Greene Family Plans To March With Protestors To Governor's Mansion 1

Greene Family Plans To March With Protestors To Governor’s Mansion


NBC's Sam Brock joins Geoff Bennett live from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Ronald Greene Family Attorney says 'If they had a taste for justice they would have made the arrests already.'

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    1. The people in Ivory towers look down on the masses and laugh at the cardboard signs and catchy slogans. They know you’ll go away when your next shift is scheduled or those signs turn to mush in the rain.

      18months of the Yellow Vest movement did not win even a single concession from the government because people who have private jets don’t care if you block traffic.

    1. @Nathan Oakes your argument does have some merit,the degree to which ws has infiltrated the feds is not known.

  1. If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything ! I’m praying for your family sister

    1. This isnt going anywhere because it cant be used to feed the fire on the left, this has to disappear because its an actual example of police brutality and they cant have people realizing what it really looks like.

    1. @Tamasyn Dosher Senator Kennedy of course. He pones every witness in the senate.

    1. @Avenger Avenger, why do you want to live in a country where if you run away from cops, or get in a fist-fight with cops, the cops are allowed to commit m’urder? That’s just wrong. And that’s a hypothetical anyway. THIS guy was in HANDCUFFS when they m’urdered him. Anyone who thinks that cops ought to be allowed to retaliate as they see fit should be hanged. You do not deserve to be a living citizen in this country if you will not stand up for the principle that police-officers do not get to retaliate.

    2. @Nathan Oakes Stop blaming the vic’tim. You’re like the burglars who really will tell you with a straight face that it was okay because the people had every opportunity to lock their door and didn’t do so, enabling him to walk right in. THEY did something, that invited HIM to do something. Ergo, the vic’tim is responsible. There should be a test for citizenship and if anyone espouses garbage moral theories like yours they shouldn’t get to be citizens. It doesn’t matter what OTHER people do. You are responsible for what YOU do.

  2. Murder is like everything else. You turn 18 or 21 with respect to local regulations, take the required courses and get the necessary id. Drivers need a license, carry needs a permit and murder takes a badge.

    1. Milli Vanilli singer John Davis dead! People are dying by the thousands each day in America, get you and your family vaccinated today!

    2. @Nathan Oakes oh that’s right… head on with a tree?…self healing car?
      Oh and let us not forget about that pesky bodycam….
      Them good ole boys is in need of a lawyer son ,

  3. We need to have a big rally with speakers. I was not aware of this march or I would have been there!

    1. @Scientific Methodologist better than pro white rallies screaming “jues will not replace us”

    2. @AllNiteLemonade Last i checked the right is pro Israel so whats that make you? I think it rhymes with yahtzee

  4. I would be at that rally if I lived in LA.
    May justice reign and give Ronald Greene the right to rest in peace.
    To his family, may God be with you.

    1. @Nathan Oakes
      LOL….look up the word “whining.”
      Clearly, it’s what you are doing:)

  5. That’s not true and the cops know what they did wrong and hiding it for 2years ..they need to be punished and the bad cops need to go and punish them

    1. Milli Vanilli singer John Davis dead! People are dying by the thousands each day in America, get you and your family vaccinated today!

    2. Them good ole boys did a fine job and deserve to go home safely to their families with no chances taken because they gave a criminal the benefit of the doubt and got killed. Well done LSPD. Give those good ole boys a bonus.

    1. “Black And Brown People Do Not Receive Equal Justice In America”. Especially When There Civil Rights Are Blatantly Violated By The Police Even On Camera. Police Camera’s Were Solely Interduced For The Purpose Of Police Accountability. Because Of The Multiple Questionable Incidents And Deaths While In Their Custody.

    2. @Nathan Oakes The Lieutenant Military Officer The Police Abused And Pepper Sprayed Just Last Month I Know Wasn’t Under The influence Of Anything. Plus He Was In An American Military Uniform With An American Flag On It. So Regardless Even In Uniform His Civil Right Were Seriously And Blatantly Violated Over A Minor Traffic Stop.

    1. If only her son hadn’t acted a fool just think where he would be today. Could have been snorting cocaine and drinking booze and killing an innocent family on the highway. So tragic.

  6. I wish the Greene family success. The past cannot be undone, but a repetition should never occur.

  7. He was no threat to these miscreant policemen; that did not stop them cowardly murdering him AND THEN LYING ABOUT IT!

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