Gun Attack in Trelawny, 2 Yr. Old Killed | Immigration Officers Protest | TVJ Midday News

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  1. Lord god omg‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  2. What a sad situation that poor little boy why shot up that car think about the life of others you just dont care at all shame on us and every time you speak we are getting the guns where are these guns coming from and who responsible guns cant walk protect our children come on man pay more attention to our beloved sis & bro and our children God love us so Amazing Grace

  3. We need more peace in jamaica, the youths need to get involve in the church and build a relationship with god, we also need to stop the scamming, and more community policing.

    1. Yes, true, the government need to put recreational programs in place for the youths, where are the community centre’s, the police youth clubs, put things in place to engage the youths to showcase their talents and their worth, building of more prisons to encourage more crimes, the justice system needs a serious overall as well

    2. @Loveislove So what is your solution when they have no responsible father at home, and no one to teach them right and wrong?

    3. With all a that said they still need some engagement program as well ,when church not keeping what keep them occupied. So plus Jobs

    1. Not even,worst than , just because it’s a small island/country , an America is extremely big. With that said , check the crime an murder rate in Jamaica for a small island comparing to America on A whole crime rate, an tell me which is worst

    2. Jamaica is Jamaica do not mention America we need to stop our violence ‘ out of many all Jamaican people ‘. we have no tribe let’s protect Land we love

  4. These r the kind of people the justice system sympathizes with n let go on the Jamaican 2 run riot.

    1. The justice system should not be sympathetic to criminals. The job of the Justice System is to apply the laws/give the penalty for offenses!

  5. The gov in this package does not take into consideration for experience into consideration so the teacher and student on the same band and point. They dash out seniority

  6. To clean up mess is hard but to make a mess is easy, pray for the guidance of the almighty God mr Holness to carry you and your government through, keep up the good work.

  7. Question who is the government of Jamaica is it the PNP or the JLP everything it is the PNP mashup Jamaica so if the JLP is sooooo innocent why are all these crime going on their so far i know for sure their it is two big business that making the big bucks the under taker and the grave digger argument done

    1. That’s the same question ask who is in control of government JLP or PNP.This government don’t care but my grandma always says when you neighbor house on fire wet down yours. If this continues one day it’s going to be a MP. All this senseless killing every day.We need to take back your country.

  8. How can some one killed a innocent bady. Buju banton sing how can you take the life of another?your inside muss be hallow. 😢😥. Rest in peace bady boy.

  9. The amount of money the primenister talked about there should be no problem for these people to get their money

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