Graphic Details Emerge Of Violence By Trump Rioters; Congress Informed Of New Threats | MSNBC 1

Graphic Details Emerge Of Violence By Trump Rioters; Congress Informed Of New Threats | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow looks at some of Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon's description of the injuries suffered by police at the hands of pro-Trump rioters in the Capitol and reviews what is being shared about security threats ahead of Joe Biden's inauguration. Aired on 1/12/2021.
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Graphic Details Emerge Of Violence By Trump Rioters; Congress Informed Of New Threats | MSNBC


    1. Not the same. It is also a chance to become better.
      That will not come easy but it is possible. I expect the American people to be able to do this. (I am Dutch).

    2. In God I trust. He has put those in place to open our eyes of the wickedness that has ruled our country hiding behind conservative Christian values. They use to wear hoods over their heads, now they wear hoods over their hearts.

    3. @Belle The healing can’t begin until the wound is stitched closed. We are not seeing that as those involved in a coup are being charged with trespassing, after announcing that they were there to hang government officials, and republican lawmakers give speeches in favor of the coup.
      Insurrection is not in the past.

  1. If this had been an enemy of the United States their would have been a declaration of war against them, if this had been a normal citizen or even a minister etc they would have been arrested on the spot, Donald Trump should be arrested immediately for inciting a violent act against the nation, after his arrest all actions possible should be taken that are supported by the video evidence, he is not above anyone else when he stops acting as a president and starts acting like a dictator and supporter of violence

    1. And what do you think would have happened if the insurrectionists had been black or brown? Can you even imagine the body count?

    1. @N 827 Do you understand the word sedition or are you incapable of appreciating the nuance in our English language. Recommend you retire to a cave and read Shakespeare for four years.

    2. @QemeH well dude what is really uncool is that you cheated. Now you got caught and will have to deal with the ramifications

    3. @N 827 My dear fellow human, shouting at me is no solution for either of us. Additional recommended reading: The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. I do not fear tomorrow and neither should you. Live peacefully. Also I am neither Democrat or Republican just a truth seeker.

    1. @Trap Daddy no u both destroyed it, u both are the enemies of GOD u both hate the Word of GOD unless it’s something u like.

    2. @MrPsycho8765 he was kneeling out of humility, another man kneeled but on another man’s neck. There was no humility. With his eyes holding the gaze of the camera and his hands in his pocket as the man cried out for his life and just a little breath. So kneeling dosnt mean the same to everyone. Lord have mercy.

    3. @UCkEaWbIskbffziACBXlj7Zw if there is love for Ole Glory, why fly the confederate flag. The confederate flag was flown when they fought other American Citizens, they didn’t fly the American flag.

    4. @Mermaidreviews469 Breaks my heart..If you want to be what is right..not what suits your selfish ego..

    5. And Kaepernick got _FIRED_ even!!!!
      These people? Let’s join hands now and sing kumbaya. The country is too divided for us to even talk consequences. Because that is the culprit here: Consequences!!! Not the actions, the violence, the rhetorics, the hatred, the rallying, the killings, the murders, the attacks, the corruption, the slander, the lies. It’s the want for action and consequences that will divide [fragile] America,..
      Ladies and gentlemen, the GOP.

  2. Please arrest congress woman Lauren Boebert who for some strange reason was tweeting the whereabouts of Nancy Pelosi inside the capitol building during the riot. Why was she doing this, why was she tweeting where anyone was during this dangerous time..? why tweet where Pelosi was..? why not someone else..?

    1. @greenhometony we already have one of those in the WH and quite a few in Congress; she’s gotta get the boot from office.

  3. But after all that the reps went back into the meeting and *STILL* tried to prevent the electoral college votes for Biden. Do they get arrested too?

    1. @JaGgEd ArOunD tHe Edges You can make a case for that I will agree iwth that. But ever since Charlottesville he refuses to denounce these groups. He even said earlier this year, “to stand back but stand ready”. They’re hate groups but he won’t come out publically against them.

