1. Only one answer… End them NOW !! BEFORE THEY MULTIPLE!!
    I’ve lived in Germany and here in the South the damage, to land and animals, boars cause is almost unfathomable.

    1. 40% of flesh eaters are impotent by age 40.
      50% by 50
      60% by 60
      That means you can’t get it up because the bacon is blocking proper bloodflow to the small veins in your reproduction system.

    2. @Planet Vegan and since there are no studies for vegans due to over consumption of carbs and oil in cooking which can create a lot of health problems and are nutritionally empty and can create inflammation and health problems

    1. I doubt that as we are able to adapt and our sun won’t make this planet uninhabitable for another 500 million years and i am sure we will have space colonies by then. would you like a one way ticket to mars i am sure you can apply for it

  2. Trap & remove them? Gimme a break!
    Open limitless hunting. They need to be *eradicated,* not kept alive until the next breakout! Slaughter them all, and feed the hungry or something.

  3. They are going to catch them and put them down Humanely ,sorry if their not screaming in pain when they do it .

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