Greece banks on 'Covid-free' islands to lure visitors 1

Greece banks on ‘Covid-free’ islands to lure visitors


The Greek government is working to welcome tourists back with the promise of 'Covid-free' islands. But the revival of tourism in Mykonos, the country's best-known party island, rests on the government's decision to lift bans on music scenes and crowds. CNN's Sam Kiley reports.

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  1. Most Americans don’t travel outside America. Most Greek tourist come from Europe, especially the UK.

    1. most Americans i know have been outside the US. including myself, several times. my parents regularly vacation in Oaxaca. where are you getting this from?

    2. I wish that my government close the borders for UK tourists that want to come to Portugal… bastards last week we had an increase of COVID cases in OPorto because of the champions

    1. @Ninos Tsopanidis I know this will offend you but Island business make lots of money, pay little tax on them and then waste them all at bouzoukia. I’ve lived in Greece for 29 years and I had first hand experience. If they had saved some of the money, they wouldn’t be desperate now. Tourism is not a guaranteed cow to keep milking yearly.

  2. Most people will sit back and play with everything of life and surely they’ll be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in Crypto as it’s retracting….BE WISE

    1. Believe me he’s the best when it comes to Cryptocurrency trading, your profit is assured.

    2. Pfizer is going to cooperate with China to develop a new virus. Oh, wrong, Pfizer is going to cooperate with China to produce vaccines.

  3. Cannot wait to return to my favourite place in the world. Booked for two weeks in Rhodes last spring but had to reschedule 3 times. I

  4. All the traumatized people in blue states still wearing masks. Poor people. They need a vacation.

  5. Noah had three sons; Ham, Shem and Japeth. He told his sons; one of you will betray me. That son wrote three big books to prove him wrong.

  6. CNN ratings are down over 67% and they continue their same behavior it’s the absolute definition of insanity!

  7. If you have money to travel like that, surely you’ve already had the chance to be vaccinated.
    If you’re vaccinated, why would you care? You’re protected.

  8. Step 1. put the fear in everyone and lie
    Step 2. don’t stop even if it’s been exposed… Covid loves IVERMECTIN

  9. Imagine calling conservatives conspiracy theorists with the Wuhan lab it looks like CNN’s lies are falling apart just like they call us conspiracy theorists when it comes to the 2020 election I guarantee you that one will fall apart too one day..

  10. Hi. American here. If you’re inviting Americans to visit Covid free islands, they’re not going to be Covid free for long…

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