Gov't Prepared to Re-impose Restriction if Covid Spike Again | TVJ News - June 23 2021 1

Gov’t Prepared to Re-impose Restriction if Covid Spike Again | TVJ News – June 23 2021


"We are prepared to re-impose the restrictions", this was the warning from the Health Minister of Jamaica, Dr. Christopher Tufton, should the Covid-19 situation get out of control within the next few months.

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  1. If he keep doing that , without wi stand up to him, then it will go on forever, just as they planned.

  2. Peoples is just not following the rules! Just respect each other wear a mask practice social distance. Respect the limits on the churches, if the church peoples want to have more peoples in the church tell them to tell god or Jesus to cure the virus !! This also goes for the peoples who’s keeping dances and parties !!

    1. Some of you are brainwashed that you don’t even realize that the vaccine is short for a reason. If the spike hits people will panic and rush to get the poison.

    2. @Shane Flow are you a dr ? What type of formal education do have to make to you an expert? Where’s your evidence? If you know something all the dr and scientists don’t know share the knowledge? I think you been listening to Donald trump too long !!

    3. @Shane Flow nope I have a degree in history! So I think I know when someone is uneducated! And only knows how to talk verbal diarrhoea!!

  3. It’s inevitable after the local Gov. Election. This is a risk our government is willing to take, I guess

  4. What I never understood is WHY ARE THEY WAITING UNTIL THINGS GET MUCH WORSE BEFORE IMPOSING NEW RESTRICTIONS? What’s the point of this? Might as well keep the curfew hours they way are and parties banned.

  5. Dr crufton we already know your plans, you and your team are going to introduce the delta variant and lock down the country, the games you guys play.

    1. Well said ….there’s nobody from the ministry of health telling anybody how to build up your immune system why?…they just wanna force their AGENDA POISON on us!!!

  6. Its gonna surge. So just don’t open it then. We don’t even know who do testing and distribute data. I don’t trust this one bit

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