Guam Ready To Help Process Afghan Interpreter Evacuees: Governor Guerrero 1

Guam Ready To Help Process Afghan Interpreter Evacuees: Governor Guerrero


Governor Lou Leon Guerrero of Guam talks with Rachel Maddow about the history of Guam as a gateway for the United States to process allies who helped in overseas operations and have been promised protection from persecution, and Guam's readiness to receive evacuees from Afghanistan as the U.S. withdraws and makes good on promises to protect interpreters. 

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    1. The problem is that if most of the immigrants coming these days were actually tired and poor I wouldn’t mind much, but the truth is that most immigrants these days come from Mexico and Asian countries and they are not tired or poor at all

    2. Send us producers and professionals- not more dependents; the dems have manufactured enough of them.

  1. When humans help each other, you don’t spit in their faces, you find a way to give back in gratitude. That is how it’s done.

  2. Well the republicans will sure hate the idea of this..if they’re not from somewhere like Norway

    1. @N W Why would someone with good housing and jobs and health care and education, etc., want to leave Norway and come to the US???

    2. The past few years immigration has been a total joke, most people come from Mexico and India and they are just coming for fun, not because those are terrible places to live

    3. @N W – Did you know that if the Muslim ban was in effect in the 1950’s, Steve Jobs would not have been born in this country and Apple probably would not exist?

  3. She’s so nice I would be happy to.go.i have never been to Guam but I have had the pleasure of meeting several places for that great Island state.

    1. Careful, they can be dangerous! Remember how they terrorized Marjorie Greene with a plate of cookies? DANGEROUS! 🤪

    2. @Shawn Hartmann I’d forgotten about those poisonous cookies. Fortunately Marjorie survived, to warn us of brown shirt Keebler elves for another day.

    3. @AM David I was lucky enough to be able to spend 6 months on Guam while working on various construction projects, had a great time.

  4. Thank God. We’re only 5% of the world population – we need all the love,respect and friends we can get. Too often it’s seemed the Afghans and the Kurds are better allies than we deserve. Welcome to our new Afghan-Americans! I hope your strength of character rubs off on the rest of us. We’ll need it to deal with the American Taliban.

