Grenada PM's message for Canadian tourists amid pandemic: 'Please come' 1

Grenada PM’s message for Canadian tourists amid pandemic: ‘Please come’


The prime minister of Grenada says the country is working to rebuild its economy and boost tourism in an effort to continue funding pandemic supports for its residents.

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    1. @mathman80 Who’s getting rich off this new testing? Someone is, and you are smart enough to pay for it too

    1. @musiclogic but the vaxxed make at least 1/3 of daily infections, how is that supposed to be encouraging?

    2. @You’re Misinformed out of those 80 percent, at least half wear coerced by threats of job loss, travel restrictions, basic human necessities.

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  2. I’m not going there (Grenada) for now. Canada is vast and beautiful and it is a lot to see and discover here.

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