‘Grown-Ass Men And Women’: 106 GOP Reps. Back Push To Steal Biden Win | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

'Grown-Ass Men And Women': 106 GOP Reps. Back Push To Steal Biden Win | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


  1. “Givе me ten years, and you will not recognize Germany anymore!”
    ― Adolf Schicklgruber @ last election slogan, 1933

    1. @Awesome Beard Ok so YOU copy paste the same tripe, and it becomes “true” ?
      As your Impeached Orange Loser has said,
      ” I like em stupid…”.

    2. @Awesome Beard You don’t get to call it cheating because you don’t like the result. You don’t get to accuse without any evidence. Either EVERYONE in the judicial system is in on this fraud or the claim itself is a fraud. Don’t be blind to your own bias. You wouldn’t want to be arrested for a crime without any proof and then be told to prove yourself innocent. That’s not how the world works.

    1. @sivione Trump supporters win either way.
      Either the voter fraud is acknowledged or Biden dies before his first term ends.

    1. That sounds rather arrogant. Could it be that you are projecting your denialism of the election results? The “truth” is that trump lost the election by over seven million votes; that fifty five attempts by the republicans to challenge the election results based on false accusations have been rejected by the courts, including the SCOTUS. It doesn’t take much truth digging to figure that out…unless maybe it doesn’t tickle your ears.

    2. @James Hall so you watched the senate hearings and the witnesses? Oh yeah… the media didn’t want anyone to see the truth. You can still find it online. Listen to fellow Americans come forward with what really happened during the election. It’s quite telling. Educate yourself. Don’t expect the news media to do it. They lie.

    3. @amazingrace1958 We’ve seen the cast of characters that call themselves witnesses. We’ve watched as all the lawyers show up in court without a shred of evidence. We’ve read the one sentence, unanimous decision by the SCOTUS “…DENIED”. And now we watch as an indicted, crooked Texas Attorney General heads a lawsuit that will, like the others, fall flat on it’s face. Perhaps it’s you that needs to get educated. Maybe you just need to stop drinking the Kool-aid.

    1. @Dramatized No, but what a cute, insightful attempt at a comeback. Does your Mommy usually do your trolling for you? Try harder.

    1. @jim harmon …and we got more!!!!!
      The White House
      The House
      …and soon the Senate

      ….and trump get 10-20 years in jail!!!!!

    1. @Nixoninator 2000 Well it is Trump and his supporters who want a one leader unopposed president who ignores the election results and promotes a coup against democracy. You should live in Russia , North Korea or China – they have the same political approach as Trump and his supporters.

    2. @Danny Vine….. Funny….You said “Election Results” …Sorry that’s Incorrect its pronounced …..”Election Fraud”……

    3. @ohger427 How? By Biden getting more votes than Trump? No evidence whatsoever of fraud except in fervent and delusional minds! But congratulations you Trump supporters are one election away from ending democracy in the USA and getting the dictatorship you want – just like Russia, North Korea and China – Trump has never cared for you, all he wanted was power to do what he wanted and not within Republican beliefs.

  2. Remember the American people voice is more powerful than the people in the office cuz they failed us and it’s not going to go that way

    1. @Richard Barber over 14 appeals were won. Sure over 70 or more lost. But all it takes is one to prove fraud. Like I said, 14 and counting.

    2. @Majin Porterhaus. if there was trump would blast it all over twitter.
      Unless you have it or can explain why judges appointed by trump himself are saying no evidence then your just lying

    3. @Ricky C I certainly haven’t heard of any ’14’ appeals being won. And at this point, it’s not just a matter of proving some small number of frauds happened 9they always do.) It’s showing that there was enough fraud to account for EVERY vote for Biden, which is ridiculous. That’s what’s being asked for , WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE, and exactly why this will be thrown out by every court.

    1. @Davis Barr Your a fool, Trump and the republicans who follow him are traitors and need a to fall from a tree with a short rope around their necks.
      have a nice day

    1. I saw we just split the country at this point. The right goes one way and the left goes the other way. All of this is just out of hand at this point I mean the right and left have zero common ground these days.

    2. Agrre. They are destroying our country in doing this. trump doesn’t care. We know this. But when the elected representatives are getting on board with destroying America, THEY NEED TO BE DEALT WITH!!!! HARSHLY!!!!! TRUMP FIRST!!!!!

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