Growing Number Of Children Hospitalized With Coronavirus 1

Growing Number Of Children Hospitalized With Coronavirus


A growing number of younger Americans are being hospitalized due to the coronavirus. NBC News' Morgan Chesky reports.

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Growing Number Of Children Hospitalized With Coronavirus


    1. Democrats are slaughtering their children at an alarming rate. Over 900 a day. Mostly African American.

    2. @MyndGod AndPsyche a lesbian who is pro trump and anti LGBTQ.
      No wonder none of us want that L there. Useless woman.

    3. @Omicron-Omicron-Alpha-Yellow-Daystar-2-7-Enable look at the facist who wont let people have their own beliefs and wants to cancel them. Well said you facist marxist.

    4. Not really. We need all the help we can get to stop stupid. Just wait until school starts. Shts about to get real for mommy and daddy.

  1. This is just sad. Our children will be Kings and Queens of the Ashes after our generation kills the planet.

    1. Most of the world’s population doesn’t care about the planet. I just keep doing my part but I feel the end is inevitable.

  2. I’m truly glad this young women is okay but shame on the parents for listening to the idiots on Fox&Facebook and not listening to medical professionals about the vaccine…

    1. Sadly, they will continue to follow the other conspiracies out there, not related to the virus. The only way these people ever learn is when the lies they accept, and often perpetrate themselves, ends up harming them.

  3. The same thing happening to people’s kids they’ve seen happen to other people’s kids this entire past year, but now that it’s their OWN kid, now you want the vaccine smh. If they would have used common sense at first wouldn’t be in this position smh. And the kids suffer because of the parents ignorance smh

    1. It confirms again that those who refuse to get vaccinated and wear a mask are selfish. They will see others suffer and don’t give a wit about those people, and will only act when the virus personally affects them.

  4. Why? How dare these parents ” we didn’t think ” . NO you didn’t.
    I’m sick of those with kids inflicting them on the rest of us.

    1. I lived in America several years ago, and I would like to point out your country has a serious mental health crisis on its hands. Because a person seems to be functioning nominally, it doesn’t mean they’re completely rational.

    2. @Dean Jones I live in America. Every time I have anxiety/panic issues and think I’m going crazy I look at everyone around me and feel slightly better about my mental well-being.

  5. While I am happy to see that the father changed his mind, what does it say about the impact of misinformation in this country that his own child had to be hospitalized before he changed his mind????

    1. @Winston Smith Yes Winston you bring many valid points as always! I as a retired RN (candy striper when I was 12 yo) want all Americans to be safe and healthy. Maybe I am biased to that view point as I did take a Hippocratic oath? Take care & I’ll see you at Thoms 😉

    2. @Winston Smith and if people arent scared of influenza, then why do we get vaccines yearly
      Covid and the two delta variants are.more contagious with more detriment to the system, it attacks many different systems, and has long term effects in many and now children and younger people are being infected. Similarly as what happened in 1918,

    3. To this day, hydroxychloroquine is being hailed as effective and that “Trump was right” by the NEW Republicans. Most recently, the MAGA right have been citing OVER AND OVER again the article “Study shows hydroxychloroquine and zinc treatments increased coronavirus survival rate by almost three times” as reliable news. THIS IS JUST WRONG. Take a closer look at the original cited source information.

    4. @Stefan Jakubowski I don’t really care what Trump said because everything out of his mouth is a lie. You’re treating me like a Trump supporter and I’m a left leaning independent. Secondly, influenza vaccines are all based on creating antigens to different H and N proteins. It’s a guessing game as to which variations will show up. Coronavirus is different. Not being an expert in this, I think that coronavirus would be weaponized over influenza. A whole new type of vaccine (mRNA) was needed to combat covid. “independent researchers saw no evidence of creation…” No, the jury is still out. That’s a talking point. Plenty of researchers haven’t ruled that out. Dr F hasn’t ruled that out and so it’s YOU who’s engaging in misinformation here. We won’t know about spike proteins until autopsies of vaccinated lungs come in. Until that happens, it’s just a bunch of people screaming their uninformed OPINIONS at each other. How would you feel if it turns out that spike proteins damaged lungs and you were shouting down people who asked questions? Would you even care?

