1. @Atomicriffmaster he has already been decimated and convicted on Twitter, although, to your point, people have their lives ruined via a tweetstorm for far less.
      So, in the case of an unknown entity committing a heinous act, the legal punishment is the hammer that will put them down, the tweets are society voicing their disgust and anger.

  1. Uncle inarticulate. I don’t think he would have noticed a hole in the wall. Any young person walking around with a tattoo of stitches highly visible on his cheek is advertising PAIN on the inside. That is a clear sign that something is not right. Everyone dropped the ball. Police: there is no excuse for your inaction. A civilian and a police officer can file a complaint; the persons being threatened don’t need to file a complaint for action to be taken. You didn’t do your job.

    1. @Dino W All of this might be true, but for him to say he had no idea that the person with the face tattoos that spends all day on their phone and is completely anti-social has mental health problems is dishonest at best.

    2. It seems like the father is using the uncle as a patsy. The dad should be the one answering questions.

  2. *Video not for children! Watch the video you will be shocked* EVERYDAYS.ML

    Mr.Dunn – respect for you.

  3. People never think it could be their kid/friend/ cousin. It could be anyone. If you see something, say something. This dude was screaming about this for a long time and no one listened and now people are dead.

    1. Everyone loves to say they would do anything to avoid this…..
      Anything except help the kid before he became a mass murderer for literally nothing

    2. No, these people knew that sonething was wrong and it seems like tge adult a covering up so they won’t beheld responsible.

  4. Father literally enabled troubled son to get a gun, but uncle insist the laws have to be tightened. Pointing the finger at government when son shouldn’t have even been in applicant pool!

    1. @Jacqueline Saldarriaga Of course , Yes , and such en behaviour ought to be enhanced , fostered SINCE the younguest AGE of a personn ….

    2. To be clear, both individuals and institutions at fault here. But the family had more info and impact on the son in this case. DUH

  5. Just listening to his Uncle speak lets me know he wouldn’t notice a black cat sitting on white granite.

  6. Unfortunately, we blind ourselves and pretend not to see our loved one’s shortcomings and dangers they present.

    1. I saw no one loving this person. He certainly hated himself. They’re all just a heap of damage.

  7. We need to train parents to look for signs in our young boys for these red flags. We knew the age group and when to address the issue. So we need to have a national push to address warning signs in our kids that they are capable of doing something like this

    1. @Nicole Miller again I addressed that example in another post. You can’t control who has kids. But those kids have other family members and they do go to school and go out into the community. All these guys in the past 8 mass shootings told everyone online they was planning to murder people and do something. We need to act on those red flags more often as a community.

    2. @Shawn The Great the problem is that you’re interpreting the data to suit your narrative of blaming it on single parent homes. It really sucks to have that stigma on you growing up. Other Western countries also have single parent homes without as much violence.

    3. @JRod I agree with everything you said. I’m and veteran also and I used those weapons I have them.also. but I never plan on using it for home protection or hunting there are numerous weapons that are better for those things. They have no reason to be available to the general public. But we have numerous gun nuts and paid politicians that get money to ensure that our communities are filled with guns. So we can spend time fighting each other and fearing each other. So they can continue to get rich. It’s not about the 2nd amendment it’s about money. High people with power are getting money to keep those guns in our communities.

  8. This is an obvious reason why parents and adults should literally look inside their kid’s room! Maybe talk to them a little bit! Look at their social media posts and know their friends (if they have any). Come on people!!!!😱😡☠️ There is no way this guy didn’t know ANYTHING 🙄

    1. When he says he did nothing wrong, he’s simply saying that he committed no crime, which is debatable, considering the threats that his son made against his entire family in the past. At the end of the day, he is a horrible father, who cultivated a monster under his own roof.

    2. Exactly! If they are incapable of supervising their kids or raising them in a good environment to be caring human beings, then don’t have any! The police were called dozens of times to this young man’s household for domestic violence between his parents. These people failed as parents and messed up this young man, period.

    3. All the parents have the same thing in common of being distant from their child and having already given up on them doing the out of sight out of mind thing. The parents should have him committed before turning 18 if they want to do the right thing.