    1. @Way e Dombroski – Hope thats a fictional name bc its really bad. If u can’t tell the difference between the Afghan government side, who have been risking their lives to work w/the US for the past 20yrs, and the Taliban, then u need to educate urself. Our strength of character won’t rub off on u, ur made of different material If u have a problem w/the Afghan ppl who helped our troops moving here, u can always emigrate to a country of ur choosing. If ur really in the US and u plan to stay, then get over ur xenophobia. It’s stupid, a waste of time, and we need immigrants. In case I haven’t notice, we need immigrants. We aren’t reproducing enough to replace the generation in the workplace as older ppl retire or die, that’s in part due to more ppl going to college, putting starting a family off until one has finished school, gotten their career started, have met the right person, have paid down some of their college education, been able to save up and bought their 1st home, which isn’t until many college educated couples r older bc many can’t buy homes right away bc of student loan debt, average wages for M class have been stagnant and average wages for L class have declined since 1980 so that we could give nearly all that $ and power that used to go the M&L class ppl to the wealthy and corporations bc we’ve had republicans control most states, the house, senate, and WH most of the time since 1980 so that the M&L classes could give the wealthy and corporations more socialism for the rich/corporations and defund government bc the rich had gotten sick of the low income and wealth inequality we had in the US in the 50’s & 60’s. The wealthy didn’t like that distribution of the nation’s income, of which the M&L classes, who produce almost all of the nation’s gdp each year bc many wealthy ppl don’t work or don’t work 8hrs/day 40hrs/week, so, a republican Supreme Court justices sent a blueprint on how corporate America could take control of the government to the Chamber of Commerce in 1971 titled The Lewis Powell Memo: A Corporate Blueprint to Dominate Democracy. We’ve also had a republican majority Supreme Court, as well as a Republican majority federal judiciary, for at least the past 150yrs. The Republican Party works for the wealthy and corporations more than Dems. Our entire election system is designed w/a thumb on the scale for the GOP, the wealthy, and corporations allowing them to win more seats w/fewer votes (gerrymandering districts mostly by Republican legislature, which is politicians choosing their voters), a senate voting system in which we give small, low populated states the same # of seats as the large, highly populated states, therefore the senate usually leans right and gives ppl in smaller, less populated states more influence and power, their votes r given greater weight than voters in other states, the presidency on the vote isn’t elected democratically, and we use an electoral college for the presidency to again give some votes greater weight than others allowing the minority population vote to win the presidency w/out earning the votes bc supposedly, the founding fathers, who restricted the right to vote to mostly just the wealthy, white, landowners, felt we needed the elites to vote for us vs a true democratic election system. Republicans don’t want to offer the M&L classes any policies/solutions to the many problems we face bc the system is working out great for the wealthy and corporations and they don’t want to fix any of the immigration problems bc making it a mess, or keeping it that way, where many L income asylum seekers have to resort to crossing the border illegally and we can get the video on it for the far-right, propaganda TV channels bc even though ppl over staying their Visa’s is a bigger problem, they can’t get video of that. They won’t offer any solutions that would solve or improve these issues as long as they do nothing but tax cuts and pack the courts, while allowing the Supreme Court to make all the unpopular laws the GOP wants law, like weakening labor unions, legalizing corruption in Citizen United, banning abortions then all non-natural contraception, gutting the voter rights act, denying many red states Medicaid expansion, and many other decisions that hurt the M&L classes bc they can’t do them in congress and still get elected. Couples r also putting off starting a family and/or having a smaller family bc since most all the new growth is going to the wealthy and corporations since 1980 but the prices for pre-k, college, for some k-12, healthcare, home prices, etc have risen much faster than M&L class wages, ppl just can’t afford kids. The longer women put off childbirth, the higher the chance they will have infertility problems. When couples can’t have their own kids, many adopt overseas bc in the US the birth parent has 2yrs to decide if she wants to take her child back. In addition, bc we have shifted almost all new growth to the upper class and corporations and we’ve chosen to defund the government instead of investing in long-term growth w/high returns on investment, like education, healthcare, infrastructure, scientific and technological research etc, like we did under Dem control 1933-1979, the only way our economy can grow is by adding new immigrants, the Baby Boomers r retiring and we need more adults in the workplace bc the Boomer generation is still so large and we lose so many Americans to gun violence, premature death due to lack of healthcare, drugs/alcohol abuse, etc, China’s economy is catching up to us, again, bc we have chosen to defund the government since 1980 by electing republicans most of the time and allowing republicans to pack the courts while blocking Dems when they have been in the WH and while Xi has been investing in his country, and China is much larger than the US. The larger ur economy and the larger ur population, the more power that country has. Many American corporations sell more of their product to China than to Americans bc they’ve drained the M&L classes in the US and our purchasing power if down. We saw very much the same outcomes the last time republicans dominated the government which was 1880-1932. That period ended w/the Great Depression bc the wealthy and corporations drained too much from the M&L classes until the economy collapsed. Xi and Putin plan to rule the world, essentially, make the US more like Russia’s small economy, so that China can take our place, w/Russia shortly behind, and the US in the gutter, bc Russia and China don’t wish us well. The far-right politicians, far-right media, and other far-right political professions r Russian and Chinese assets. If u do the research, u’ll see they r pushing the same disinformation, propaganda, and fake conspiracy theories, they use China as their foil, a demagogue always needs a scapegoat, but never speak ill of Russia even though Russia is doing the most disinformation, hacking, shutting down essential services, has been involved w/far-right hate groups, anti-government groups, and fake conspiracy theory groups, has been encouraging the far-right to engage in violence, commit mass shootings, was involved in Jan. 6th, conned ppl out of following Covid restrictions, to protest Covid lockdowns, and conning ppl not to get the vaccine bc the more infection we have, the more deaths, the more unemployment, the longer and deeper our recession is works great for autocracies, it divides the country which weakens the US, increases the hardship for much of the M&L classes, and other wealthy democracies. We r in another WWII, when income and wealth inequality were similarly as high as today, when autocracies attacked democracies trying to bring down democracies, take control of them, take control of the world, and increase autocracy powers only bc we r nuclear powers now, they r avoiding a physical attack on the US and our allies for now anyway. Around 1920, Mussolini took control of Italy, around 1930, Germany was fooled by a demagogue named Hitler. Both r far-right fascist autocrats. American voters elected FDR, a far-left progressive dem, and a dem congress. Compare the economic statistics and quality of life, especially for the M&L classes. Populism on the right is fake populism. He must always have a group to scapegoat, once he gets rid of this group, then he creates another group to target, he’ll continue to do that until there’s no one but his inner circle left, M&L classes, especially, lose their rights and freedoms, the autocrat no longer needs the voters once he has secured his position long-term. A demagogue tricks M&L class voters into believing he’s going to improve their lives but that never happens under an autocrat bc the policies make the autocrat and rich wealthier at the expense of M&L class ppl.

  5. 20 yrs + countless deaths + 100s of BILLION$ = waste & MISSION FAILURE but @ least our country is keeping it’s word to our Afghan assistants – thank God!

    1. Hyperbole or ignorance. 1,800 to 1,900 US deaths since 2001. 2 I think in the last year. 241,000 total deaths in the region. 71,000 civilian deaths.

  6. I tried to warn you last night, but couldn’t find the Video … while rare, sometimes our military involvements around the World, do have some altruistic benefit (FOR THE BASIC MASSES), but that has never been the MAIN purpose(s) of such. And is usually more a rarity, than NOT! But hey, if these Afghans were PROMISED a safe haven out, then they BETTER GIVE IT TO THEM!

  7. All the great war movies America make, make America seem like they’re good at war.
    But really they’re just good at movies! H.Franklin.
    In real life China has NEVER bombed a Muslim country while the murderous US has bombed 14 Muslim countries:
    Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Tunisia and Yemen.

  8. Gov. Guerrero is a lovely, lovely person whose thoughtful letter then words in real time shows what I had been told about the people of Guam from someone who was there as a civil engineer working on bridges years ago. She, along with President Biden, are showing the decent side of our country once again. Helps make us proud to be the Americans we know how to be.

  9. Continue to be kind has the divine blessing coming to Guam. May divine Angels bless every citizen in Guam.

  10. This woman’s empathy & kindness are rare traits among the Governors in our country. Let her example shine & rub off on the other state Governors (Noam of South Dakota, Abbott of Texas just to name a few). Giving a safe haven to the Afghan translators is not a favor, it’s our responsibility. Rachel never fails to give us the stories that matter! Love her!

  11. I trust that the families of interpreters are safely and quickly brought to safe haven, then US if they wish. They were brave to assist the US and deserve to be alloted consideration now that US is leaving region

  12. unfortunately, the working duration is 24 months for SIV Program, those who worked 23 months are not eligible.

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