    5. @L D Okay, apparently YT erased my comment. Hopefully I won’t get suspended again because this is getting ridiculous. So you can’t really argue that censorship isn’t a thing! The point I was making about ‘do no harm’ is that with an experimental vaccine, you don’t know if you’re doing harm or not. It’s so unethical to trick people even if it’s for their own good. For a while, the media admitted that they didn’t report side effects because it might lead to vaccine hesitancy. There’s a price to pay for dishonesty and manipulation- the antivaxxxers. Lying to people has consequences

  6. I saw this comment awhile ago.
    “We should retire the phrase avoid it like the plague, given how so many people aren’t trying to avoid an actual plague.”

  7. The people who claim to care so much about children are the ones who end up doing them the most harm. Right-wing hypocrisy strikes yet again !!

    1. @David Eby yeah you are the type who would let a starving child to pass…typical dumb republican

    2. Seeing my daughter almost die made me stop saying it’s all a h . O @x and being an anti person for vaccines. It’s only real when it happens to me. That’s the mindset of these covidiots.

    1. “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all vaccinated men are created equal” is not what the Constitution says.

    2. If you’re scared just cower in your house. I’m not interested in experimental drugs made by the repeat-criminals in Big Pharma.

    3. @robotron17 last year when they were searching for a vaccine fauci said it’d take 5 to 6 years to develop a SAFE vaccine uh huh well they just rushed any old crap outta the blue and it is not safe

  8. Drinking and Driving is a personal choice and has no effect on others.
    This is your logic behind not wearing a mask.

    1. @cat videos Being on oxygen, undergoing intubation and receiving CPR are not natural states, either. Do you want to opt out on those? Prep your DNR. Your free and independent choice would ensure that we make no artificial attempt to save your life.

    2. @Heather Castro It’s comical when people revert to the “call me when you’re on a vent” argument. Meanwhile, as a healthy young adult, my odds of serious illness from COVID are negligible. Granted, they’re not zero. But everything in life has risk. Even vaccines.

    3. @cat videos so is getting hit by lightning but I don’t run outside to wave at said lightning but to be young and invincible thought so many before they were even thirty good luck

  9. We can see now how wrong the parents are on the vaccine question. The children are the adults in the southern and rural northern families.

    1. @TY2 S. Not sure about it, since they changed their mind.
      A typical trumpist would never. Good to see they’re reasonable and recognized their mistake.

    2. Seeing my daughter almost die made me stop saying it’s all a h . O @x and being an anti person for vaccines. It’s only real when it happens to me. That’s the mindset of these covidiots.

  10. I cannot believe that one has to put their child or themselves at risk in order to convince themselves to take a vaccine thats hight of stupidity . Sad

    1. It is not the risk of their children it is the risk to mine and everyone else who have done everything to protect our loved ones. They had no regard for anyone until it touched them.

    2. @Barbara McMinn I agree with you, people like you and me are protecting our children but they are not, that makes no sense to me. Just sad.

    1. @Stefan Jakubowski But overpopulation is also a problem for everybody. Why don’t you sacrifice your body for the greater good? What’s the difference?

  11. OMG. Please protect your children from the virus. If they aren’t old enough to get the vaccine. Then make sure everyone around them is vaccinated. Don’t take a chance with their lives.

  12. “I though about using a seatbeat on my child, but I’ve heard on FB that it’s a conspiracy against windshields.” Smh

    1. People died of the flu before covid. Even children. Have fun in your dystopia and Xi you love him.

  13. “Seeing what she went through changed my mind.” -Well gee, maybe we should show people on national television what all these people are going through, then. Maybe……..ON THE NEWS!?!?!?

  14. The parents before their kid got sick was probably one of those people who thinks everything always happens to other people but never him or his family. Maybe next door but never them.

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