  9. John Berman, this interview is beneath you. This is painful to watch. This man, who apparently had Nothing to do with his nephew’s actions, should Obviously not be speaking publicly without, at the very least, a friend or therapist.
    John Berman and CNN, I watch your content because your reports have been fact based and supported.
    This Interview…This is Very Troublesome for me.
    This is an interview that, after reviewing, should NEVER have been posted.

    1. @shermanballz Not sure why, but YouTube is turning half of my reply from black text to red text and not allowing me to post the reply.

    2. @CarbonGlassMan FPV gun laws wouldn’t end gun violence but it would make them happen less, much much less. And that’s a good start.

  10. The dad is so delusional and out-of-touch,he even says he didn’t take the previous incidents seriously, yet he doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong. He expects the police to know his son better than him. Such a bad father.

    1. All the parents have the same thing in common of being distant from their child and having already given up on them doing the out of sight out of mind thing. The parents should have him committed before turning 18 if they want to do the right thing

    2. ​@Joseph Webb Almost everyone knows this video is with the uncle, but at the very beginning of the video they show a statement from the FATHER. That’s why people are taking about the father.

  11. That message at the start. Every parent is responsible for their children. If I had threatened to stab my dad, I’d never be allowed near a butter butter knife let alone a gun.

    1. @MK Self His Daddy signed for him because he was under 21 at the time. That means THE GOVERNMENT classified him as UNDERAGE for that purpose. That’s the definition of a child.

    2. @Little Blue Owl I understand the gun laws, and age requirements. His dad was wrong for enabling him to purchase a gun, no doubt. But, he was not a child, when he used the gun to massacre people. Saying that “every parent is responsible for their children”, only holds true until they are 21, and can’t be held accountable for the actions they take. A 19 year old in Texas can purchase a gun. So does that define him as an adult?

    3. @Matthew Edwards Of course. We can all see how many deaths are caused from a butter knife over a bullet.

  12. “Normal” is relative. So often families are not able to be honest with themselves about a troubled family member.

    1. @Rose DiMatteo, absolutely! If you have a family member who attempted suicide with a machete, and who has threatened to kill the entire family, most people would not consider that “normal”. You can tell from just looking at the guy that he is not well.

    2. So true. I’m a teacher and there have been occasions when we tried to tell some parent their child needs help. All we get are angry looks, harsh words, complete denial or worse, they move the child to another school instead of getting help!

    3. @JRod We never moved to another school district. Be I didn’t force my kids to endure abuse from teachers. It wasn’t the kids. One of you called my son anti social. That’s abuse. How about another son that was harrassed by the vice principal so he dropped out. I was afraid of you people I was doing my best but I always felt looked down on. I’m proud of my kids, they educated themselves.
      Like my oldest that is making 6 figures in the tech industry without college. He brought himself up out of the trailer park.
      How about my developmentally disabled child. All I got from you people was a guilt trip. You people aren’t really any help. I don’t want my granddaughter to go to public schools at all. It’s a cesspool and a shooting gallery

  13. He shows signs of fear that the “CRIMO ESTATE” maybe held liable for the crimes of parade attacker. He seems to be trying to fend that situation.

  14. Stop interviewing the uncle, besides being extremely inarticulate he claims to not been made aware of the knives/threatening to kill the family situation and he clearly doesn’t want to make his brother look worse than he already does so he’s tiptoeing around coming out and saying his brother was 100% wrong for signing off on his son being capable of possessing the weapons. Get the dad or mom on here but leave this guy out of it.

    1. @C S ~ [Duke of Ramble] thank you! I’m not trying to be harsh on the uncle, but he’s literally been interviewed multiple times and is clearly uncomfortable being on camera, he has already taken the stance that he apparently didn’t know his nephew well at all or have a close relationship with him, so all that being said, why keep putting him on camera and interrogating him with questions that he can’t rightfully answer. It’s almost like because the dad clearly doesn’t want to talk he’s talking for him.

