1. I understand that when you go to other Country, you have to follow their rules. Thats obvious, but to believe that Putin won’t try to get revenge over the sanctions by putting American citizens in Russia in jail its dumb as hell.

    1. @Lee Walters There are 11 million migrants from different countries in Russia, hundreds of thousands from the USA. The USA is a rogue country, so the USA is trying to destabilize the whole world.

    2. @Melissa Jones The United States should release the Russians who are being held in dungeons on trumped-up charges.

  2. 0:47 Yup I figure as much. She won’t live a good life because of that at this point due to the strict laws of it.

    1. @Bran I didn’t think people influence children, when I was growing up parents were ashamed of this kind of behavior and other child shun this kind of behavior, it was pathetic.

    2. @Bran I never heard a single one of my gay, trans friends complain about being influenced by anyone, they are who they are and have always been. Stop with the senseless lies.

    3. @Bran The WNBA tests their players for drugs including pot.
      What gay black woman would risk pot in Russia.
      Let’s ask Navalny if he thinks she was framed.

    1. @TRUTH SPEAKER CBD can be from cannabis or from hemp. If from cannabis, it’s still illegal in some US states. Don’t know if hemp is legal in Russia, but they certainly should have checked and not taken chances.

    2. @E H I have severe anxiety with perceptual disturbances and the only thing that helps is CBD. I travel often (19 countries) and honestly would have just put the bottle in my bag without giving it a second thought. This definitely taught me a lesson. I feel for her!
      I’m almost certain she was detained BEFORE for U.S told Americans to leave. did you listen?

    3. @lawman3966 There are 11 million migrants from different countries in Russia. They’re safe if they don’t break the law.
      The USA is much more dangerous than Russia

  3. There is no way Russia will let them go. They will, just for spite, make examples of them. Unless they somehow link them into a condition for a ceasefire in Ukraine.

    1. @Acer Maximinus and how should you call this ?
      “US soldiers raid a village and kills 34 women and children, and they are asked to shot first, ask questions later”
      This is USA.
      Hypocrites, yet no one not even your ISIS creation or Al-Qaida competes with USA, stop being monsters, thanks.
      you are 100x times the H!tlers.

    1. @jon pork how so? It’s a Russian spaceship that will return to Russia with the American aboard. We weren’t going to go get him.

    1. You ever watch lock down in Russia? 10 years would feel like 75 years the way your treated by the guards. On top of that your American… Hell is a state of mind and there in there in the worst of the worst circumstances.

  4. Wait so she went to a country knowing that the two things she likes are illegal in that country. Just shows you what we American are willing to do for money.

    1. Did it occur to you that since the WNBA tests their players from.druggs that she did not obtain drugs on her own?
      Let’s ask Navalny and see if he thinks Putin’s singled the black gay chick out and planted drugs on her so people would assume she is guilty and never accuse the dictator who just invaded Ukraine of framing her.

    1. Ask Navalny is he thinks the hemp oil was planted on her or she was framed.
      The WNBA test their players for drugs including pot.

  5. News in Russia is being restricted from all public social media platforms in America, so why would they respond to the news media here?

    1. @Sophia Summers not really. They aren’t oblivious or ignorant of the media in their own country–to the contrary–they monitor it at least closely enough to pretty quickly target whatever media they don’t like there to take it down. And they absolutely will use any pretense they can come up with to their advantage, they’ll be looking

  6. Reeds (along with his associate) been there since 2019. They been accused of being in a (bar seemingly) fight but don’t remember any fight and had no injuries. They were sentenced to 10 years I believe. Those 3 are gonna be there for quite some time

  7. I don’t visit dictatorships anymore but I had problems in the Soviet Union but they were reasonable and let me go home. Today’s Russia is unpredictable.

  8. That puts a permanent ban on Russia from participating in the Olympics. Maybe not today, but watch. You use an athlete as a hostage, you abdicate your position in the world of sports.

  9. Wouldn’t surprise me if Russia made a deal with America – stay out of the war and they can have their citizens back.

  10. Respect other country’s law guys because it’s on your own. Countries a like China, Russia, North Korea has stricter law than here in U.S.

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