Green Party Leader Elizabeth May shares vision of greener Canada 1

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May shares vision of greener Canada


Green Party Leader Elizabeth May joins Lisa LaFlamme to discuss her party's key platform promises and her vision for Canada.

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  1. So what the melted piece of ear wax is saying is, vote for the Green Party or the world will end??? How will the Green Party stop the rest of the world from polluting and using carbon-based products? Force the world leaders to kiss this slack-jawed horse-face? That might do it… oh wait! I know! They could also scare children, that seems like the high road to take!

  2. She seems like a nice lady but the reality detachment she has over climate alarmism is typical of these chicken little types.

    1. Hey….What about nuclear? Fukishima will radiate for many thousands of years with no charge. No more Sushi for you.

    2. Well we can completely glaze over southern Manitoba to get solar. Not sure what you have planned for batteries, otherwise we can’t turn our lights on at night. The total energy put into a wind generator is more than the generator ever produces. So when you bring a team of horses to pull you tesla out of the snow-filled ditch, make sure you fill the trunk full of wood so you have enough heat to cook the same horses, that is, if there are any trees left.

    3. @Dino 999 do you have evidence for your wind generator claim? Indeed, Canada poses unique challenges comparatively to other countries; who can support at least half of their energy needs from renewables (Britain, Sweden, New Zealand etc). Islands can make use of wind turbines more readily off their coasts, however, Scandinavian countries, with their snow and cold, seem to be managing their teslas just fine. It’s important to understand that nobody is asking to 100% switch over to renewables, perhaps one day when the technology and infrastructure is capable, but rather a transition while still using fossil fuel as supplementary…for now…Thoughts?

  3. The green bird is going to have a hard time getting around no cars no airplanes no boats no trains horse and wagon

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