Gun advocate: Trudeau's gun legislation is a 'total disappointment' 1

Gun advocate: Trudeau’s gun legislation is a ‘total disappointment’


Rod Giltaca, from the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights, says the government's new firearms legislation won't be effective.

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  1. Anyone remember the video of him sitting in some cafe saying we’re not going to take your guns? I sure do and boy did it not age well.

    1. @Cole S Nice try buddy! Actually it hasn’t been effective in New Zealand… Crime went up!
      Check Iceland in comparison.

    2. @D. FLAHERTY don’t need to, get caught with it, you won’t be getting any money for it, it’ll just be taken and you’ll also catch a charge.

      Hahaha nobody cares if you don’t give it, it’ll be a brick cause where u gonna shoot it, oh wait nowhere legal.

    3. @Greyman137 false, have already seen the stats compared to what they’ve used to been it works and u can just keep on crying

  2. The largest mass shooting in Canada committed by someone working for or connected to the RCMP.

    The RCMP ignored several citizen complaints about illegal firearms and threats made.

    How’s that public inquiry going Justin? What’s more important; what lawful firearms owners are doing with their legally purchased (and taxed) firearms or the pertinent details on the abhorrent failures in a Federally administered police force?

  3. So I am in organized crime and now can hand in guns for $ and then go out and replenish my inventory of weapons…

  4. If we banned the gun models that have military contracts and allowed smaller canadian gun builders to produce variants of them for the gun community we could keep more money in Canada

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