    2. @JaGgEd ArOunD tHe Edges Put it this way…if the magatards understood what he was saying..I’m sure a court of law will understand it too …opened his mouth…one too many times

    3. @Time 4 ChangeHere’s hoping all the redacted evidence which was politcally withheld by AG Barr can be seen and reviewed by the new administration. At the time, there were 10 highlighted areas of concern that required further investigation.

    1. @N 827 in November once by mail Overseas voter. No one considered the format of voting illegitimate the last 4 cycles. Actually I voted in early October but for that election. Why do you ask?

    2. @The loffikilli The thing you idiots don’t get is … you think we speak for Trump. TRUMP SPEAKS FOR US! We have been here LONG before Donald Trump came down that escalator! He spoke exactly how we feel. What a shame you haven’t figured that out yet. WE ARE NEVER GOING AWAY! EVER!!!

    1. @N 827 The cheaters won nothing. Donald and Co. screwed up their cheating and got stopped so you are right Cheaters won NOTHING! Messing with the Post Office was mistake #1…Joe Biden Won Trump Lost by a landslide…

    2. @warren kuhn You need to make more sense forget the research. You make no Sense. and mentioning Clinton yet again. Seriously?

    3. @warren kuhn yea and trump and Republicans just want to get richer and keep everybody ells poor you need to do some research yourself if you can’t see that trump has divided and broken down this country in every way imaginable then you need to stop posting stupidity and get back to playing fortnight

    4. @N 827 You are suicidal my friend. Your options are now limited to peaceful protest (which you peanuts seem to be incapable of) or armed insurrection. If you go down that route, you will be utterly destroyed. No tanks, no drones, no missiles, no planes and no international support. And I guarantee you, if you muppets start a civil war the rest of the democratic world will get involved, and pro tip, it won’t be to support the Tangerine in Chief. You will be crushed. And for what…..this delusional fantasy that the election was rigged. Even support among republicans is melting away. All you have left is your small group of delusional buddies. Good luck, you’re gonna need a ton of it.

    1. @Michael Waring Oh look! A 3rd grade bully nickname thrown at a former President! I’m SO impressed! My what an adult thing to do, you’re SO mature. No, really. I mean it. srsly

    1. @Sarah Obah But notice that the right wing GOP and NRA loving nuts will not fund bullet proof vests for kids in schools and for other targets of right wing violence.

    2. That alone validates Impeachment and removal from office, immediately. So much for all the winning Benedict Donald.

    3. @warren kuhn this ain’t about Antifa of BLM. It’s about White Boy and Girls. This is about Trump Supporters, thugs murderers and traitors.Compare oranges to oranges, or in this case MAGA hat wearing thugs to Turds.

    1. I found ‘Tangerine Sh*tgoblin’ to be quite satisfying for the cult leader himself, I guess by that token his fawning bootlickers could be the Oompa Loompa Troompas, or Wonky Willy Wacists, if you got Daffy Duck to do the voiceover.

      Oh alright, let’s call them what they are; RepubliKlans.

  4. CRUZ, HAWLEY, MCCARTHY need to go. RESIGN. They are all complicit in Jan. 6th by not acknowledging that Biden won. They need to be removed from Congress.

    1. @Dave McCauley Thankyou..I am also tired of paying lying thugs..I have worked 55yrs 35 as a critical care RN..and I am now struggling…

  5. Take tRump out of the equation; would the rioting have happened? This act of sedition/insurrection/murder fits squarely on his shoulders.

    1. It shouldn’t, but that makes me quietly chuckle. Very true statement! Guess their grandparents were smarter than them

  6. If the mob had succeeded in taking hostages, i truly believe they would have been executed by the insurrectionists.

    1. Yes. And the irony would have been seeing Pence being hanged by his own president’s mob – fascists always eat their own.

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