Gun Safety Org. Founder On Why He Duped Pro-Gun Leaders Into Speech 1

Gun Safety Org. Founder On Why He Duped Pro-Gun Leaders Into Speech


Manuel Oliver, co-founder of Change the Ref and father of Juaquin Oliver, who was killed in a mass shooting at his school in Parkland, Florida, talks with Rachel Maddow about how gun safety advocates are taking control of the issue of gun safety outside of the constant cycle of news of mass shootings and gun violence. 
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  1. Appears you can’t criticise the NRA and it’s funding without getting your post deleted.

    1. Sometimes youtube has an aversion to links, so if there was a link embedded in your vanished post, that may have been the issue.

    1. Any Convicted Felon that is in possession of a fire arm ( Which is a Felony ) will serve 4 years in Prison without parole, straight 4 years. Problem is in the democrat controlled cities Felons who get caught with firearms usually get their fire arm possession thrown out and then are back on the street again with another firearm… Liberal DEMOCRATS are the Problem.

    2. @Dach That’s…an ignorant & uneducated statement 💯.

      In, every state their is a federal law that mandates a two strike felon does time! And they do! Alot… that’s why the jail’s and prison population is enormously crowded!
      Regardless of party!!!

  2. People like this man give us all hope; their actions pave the way for life rather than against it as is with guns.

    1. Any Convicted Felon that is in possession of a fire arm ( Which is a Felony ) will serve 4 years in Prison without parole, straight 4 years. Problem is in the democrat controlled cities Felons who get caught with firearms usually get their fire arm possession thrown out and then are back on the street again with another firearm… Liberal DEMOCRATS are the Problem.

  3. More Americans have died from guns in the US since 1968 than from all US wars combined.

    1. @BlondeGirlSez This is that all you got? Are you not intelligent enough to defend your opinion? Is insulting a random stranger on the internet the only thing you’re capable of? Are you to vapid to form a coherent rebuttal? Obviously, because all you’ve done is insult every comment that disagrees with you. Thats pretty pathetic sweetheart.

    2. @Kathleen Pogue do you need to speak to the manager, fake youtube person defending guns?

    3. @BlondeGirlSez This Yup, look at that.More random assertions about a stranger on the internet. Who would have figured you’re not capable of defending your opinion. Come on, are insults really the only thing you have? Do you have any substance to your thoughts?

  4. According to the GOP and the NRA, right after a mass shooting is never the right time to discuss gun control, so this must be the moment. But hurry, because it won’t last.

    1. @ihatecrackhead Countries change all the time, they have a right to argue, lobby, donate and vote in support of a cause if they choose. No doubt people could say the same to you, recommending you leave the country over some other issue. It’s not a particularly mature response.

    2. Notice no school shootings since schools were closed
      Maybe just close the schools
      Allow unregulated weapon purchases
      De santis would have no problem

  5. Letitia James is in the process of crushing the NRA like a beer can. That’s what treating donations like a blank check gets you, something Sailor LaPierre should have figured out. And the National Russia Association tried to file bankruptcy to hide in Texas but failed. 😆

  6. You would have thought that most responsible gun owners would prefer to know that they are the only ones with guns? That the irresponsible owners are being prevented from having guns? . . . Oh, wait. They are . . . It’s just the manufacturers who make money who are making America a shooting gallery . . . 🙄

    1. @evan doe Yes, it does. Name me one time when someone opened fire with an AR15 or equivalent at a concert outside of the states. Or how about we just lump that in with the lack of mass shootings, school shootings and gun crime in countries which have less guns.

    2. @evan doe Who NEEDS 20 or more guns?

      If you are following the second amendment you need a gun which will protect your home and maybe to take part in a militia. If you have 10 rifles and enough pistols to have 2 in every room of your home, then you are clearly urinating on the spirit of the same 2nd amendment you claim to be all for.

    3. @evan doe And how well did that work at Sandy Hook?

      Meanwhile, every other country has shown that the best way to combat gun violence is to have less guns.

    4. @evan doe Medical bills are the number one leading cause of bankruptcy in the USA. As shown recently, drug companies are raising prices every year with no additional benefits to the drug efficiency. When asked why they charged so much, they openly said ‘because we can’.

      A universal healthcare system would have been pretty useful during the pandemic too.

    1. @Eagle Eye thanks, but no thanks. This feminist social democrat anti-racist Canadian is okay.

    2. @Maki Burgess I hope you know that 2nd Amendment gun rights are also womens rights. Whats more empowering than a bunch of females with guns? Are you against women empowering themselves with firearms? Look at how many rapists and stalkers would be stopped dead in their tracks. How is that racist? Wth?

  7. The two NRA speakers at this even HAD TO BE AFFECTED by this event!

  8. This was Awesome!!!! The NRA needs to be taken out of our society for the ills they promote today.

    1. Gun Owners of America is a much better organization to join. They stand up for 2nd Amendment rights much better than The NRA.

  9. It should be pretty easy to do anything towards the NRA pretty much every gun owner outside of boomers quit supporting them a good while back. There’s a lot better gun rights organizations out there.

  10. The NRA was once a useful organization, teaching and advocating for responsible firearms safety. However, it evolved into a corrupt political tool, and needs to be dissolved.

    1. All they seem to be interested I is selling guns. Almost every week there is a mass shooting. I don’t think politicians listen to people.

  11. make the gun industry able to be sued and held accountable for gun usage and you will see change in their behaviors SUPER quick, when the tobacco industry became accountable to their own product things changed

    1. ??? Tobacco sales are still in the hundreds of billions… deaths in the millions. Lawsuits usually fail, get settled, or lose on appeal.

    2. @TJ I cited real, verifiable facts showing that neither profits or deaths essentially changed, and manufacturers are still effectively immune.
      You are tap dancing on the victims graves by trolling for a pointless dishonest argument, and I won’t waste any more time responding to that sickness.

    3. @TheBluescaster hehe lookit the high & mighty troll blustering about. here are some actual statistics “Long term, cigarette smoking rates have fallen:
      68 percent among adults, from 42.6 percent in 1965 to 13.7 percent in 2018.” – try sticking around next time and we can have a real discussion 😉 not refuting what you mentioned but I think if you really cared about those “victims graves” youd want to take a look at the full story ♥️

    4. By your logic, car manufacturers like GM should be held accountable for every drunk driving fatality and malicious use of their vehicles. Good way to put them out of business since that seems to be your intentions.

  12. Gun rights like the 2nd Amendment are womens rights too. That’s female empowerment at its finest!

    1. Then I guess it’s a good thing that no one is trying to dismantle that amendment or take away those rights!

    2. @Reiko Higurumi left wing gun control policies hurt the 2nd Amendment. We have tremendous gun control laws already.

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