1. Just diagnose with one.. .. not a problem now .. but I’m on watch for the rest of my life. It’s just so sad.. and she has got to be the bravest person.. she totally wants the word out on how he passed.

  2. Even though I’m a Brit . I’m not a fan of football and had never heard about him . But , when I read the news and googled him . I found out that he was a really down to earth guy who tried to bring people together through the sport . My heart goes out to his family/friends . What a shock for them all ..

    1. @ R1GAMBLER. Stick to something you know about skateboard girl. You don’t know what you are talking about.

    2. Tried to bring people together ? He went to defy the rules at Qatar and cry about his rainbow shirt. Another self entitled pr1ck, if he did that in Russia he’d be imprisoned. But Qatar is a great country with great people, they simply asked him to wear something on top of his t shirt, and he was still welcomed with warm hands and got complete freedom to criticise and wine about whatever was bothering him. It’s sad to see him pass away like that sure. But make no mistake, he had an agenda, and an ego. Ended up being overworked to death.

  3. Some people do not know they have Marfan syndrome until something like this happens. Grant looks tall with a long narrow face similar to my son who has it. Thank goodness my son’s cardiac issues are being monitored.

  4. R. I. P. Sir!! We send our thoughts and prayers to your family..
    In a case and story like this, I set aside all politics as families in crisis like this need comfort and not debate..

  5. It’s sad when a person passes away but it is equally sad when “we the people” fail to recognize the reason they ( Grant Wahl ) passed. Let his passing not be in vain. Expose and prosecute those that are alive and continue to push this toxic sludge into the arms of loyal Americans.

    1. Dipshyte. People have died from aneurysms since the beginning of time. Learn a little something before you make yourself look like a fool.

    2. @Natchez Bones NO surprise–You make wild, empty statements, and no objective information to back them up! Just empty conspiracy theories!

  6. All these comments about it being from the vaccine proves none of you actually followed him. He spoke about getting sick with bronchitis while in Qatar. Combine that with his busy schedule that left little time to sleep and recover and the body will react in unpredictably negative ways to that type of stress.

    1. The shot destroys your immune system. Normal bronchitis that most people fight off becomes deadly. Heart issues that most people can deal with become deadly.

  7. I cant imagine losing an incredible person/husband and being so nonchalant. super strange to have zero emotions during this type of tragedy.

    1. Dumb dumb. Conspiracy theorists can get myocarditis too. They also can have aortic aneurysms like this guy died from.

    2. @JTAIV He was super duper libtard vaxxed: QUOTE….”Thrilled to get my 1st Pfizer Covid vaccine dose. Science!” (04/7/21) and then “Fully Vaxxed. LFG” (05/12/21) -Grant Wahl and according to another source he posted he had another booster … Good Luck you Lefty weirdos…

  8. A 42 year old scholar just recently died from the same cause so obviously it’s not just found in older people. He just collapsed while out shopping with his young children and he had no idea he had this issue. Without screening it’s difficult to even know. He was 42 years old, fit and active. It’s quite scary actually.

    1. Correct ,age is not a factor !!
      I had mine @ 32 and I’m told it’s hereditary. My valve wasn’t functioning correctly, nothing I did or didn’t do, just born with a heart mermer , which later in life turned into an AA!

  9. Richie Faulkner of Judas Priest had an aortic rupture while on stage at a music festival. He believes that he only survived because he had so much adrenaline from playing guitar, and it kept his heart pumping long enough to get help. Scary stuff

  10. I’m glad we can put any conspiracies to rest with this. This guy died doing what he loved. RIP Grant, thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

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