Green Party Leader Annamie Paul survives emergency meeting amid calls to resign 1

Green Party Leader Annamie Paul survives emergency meeting amid calls to resign


CTV's Michel Boyer provides details of the Green Party's emergency meeting on leader Annamie Paul.

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  1. They should have vetted her better to find out her unfavorable traits, ie; her inability to accept criticism or advice from others.

    1. @Tone Stupidity and a general failure to grasp reality over fantasy is what holds the Green Party back. Mind you, it hasn’t hurt Justin and his merry band of freeloading incompetents. I wish I could gather 95% of all Canadian politicians, place them in a sack, and toss it in Lake Ontario. The country would be much better off.

    1. what joke Canadians are (they think they’re an actual sovreign country with there own policy and culture and not a 51st state)

    1. Do parties disappear when you don’t hear any news about their status? Your egosphere is paramount, after all.

    1. well said its getting brutal i use to be extremely proud to be canadian now we try so hard to be non racist that were racist to whites as a fix what a joke this country has become

  2. “I remain steadfast in my desire to get paid to do nothing, have zero impact, and be a drain on votes.”

  3. She is not a leader but checks off all the boxes though, Canadian politics are such a joke!!!

  4. She can’t even win a seat what a joke . Look at May driving around in a viper and love Omar kadur. Why would anyone vote for this party

  5. Paul should find the person in her party that didn’t do their job and fire them immediately.

    Oh, wait. Really? Nevermind.


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