Gov't working to implement federal vaccine passport: Hajdu 1

Gov’t working to implement federal vaccine passport: Hajdu


Health Minister Patty Hajdu discusses how the federal government is working to get a federal vaccine passport for domestic travel in Canada.

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    1. @natural observer there are many things you aren’t privileged to if you have no identification. You clearly don’t live off the grid and protest taxes since you’re commenting on YouTube videos. Straight up hypocrisy

    1. Its so bad now , they refuse to defend their science or numbers …ALL governments are refusing to release hospitalisation data ( No kidding ) … eg Baby boomer bust on meds with underlying conditions …15 % population on anti depression meds ( mostly female ) …. heart issues , diabetes type 2

    2. You should see my up loads
      The manitoba’s chief medical officer saying I just read what they put in front of me
      Australia chief medical officer saying that it depends upon the new world order

    3. Only in the Liberal government can anyone be qualified for any job… imagine applying to be CEO of a large multi billion dollar corporation with zero education and zero experience…you wouldn’t even get an interview. Such a joke

    1. You should be ashamed of yourself for even thinking something like that. How dare you compare your minor inconvenience to being experimented upon, vivisected, and murdered.

    2. @PatchesRips fundamental human rights are taken away.

      In Paris the curfew under the Germans was LESS restrictive

  1. Oh I see, it was perfectly acceptable to call a unjustified and unnecessary expensive early election at a time when money is short and have the unvaccinated show up for that one, now all of a sudden it’s just too dangerous to have any of the unvaccinated in a large gathering for any other reason, how convenient for Trudeau!

    1. One passport the vaxx one… soon all information will be there and they will collect your data your info and everything !!!!!! And all in the name of safety

  2. What’s Hadju going to do? Make the passport look pretty? She’s not qualified to do anything else in Health.

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