Greg Gutfeld Makes Fun of Hillary Clinton Coughing Attacks! Funny! 9/6/16 1

Greg Gutfeld Makes Fun of Hillary Clinton Coughing Attacks! Funny! 9/6/16


Greg Gutfeld makes fun of Hillary Clinton's coughing attacks and questions her health. Funny. 9/6/16

Fox News – The Five – Hillary Clinton Coughing Fits – September 6, 2016


  1. No hillary your not doing better in the military. Not only lying to
    American people ur lying to the world worse ur lying to yourself. Your a
    very sick woman who needs to get your health back if you can. We don’t get
    any younger all the money in the world want save you if you push it.

    1. It looked like cough drops to me because they sank to the bottom so quick.
      She is sick and probably a heavy smoker. I used to hack my lungs up when I
      smoked two packs a day. Sounds just like a smokers cough to me.

  2. I believe that it is karma that is coming to roost she tells all of these
    lies and hopefully dies from lung cancer

  3. @5:41 hey blondie news flash… it’s not out of the realm of possibility to
    have more than one ailment at a time

  4. My doctor or independent physician is required for me to get a job or drive
    a car. At what point up the ladder does this practice stop?

  5. OH gee. She can’t possibly be POTUS, she chokes on the big ones! And
    apparently on the little ones too! Is this why slick Willy digs those
    cigars??? Or maybe she can’t be POTUS because she’s a traitor! Send the
    Clintons and all the criminals in the puppet government to the rendering

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