      Do I find it strange that he didn’t know about the police being called out in regards to the kid threatening to “kill everyone?” …absolutely, but it’s what he has stated and asking him the same question over and over won’t come up with a different answer

    2. @Manuel
      That’s not making fun of him, it’s defending him. Saying that he is inarticulate wasn’t said in the spirit of being unkind. It’s just stating an obvious fact and a reason why it’s unfair and unkind to put him on the spot on a national program like that, since he obviously bears no responsibility for the actions of the nephew. He’s being put in the extremely uncomfortable position of addressing the situation when he clearly has no connection, considering that the family is highly secretive and he has no real involvement with the nuclear family dynamics. He’s excluded to the extent that he knew nothing about the two incidents involving the police. He’s clearly struggling with his opinion about helping the kid to get his hands on assault weapons, which conflicts with his brothers opinion on the subject, and his loyalty to his family. And I’d bet anything that his brother is the dominant alpha bro. He’s probably pressured by his brother to speak to the press and put a good face on the family. An impossible task, I think, because he strikes me as someone who cannot lie. He doesn’t want to lie and he doesn’t want to speak ill of his family. I agree that the press should have a heart and leave him out of it. The poor bastard still has to live with a cold, secretive, dysfunctional bunch family members. It was probably too weird already, living in close proximity with a nephew that was really nothing more than a stranger that you see all the time on the bus but never got to know.

    3. @Kathryn Araya
      Wow! Virtual yelling at someone who is obviously very kind, humane, empathetic, etc, etc and telling them to look up the meaning of the words that they are obviously putting into practice really takes the cake! Please read my comment to @Manuel, the same message applies to you and your attack on @Delano. You speak of praying for others. You should devote some time to praying for the wisdom to recognize actual acts of kindness, charity and empathy. They are acts that deserve recognition, admiration, emulation and celebration. Not angry abuse and character assassination. Obviously there is way too much anger and hatred in our society. So maybe stay out of comment sections when you are just itching for a fight so bad that you cannot read and comprehend words of kindness and empathy, nor recognize such a message as the act of doing “good works” that the response that you attacked truly is? The kind of “good works” that all are urged in the Good Book to practice in their daily lives.

      The Christian thing to do here is to reread the comment and then offer a sincere apology. We all make mistakes. We’re all a work in progress….Just throwing that out there….

    4. You alright @Delano! I get what you’re saying and your absolutely right. Sorry you wound up under attack. It’s really the opposite of what you deserved for coming to the poor guys defense. Just had to say that because I’m heavily into counteracting undeserved negativity. And mad into refusing to go along with that American tradition trending now: aka get fighting mad and pick fights frequently. Trying to “cancel culture” misplaced and unjustified anger. 😁 You’re a decent person. Wish you many Blessings, and much Peace and Good Luck!

  15. “I never saw any signs that I seen…” These people are hopeless. The killer LIVED in his uncle’s HOUSE, but their relationship was “distant”? The whole family is “distancing” themselves from any connection to the horror that this person became.

    1. @Branko Belfranin Unless you’ve been in his position, you don’t know what he is going through. Unless you know the man, you don’t know how he normally behaves and sounds. None of us can say he is acting funny because there is no possible way we could know.

    2. @Branko Belfranin I don’t know. Why are you asking me that? You don’t know what everyone you live with is going to do tomorrow or next year. It doesn’t matter where he lived. Unless you’re willing to blame every family for every criminal that commits a crime by saying they should have known and reported the person before the crime. Even if they did, how would that help? The Florida mass shooter was reported to local police and the FBI several times. His mom (I think it was his mother) said she thought he would do a mass shooting. The authorities did nothing.

  16. Crimo’s father: “I didn’t do anything wrong.”
    The problem….is that he didn’t do anything right.

    1. The Illinois State Police have launched an investigation into this father and the FOID application.

    2. @David J What crime did he commit? You say it’s debatable, so make the case. Because the police sure don’t seem to think he did anything illegal. If they thought he did, he would have been arrested by now.

    3. @Zenigundam based on whose worthless little opinion now? you may not see but others do and its unwise to try and pull the wool over the seeings eyes

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