Gun control becomes wedge issue in second half of election 1

Gun control becomes wedge issue in second half of election


Liberal candidate Pam Damoff, Conservative candidate Eric Duncan and NDP candidate Rachel Blaney discuss gun control in Canada.

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  1. The problem of guns is one of smuggling.
    If they were serious, they would put in mandatory sentencing for those convicted of bringing in guns.
    Anything else is a band-aid solution that does not address the illegal ones being brought here.
    If you are against mandatory sentences, then what is to stop the free flow of weapons and no consequences?
    Sure, we slap their wrists, and I am sure it stings a bit, but nothing we do will stop the guns until we take smuggling seriously.

  2. So remove guns from law abiding citizens that have backyards filled with grizzly’s & moose? Why not do something about the gangs in the cities 1st?

  3. The fools missed so many guns on the banned list that anyone who wants a semiautomatic assault style rifle went and bought one after the ban took effect. The best part is that none of the rifles missed on the ban are restricted so you can buy them without the government knowing you have them.

  4. I believe Erin ! Not Justin ! He has already proven that he has lied repeatedly , Justin needs to go that’s it that’s all !

  5. Gun control? Really? We are lacking affordable homes and an ever growing debt. Guns are the least of our concerns.

  6. Gun control that’s easy. Go after criminals legal gun owners are checked every morning in an rcmp data base against violent crimes the night before. They have true stats

  7. Why is gun control a top issue in this election? We have way bigger problems to deal with then to go after legal gun owners. Just a channel changer for the liberals, there go to move. I hope Canadians don’t fall for it

  8. The conservatives are going to get a third party to look into the guns and he has said the government would set up a task force to go after the criminals . Sitting here listening to Pam dam off who doesn’t have a clue what she is talking about makes me sick keep the politics out of this !!!

  9. trudeau actually band air soft air guns that wouldn’t actually hurt a squirrel, the law that was written was flawed badly

  10. We should restrict gun access to the prime minister’s body guards and equip them with teddy bears and rainbows then ask the pm how safe he feels.

  11. “Buy back” = “confiscate” because if it refuse, I will be arrested for standing up to property rights. It was bought legally.
    How about “buy back” for your house at 10% price because its loaded with Asbestos that the goverment said was ok at the time. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. No,it’s all about politics!
    They aren’t interested in fixing the problem!
    It’s 100% about politics,end of story!
    Give Canadians the stats and facts!

  13. Used to be against gun ownership, but over the years I support it. Because it won’t stop criminals from having guns and only harms law abiding citizens. But it seems criminals get more protection than the victims.

  14. Bill C71 and C21 targets licensed gun owners. Days later introduces bill C22 lowering the minimum sentence for gun offenses Can someone please make it make sense. Doesn’t seem like public safety is this government’s best interest

  15. They keep repeating “Assault Style” what tha hell is that? Is a term liberals invented. There is no such thing

  16. Actual assault weapons have been banned for decades. The order in council is just to restrict scary looking weapons. The smuggling of illegal weapons is the real issue.

  17. Liberal: “We have real problems – gangs, mental health, domestic abuse. So we take a stand against guns”. Brain so smooth it shines.

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