1. @luttrwe7688 not racist just telling you what allowed this to happen. You seriously think it would have gone this far if those terrorists were of color. I don’t support this bullsh do you?

    2. Pelosi called the large demonstrations in Hong Kong “a beautiful sight to behold”, what would Pelosi call these peaceful protestors ??????????

    3. It’s not nobody, It’s just not enough “body”. Have you done something? Should you have done more? Please don’t discredit those who tried to stop this.

  1. *I dont see someone calling TERRORIST like HELLO i think they forgot the word when their own people do it*

    1. @Lord Viktor Cromwell what were BLM protesters planning to accomplish by going to a much further extent than this by burning businesses down and vandalizing deferral buildings?

    2. Pelosi called the large demonstrations in Hong Kong “a beautiful sight to behold”, what would Pelosi call these peaceful protestors ??????????

    3. I urge you to brush up on your understanding of the terrorist definition. Was any violence incited? Did anyone attempt to intimidate any political figures or were they simply trying to bring light to this blatant fraudulent election? Did you utter a similar comment after viewing any videos regarding BLM RIOTS, not protests in which businesses owned by local civilians of all ethicities were burned to the ground? How about when officers lost their lives? Black officers were physically assaulted simply because they didn’t support the asinine movement that is BLM, and where were you then? Most likely quiet. Hypocrite..

    4. @iluvdissheet you are a sheep, you can let the people who are running the government take your rights away, but we all don’t feel the same. We are not willing to just lay down and obey like a child. You can blame the government for disregarding the americans amendments. notice this crowd is not out defacing american history, they are not looting businesses of Americans. They are not burning police cars, fire bombing police and neighborhoods. They are not out beating people, they are not burning American flags. These americans have had enough of how the government is doing things. If you compare this to what “BLM” did you are not american. Like i said people that disobey the law or orders given to them by an officer they get killed, white,black,asian, indian whatever. Is there senseless killings for no reason? of course but it gives people no right to break the law to prove a point. Like i said i am American and i will not be stripped of my rights, now if you want to lay on your back and get screwed then thats on you. Politics don’t care about your skin color or who you are in life and thats the problem. People that roll over and voted for new leadership where are you now? Disregarded like trash, they can give 2 sh1ts about people dying, used you for votes.

    1. Take this seriously folks. Kenya sits in security commmitee, it is the only african nation that still recognize america most others sides with China in china-american trade war started by Trump regime… American is destroying a reputation built in over 200 years in a single day Heheheheheheheeeeeeeeeeee. .

    2. @Nick Kautz you get the privileges of visiting the country one sanction will be ban Americans for enter…hats enough…and that what the world should do to all Americans…

    1. @Michael Price : You have to be serious. You are not serious. You are just playing with a cunning argument. Why I say that?
      You know clearly how many thousands of studies have been accomplished so far but We as a society could not learn to change things. Study alone does not change anything. It is a mind game. Real change comes from a higher moral capacity as a result of uncorrupted mind. You do not need to be a religious person to have a moral capacity and You know it.
      yes as You said it, These kind of things can happen again but not due to lack of study.
      I am not against “free speech”.
      “free speech” itself is obscured and taken where the intention goes. The argument of free speech applied one place is not applied with the same situation at another place.

    2. @Misstux Brandi You’ve drawn zero parallels. You have to be intellectually sophisticated enough to make your point, or don’t bother.

    3. @Julie You put the “psycho” in psychotherapist. Stick to what you know, which apparently isn’t much.

    4. @蔡皇 these are not peaceful protestors. Are you people that clueless about Democracy and appropriate behavior.

    1. @Keyur Parikh So with Judges appointed by Trump and politicians who voted for Trump [60 frivolous court cases] he didn’t get a fair shake? Only in cult 45 world.

  2. I wonder how many of our enemies are getting ideas because of how lax our security is. The US is now a laughing stock.

    1. Your crazy if you think a foreign military can even reach American shores, and if they did the army/Air Force/Navy would destroy them in a matter of minutes

    2. @mark scott – Civilzed countries have been laughing at us for decades for not demanding healthcare for all, and UNaffordable Obamacare didn’t make us look any less clownish.

    3. Hundreds of people stormed into the capital. If you honestly believe that 30+ guards and a few locked doors could stop these trump supporters and have “exposed” a vulnerable national security then you’re a special kind of someone. Ridiculous

  3. These might be the very people who talk about their supremacy and look down on developing nations without an iota of courage to introspect. Savages.

  4. You can’t even enter here in our capitol wearing shorts or sandals but these mfs can storm the congress.. wtf is this

  5. “When you’re born into this world, you’re given a ticket to the freak show. If you’re born in America you get a front row seat.” George Carlin.

    1. @Roland Pena – If Carlin were alive the DNC never would’ve gotten away with rigging the primaries against Sanders, who would now be entering his 2nd term w/ Med4All seeing us through the pandemic.

    1. @YoungUpgrade Bodybuilding if u think anti-fascism and ppl fighting systemic racism is “childish” then ur part of the problem

    2. @Rekoj the Joker I don’t but when cities are burned down and the same people who said nothing then are speaking out about whats going on now I can’t help but think childish. trump is childish as well yall are all childish rn. Us Canadians are laughin at the usa with popcorn in hand ready for the show. can’t yall just have a coke and a smile damn

    1. @Braeden Pennington 1 white women killed by a trump supporter lmao the black people would’ve been killed by cops and the military

    2. Black people couldn’t have done such a thing Coz they don’t have that much support to do such a thing & Trump Supporters are Mad & given lots of money for doing this

    1. @11 11 So you actually believe that Trump appointed judges and politicians who voted for Diaper Don didn’t give him a fair shake ? Poor gullible cult 45

    1. We may be a 3rd world county today but Americans has educated themselves without leadership so look out tomorrow. It is we the ppl who with drain the swamp BOTH SIDES!

    2. A pretty pathetic attempt though. They should all be rounded up and jailed for treason, especially their orange puppet master.

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