Guest challenges Fox News host to tell viewers Trump lost 1

Guest challenges Fox News host to tell viewers Trump lost

Democratic Texas state Rep. James Talarico, who left the state in an effort to block Republicans from passing a restrictive voting law, challenged Fox News host Pete Hegseth to tell his viewers that former President Donald Trump lost the 2020 election.

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    1. @Nathaniel Erskine he didn’t have to be popular. half the people voted for him did so for no other reason than he wasn’t Trump. that’s all it took. that many people hated your champion. a vote for Biden was less a vote for Biden and more a vote against Trump and dictatorship.

    2. @once upon a dime If you voted for a senile, babbling creep of a puppet, to prevent a Pro 2a, America First President from turning the USA into a dictatorship, why dont you ask yourself, “Who is in control now?” Joe Biden is nothing but a Trojan Horse and you know that.

    1. No, I think you are wrong. The person being interviewed does not ask the interviewer questions. Otherwise the segment is about the presenter, and their views which detracts from the subject focus. Opinion is reserved for when presenters give their detailed analysis of the news during their own segment. Regarding the ID issues, look at another black person’s views:

    1. @Ker And… How long have you supported the forcing of 12 year old assault victims being held down, while doctors force them to give birth to their rapists child? And do you volunteer to hold them down yourself or do you prefer to let somebody else do the Dirty Work? I mean… since you brought up moral High ground and all…

    2. @CNN MSDNC- COMMIE JOE- ALL FAKE as he parrots backspin from right-wing media. Tell me? Is Voter ID the only thing in the Bill?

  1. Mitch has no room to act appalled by a president that he suggests is creating division until he at least acknowledges the division and damage he defended and assisted in from 2016 on.

    1. Yes it did.
      Why, was a news anchor, unable to truthfully answer an easy question like this? It’s been several months. Why, would he be unable to brush off that simple question and take control of the discussion. He’d have have shot him up with a “Yes”. Literally shot his whole platform down. But couldn’t. Why? Because Fox cannot do so. That should bother Fox viewers. That was his point. That they’re projecting the very things they are doing into others. If that point didn’t get across to you, then something is seriously off.

    2. I don’t think anyone has the power to change this man’s mind. It’s not like it’s a private conversation where he would even consider being honest. He has pride, ego and Trump loyalty to protect and not “bow down”. Did you really expect a U turn? Come on..

    3. @Ariogana It’s more complex than Trump loyalty. There’s a huge platform behind Fox and the agenda has been in motion since before the war in Iraq. I could see it unfold while I deployed. All news tv boxes (like in the dining facility) were focused on that network. They are all puppetting by a single master that’s irrelevant to the Presidency. Considering how long some Republicans have been in Washington, they’ve long established power even the President can’t touch.

    4. Not ineffective. If this were 1940, do you really think a politician would be able to sway The Joseph Goebbels? They know the stuff they’re pushing is B.S. and if they don’t, well, they’re probably just a mentally weak as their audience.

    1. @frank bonini McGrath was Republican Lite. And that’s why she lost. Yes we need to get rid of McConnell, but we don’t need any more corporate Democrats, we need progressives. Give voters policies worth turning out for.

  2. Trump says he never threatened a coup and that “if I was going to do a coup, one of the last people I would want to do it with is General Mark Milley,” in not the most persuasive rebuttal of a report that Milley feared Trump would attempt a coup.

  3. All they have to do when they get arrested is make the request to go before a federal Magistrate.
    And they have have 24 hours to bring you before the federal Magistrate who will toss it out.
    If if they fail to bring you before a federal magistrate within 24 hours all charges are tossed….

  4. Please tell me how the new voting laws in Texas are “discriminatory or wrong” I’ll wait

    1. Those laws make it harder to vote. Plain and simple. When you really want to know how they make it harder to vote go ahead and read about it for yourself. I won’t waste my time and tell you when you most likely don’t want to know. What you really want is to bash the liberals.

    2. @Pierre Faust you couldn’t explain it if you tried because it does not make it harder to vote. It makes fraud more difficult which is why the scumbag Democrats are feigning outrage.

    3. No kidding. They can’t. And as far as this snowflake goes who says you don’t need ID to vote. Millions of illegals are flooding over the southern border. Most of them don’t speak English but will end up getting ID. Don’t you think if they can get ID and English speaking US citizen can get ID? The only reason someone would support no ID for voting is to fraud the election process.

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