Gunmen abduct over 300 schoolgirls in Nigeria. Hear this mother's reaction 1

Gunmen abduct over 300 schoolgirls in Nigeria. Hear this mother’s reaction


Gunmen abducted hundreds of schoolgirls and killed one police officer during a raid on a state-run school in Zamfara State, north-west Nigeria, a government official told CNN. About 500 students are normally at the boarding school, of whom around 315 were taken by the gunmen.

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  1. what the f is happening in Nigeria!?..the gov needs to be outed if a mass obduction of buss loads of kids can happen without multiple police squads chasing them then it is a failed government

    1. @Falecia Logan yes I’m serious
      BLM need to go where they are needed and get out of their living room Sofas

    1. @Marc Celin we don’t click on links so your efforts are fruitless. name the title or tell what it is about please.

    1. @Miss T N please pleas build the wall ….. between. BLM that live from welfare and the people the works and support this country to have food o. Out tables……. BLM must go and help Nigeria and Africa…….

    1. @Sky Eagle I’m not talking about Nigeria, I’m talking about America, I never mentioned Nigeria, I’m not talking about the video. I’m talking about leftists in America.

    2. @Jo Poveromo I’m talking about Nigeria and the children who were kidnapped! Not whatever your arguments are. Goodbye Qanon woman.

    3. @Sky Eagle you started talking to me, next time pay attention to what I said. You weren’t talking about anything you misinterpreted what I said and started talking about something else.

  2. This is so saddening!! I member when it happened several years ago. & always think of that story. Can’t believe it happened again!

    1. and again, and again. It obviously doesn’t matter very much to the government. I wouldn’t send my daughter to school in that sort of environment either.

    1. @Potato Sensei would you answer a question? Or are you too afraid to get caught in the bs that you are spewing to Shaw? I know two suffering people that need help right now. Would you buy them a ticket and pick them up at the airport and let them stay with you until they get on their feet?

    2. @stinkin lincoln you are absolutely correct. They don’t have the rights to defend themselves. Nigeria is a “gun free zone”. Guns are illegal for civilians.

    3. @Madison shanks yes. I don’t like these “people.” They destroy where ever they go. You’d be wise to not like them either.

    4. @Gabriel Shaw no that is not the way. We are all human. We all bleed red. Just because someone has a different culture doesn’t mean they are bad. I hope you are not white because it’s people like you that make all other races hate white people. Hate speech is free speech even though it’s speech that I hate. I’m just saying love thy neighbor, we are all human and the same just different backgrounds. If you are a person of color don’t let this head get to you. This is America we are a melting pot of all races and there is always going to be someone that doesn’t like you for the color of your skin. White people feel racism too.

    1. Bullshit, women can be educated serfs just look at India, stop with the delusion that as soon as a woman is educated she can escape her life of poverty, it comes down to available opportunity. It’s not about the education of women it’s about human trafficking.

    2. @Jack Strawb Because the narrative is all about the dis-empowerment of females, didn’t you know, everything bad is the fault of white males and males in general, he’s probably a shill just pushing more of this gender social engineering.

    1. UN don’t give a damn about these children, nor millions of others trafficked around the world. The UN should be shut down !!!

    2. @Urrealdad Lolololol I apologize to all rational readers on this site for the stupid Q anon folks from the US who are conflating actual abductions of these poor Nigerian girls with a made up conspiracy theory from Q.

    3. @western wumao hey buddy i hate the russigate conspiracy theory too its stupid, i hate the need to demonize china to, when the trumpers saw through the russia crap i actually gain some respect for u. dont do this just becuz its somebody u hage ok bud.

  3. I’m sorry, I didn’t hear one thing about what they are actually DOING. I just heard a bunch of words are being exchanged and that’s about it.

    1. Because CNN is complicit with protecting Child sex traffickers. Just like they’ve done a good job of convincing people they need to wear masks and stay in lockdown for a virus that has a 99.6% recovery rate. Yep, it’s a screwed up world we live in. That’s for sure!

    1. @InfoZone actually it’s a fact that many women who have been victimized like this aren’t likely to be welcomed back to their homes.

  4. This guy is in the Government? Or a reporter? Because he sure doesn’t seem to be horrified that this happened 3 TIMES!!!

    1. It’s been happening for years. If you didn’t know that, don’t lay blame on someone who’s been pushing to protect these girls for years. You can also watch the video again to find out who he is and the organization he works for

  5. What kind of country allows 300 school girls to be taken while they’re in school. The leaders are probably responsible so easy for leaders of countries to use people to do their evil Deeds so they always come out looking like they care

  6. How much security is there at these large schools? Because they really need more. It’s mind boggling how they could even get away with 300 people? Did the police follow? It’s so confusing.

  7. These girls are going to be forced into underage marriages. The Nigerian government and surrounding African nations need to get involved to stop this b.s. Bring those girls home!

    1. @Devo I hope and pray that everyone involved in hurting these girls. dies a horrible death. They deserve no mercy.

  8. A lot of waffle from this guy, who doesn’t appear to have done anything constructive or has any plan of action to help these girls.

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