Gunfire is constant: Clarissa Ward reports as Taliban take control in Kabul

The Taliban has opened fire in the streets of Kabul to disperse crowds as chaos ensues in the streets of Afghaistan. CNN's Clarissa Ward reports from the ground where a chaotic scene continues to unravel as thousands of desperate Afghans remain stranded under Taliban rule.

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  1. Things that you can’t find when needed the most
    1.Nail cutter
    2.Safety pin
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    4.united nation

    1. The Taliban are holding Press Conferences and Taking all Questions.
      That being said.
      Why ISN’T Our President Joe Biden?

    2. @Asif Asad She is a foreigner. Clearly she has diplomatic privileges. The Afghan women on the other hand has already lost liberties. Now they are living in fear.

  2. I’m really lucky to have been born in America because life could be much much worse. I appreciate everything I have

    1. @Akash Chattopadhyaya did I say it wasn’t? What I said is it’s been the center of many wars since the Roman era, BC. Has pretty much been an arm pit of the world for the last 100+ years.

    2. Your little ‘Murica will turn soon. Into a China-lite technocratic one-party system. Harris will lead the charge in that transition.

    3. I feel very fortunate that I was born in America. Unfortunately we have religious wackos in our country as well. they’re the kind of folks who put Trump in office, and are now tearing our country apart because they lost a free and fair election.

    4. @Yanski Arbuckle liberals art with self-loathing or hating white people. Being aware of problems and not sticking your head in the sand in denial doesn’t make you self-loathing. It makes you capable of being aware of what needs to be fixed so you can work on it.

  3. The guy with the green card is so calm and talks slowly and calmly on purpose, such great retoric. I hope they all make it out.

    1. @Never Wrong It is not hypocrisy since the blame on TRUMP was based on FACTS. That is something you probably know nothing about since live in conspiracy theories. I am surprised you are even watching CNN and not your FAUX news channel.

    2. @DoctorChained “This massive failure of leadership cannot be ignored. It is unconscionable that Joe Biden found it acceptable to withdraw our troops before first ensuring the safe evacuation of Americans and our allies.”
      -Florida Sen. Rick Scott told Fox News that it’s time to “ask the serious question of whether Joe Biden is fit to lead our nation as commander in chief,” while Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson said that the Afghanistan debacle is further evidence that Biden is “unfit for office.”

    3. @dkroen17 “We trained and equipped an Afghan military force of some 300,000 strong — incredibly well equipped — a force larger in size than the militaries of many of our NATO allies.” 
      -Joe Biden
      The Democrat leaning Washington Post did a fact check today-

      “Citing data from the International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS) In a 2021 report, IISS showed Afghanistan with an active force of only 178,800 — 171,500 in the army and 7,300 in the air force.”
      -Glenn Kessler /Washington Post

      Biden is LYING~

      Glenn Kessler at the Washington Post
      slapped Three Pinocchios on Biden’s assertion, stating in his analysis how Biden barely escaped the worst rating of Four Pinocchios.

      Remove the Baffoon

    4. @Raquel F. Trump had horrible policies? Let’s fact check that
      Bottom line:
      Trump – Getting rid of Obama and Biden‘s job killing & business killing regulations,

      defeating Isys,

      rebuilding the military, five new Peace deals negotiated in the Middle East Trumps final year that got zero coverage,

      renegotiating NAFTA with a new USMCA,

      new farmers trade deal with Japan,

      new phase 1 China trade deal,

      making nations pay their fair share,

      building the border wall,

      implementing free and fair trade, making us energy independent for the first time in 65 years not dependent on foreign nations oil that chant ‘death to America,’

      opportunity zones for black people,

      prison reform,

      Building a border wall negotiating a ‘stay in Mexico’ policy to keep migrants from invading America which Biden destroyed,

      I can go on and on

      The bottom line is the best president in history with ‘America first’ policies.

      Because of the demonization by the radical left & the elimination by the Democrat party, all of that is gone.

      We now have an uncontrollable crisis on the border, millions invading, massive taxation on the way, gas prices soaring after thousands of pipeline jobs destroyed and Biden’s war on gas and energy,

      we are going faster backwards than any time that I’ve ever witnessed in history.

    5. @Never Wrong By allies you mean Afghans, right? You’d accept tens of thousands of poor Muslim Afghans as refugees in this country? Serious question.

