1. When you talk about this with your American friend and he just shrugs and says, “At least it’s not another school.”

    America be on another level

    1. @My gun is innocent If he didn’t have access to a gun in the first place, his victims would be alive today

    2. @Noah …even Homer wouldn’t have missed the Queens platinum jubilee this week, bro 🤧

  2. This is getting out of hand. If we don’t act now we are doomed😮 May the victims souls RIP.

    1. @daniel Murder is always and has been illegal. Except for self defense if you can prove if someone was harming you.

    2. @BKM bias aren’t ya? Ok, believe what you will because there’s no one on our side. Saying it’s just FOX, doesn’t change the fact that they’re all compicit.

    3. @Knox The media is owned by the elite, so it’s important to discern Truth wherever it may fall. We have to look at multiple sources from all different sides to see the picture more clearly. What helps even more is listening to your own intuition which takes practice because most of us were taught not to, but with an open heart it will become easier. I understand it feels like they don’t care, so it’s important we take a stand and insist that they do. Some of the best things in life we have to work hard for, and this is certainly one of them.

    4. @BKM what have I been saying dude? Have you ever payed any attention on what I’ve said? The media has always been against us. We are on our own. We, are the only ones who can take care of each other.

    1. @Dirty Dann Can’t believe I’m about to explain why we have doors to someone (who I can only hope is not an adult), but here I go.

      Doors are necessary for blocking various things from entering a room, not just human beings, while still allowing access into said room. Exterior doors are important for protecting the interior of a building against the elements, you simply would not be able to regulate temperature without them. Interior doors are important for a lot of things. One is stopping sound, which is especially important in hospitals as doctors can be in situations where they need silence, and patients can scream pretty loud during certain operations. They are also necessary for fire safety, they can help stop fires from spreading when closed. They are also simply used for privacy, not necessarily being locked but stopping anyone from just peering in as they walk by. Of course keeping certain people out is another thing they can do, but they are very much necessary for other purposes.


  3. They now raised it to 4 dead plus 1 shooter 5 deaths. This was not far from me. Several people were badly shaken and missed the shooting by 10 seconds THEY WERE LUCKY. they got out of a Dr appointment when they did and weren’t involved in this mess.

    1. @Bonnie But Australia now has an epidemic of APEX gang home invasions since you no longer have guns for self defense. You also have more illegal guns on the streets than you had before your gun ban.

    2. @Bonnie lala lala u r no where as big country be glad it’s over populated here it would stop if the law was wat u do to others should be done to u the same way so keep boasting over there it’s coming your way

  4. Thank you for at least asking about how many injured, and I hope you follow up and let us know. My heart goes out to those who are no longer with us, but my heart also goes out to those injured who have to deal with this emotional and physical burden for the rest of their days. So important to acknowledge everyone dead or injured when discussing these horrific events!

  5. Hospitals, schools, grocery stores, movie theaters, concerts, places of worship, public streets. The list of places you can safely go to in this country is quickly becoming nonexistent. Sad.

    1. @David C wrong! Not sure where you get your numbers from. But the US is far ahead on gun violence, compared to countries you want to be compared with.
      Mainly because some states don’t do background checks.
      So if you look at Los Angeles and Chicago: most of the guns are bought in states with Liberal laws. Yeah.. there are statistics about it.
      Like where you can go to a gun show, and buy a gun without any questions.

    1. Actually, in America they often go together because hospitals have to constantly treat the ever present aftermath of shootings. Which, in America is not just a daily occurrence, but an hourly one.

    1. @Patrick Riarchy you can’t, because it is controlled. You’re saying that is not useful, correct? Controlling objects achieves nothing.

    2. Why do we need door control? As you see against the bad guy with a gun we need a good guy with a gun, this happened as soon as the shooter realized his wrong doing and shot himself. So he in the end is the good guy with a gun?

    3. @Ducttape995 so why are hard drugs banned? Why do we have to get a license to drive a car, or have safety equipment in said car? Why isn’t dynamite or C4 readily available to the public? All are inanimate objects that are harmless when not in use.

  6. What is going on in America. My condolences to those who’s lives have been taken by this individual. This is just insane.

    1. @Ret Tro I think it’s more a society and lack of morals problem then anything else, we glamorize chaos, morals are thrown out the window for a sick and twisted mindset increased by social media, we had the same amount of guns when I went to school and this wasn’t occurring

    2. @O a s i s I am and they were forced, I also see people being arrested for not wearing a mask out doors by themselves lol 🤡 world I’m sure you loved living in it

  7. what a nightmare it must be to get all of the patients out. especially the ones in ICU and in comas. kinda reminds me of when the Joplin hospital got hit by that tornado.

  8. ‘Thoughts and prayers’ in any normal country are given when someone old dies naturally or someone dies in a freak unpreventable accident. ‘Thoughts and prayers’ are wholly inappropriate when these events keep happening and nothing is done about them.

    1. @Pete A How insensitive do you have to be to talk about protecting guns when people have just been killed by them?

    2. Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over but expecting different result.
      American insanity is defined as experiencing the same tragedy over and over and doing nothing about it.

  9. I live right around the corner from Saint Francis. It’s always awful to hear of violence in our country, but it hits differently when it happens in your city.

  10. What is going on? Are we going to do something about this? I feel like videos like this come out, and everybody is sad, but absolutely NOTHING happens afterward??!!??

    1. Shrug, what is there to do? Just send thoughts and prayers tweets, say it’s too soon to talk about guns, and move on.

    2. And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold. But he who endures to the end shall be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.

      Matthew 24:12-14

    3. _”Are we going to do something about this?”_ – We non-Americans constantly ask ourselves that question. At this point we don’t bother asking anymore cause we know the answer is “no”. And I won’t patronize you by offering thoughts and prayers either.

  11. The good guy with a gun needs a new watch.
    Three people died and he was late.
    If this was an episode of The Apprentice he would be fired.

  12. The way things are going , all schools and hospitals should display signs saying. “In case of a mass shooting our thoughts and prayers will be with you”.

  13. I could never ever have children in the U.S. I’m so thankful to live in the EU. As a kid I wanted to live in the U.S. so badly..not knowing how awful parts of it are. When people care more about guns than people. We have also guns, sure but not 390 million unregistered weapons.

  14. 269 mass shootings so far this year in America. That’s almost two per day. In my country, where guns are illegal, we’ve had four… in our entire history!

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