AND VOTE IN A DIFFERENT PARTY

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