  4. I’m typically not a fan of CNN, but this is a great view into the situation and very good reporting. Thank you for being brave enough to go in there

    1. @Trevor Scott think they care about that???she is not brave..oh ok..lets see you go there then. If you have nothing nice to say maybe stay QUIET.

    2. @Raquel F. If she was really in danger she wouldn’t be there. I don’t remember seeing any CNN reporters on Jan 6 😆

  5. We need to do the right thing and get them out of Afghanistan. I don’t care I’ll sponsor a family. We should be protesting to help get them out the same way we protested for Cuba.

  6. There is a disconnect, the guy with the green card should have been allowed through, if we are not controlling any of the roads then how are we meeting our evacuation goals.

    1. Technically not the US jurisdiction anymore. No one expected the Afghan govt to fall apart so quickly.

    2. We’re sitting in our easy chairs watching parts unfold on a digital screen. I don’t think we’re in a position to micro-manage what happens on the dusty streets of Kabul.

    3. @Dave H It could be a lot worse. Taliban could shoot people willy nilly. We’re watching history unfold, Dave. It’s not as bad as what’s happening on the streets of Myanmar.

  7. Her reserve and bravery to put herself there to make sure these stories are shared……the pressing in of bodies at the end just shows how desperately important it is for journalists to document and be there. I hope she stays safe and I hope the message gets out. These people deserve our help in getting out.

    1. @John Smith True patriot… she’s covering a story of other country when we have alot more problems. Your a joke

  8. Kudos to her for standing between the Taliban people and delivering the news with gun shots in the background , that’s f**king courageous.

  9. It seems that the Taliban has given Afghanistan on lease for 20 years for development and now its handed over back to them.

  10. I believe there will be a civil war the moment they realize they lost their country and rage sets in

    1. I don’t agree. I think there will be some street demonstrations, but it won’t amount to much. In an Islamist scenario, it’s the sternest most mean-spirited old men who prevail. Whichever men show most oppression over females, ….are the men who will rise to the top of the pecking order.

    2. The Afghans WITH American support couldn’t defeat the taliban for 20 YEARS…..what makes you think a civil war is gonna instantly happen and solve the conflict of this shattered country?

  11. Damn, CNN doing some serious, straight-up reporting (vs. all hypothetical). Respect to Clarissa Ward.

    Where TF is the U.N. in all of this?

    1. Ok, but US Right Wingers say everything CNN reports is fake news, ….unless it heaps praise on Trump.

    2. UN=USA, this is just a fact. US pays majority of the money to UN, if USA decides to go in and help, you don’t need vote from UN. If UN wants to go in without USA’s approval, it is not possible.

    1. @Ryan Roberts You think we went to war to protect the rights of women and children? And you think bombing women and children somehow protected their rights?

    2. I agree. And so is Hind Hassan. She was in Gaza talking to b0mb inspectors after the latest Israel/Hamas assault.

  12. “You worked for the Americans “ “Yes “
    This was probably live but for the love of god DON’T show their faces !! That small information can be deadly.

    1. @Anum Khan Sure. But there are always rogue members and just regular civilians who will consider those who worked w/the Americans traitors and will want to hurt them.

  13. For the past week the MSM been saying Afghanistan fell like every day I’ve seen the same airport scene a hundred times but they never put this much coverage to all the weddings we bombed

  14. These stories are SO SO important for everyone to hear and Biden (a and what’s left of the Afghanistan government) to react to.
    And may I add a huge WOW to Clarisa’s reporting. Shes incredible! Give her her own show!

    1. from CNN: “Biden did not oppose the US invasion of Afghanistan. As a US senator from Delaware, he joined his Senate colleagues in a unanimous vote in support of the 2001 resolution that authorized the use of military force against “nations, organizations, or persons” President George W. Bush determined were behind the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.”

    2. Notice they will never report on those Afghans who do not oppose their own culture and religious views. If the Afghani people want a different form of government they can fight for it just like EVERY OTHER GROUP throughout human history has done to change government. Who are we to dictate to them what they should and should not adopt. Their people, their land.

  15. So cringe to see the Media thought it was a smart idea to put a women Reporter, reporting about the current Afghanistan situation, near armed Taliban. Not only putting her in danger but all crew. Must be that Pulitzer Award motivation.

    1. It is like going into the Lion’s den and putting your head in its mouth. Let us hope they don’t understand English and can’t make out what she is reporting.

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