Gwen Berry Faces Backlash From Conservatives After Flag Protest 1

Gwen Berry Faces Backlash From Conservatives After Flag Protest


Hammer thrower Gwen Berry is facing criticism from Republican lawmakers and conservative news outlets after she turned her back to the American flag in protest of police brutality during the U.S. Olympic trials. Berry placed third and will travel to the Tokyo Olympics. The U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee has said athletes competing in the trials can protest for social justice during the national anthem.

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Gwen Berry Faces Backlash From Conservatives After Flag Protest


  1. I wish I had Platinium Health Insurance like the corrupt Politicians voted for themselves. Instead of my Bronze.

    1. @Robert Evans Our Congress is corrupt to the core. BOTH SIDES ! They just keep us divided for their own electorial gain.

    2. @North Wind Congress is corrupt to the core. BOTH SIDES ! If enough money was introduced to both party’s they would pass a bill where all Americans could marry their pets.

    3. Politicians being exempt from the laws they pass puts us in a place that all you gun toting, Constitutionalist, 2A supporters have been saying for the last 30 years you would pick up your guns and fight to prevent. Im Waiting………

    4. The republican party votes for great healthcare for themselves and their families paid by taxpayers, but tell the rest of Americans that Universal Healthcare is communism. Well, do you blame conmen/women for being conmen/women, or do you blame the idiots who vote for them against their own interests?

    1. @Omar SEAL I know I am, which makes me better than you, because you post lies and I don’t

  2. This is what happens when the supreme court decides that being crazy isn’t a reason to lock people up in mental hospitals.

    1. @Charlie Williams She displays high antisocial bitterness, hostility, rage, narcissist personality issues, and an inability to show gratitude and cooperate with others.

    2. @Richard Stone Looks like she is a mirror on what’s broken in society, for a very old man shows far worse symptoms of what you have just outlined, but he was made president and people actually worship and idolize him.

    1. Dear@Randy Wiley ,
      “she loves her country just hates racism”
      If that is true (I have no way of knowing her intent because I cannot read her mind), then she needs to learn more appropriate ways of expressing her perspective.
      The vast majority of the people in this country want to see racism stopped. All she did was to inflame and promote racism. I may be true that she is unaware that that is what she is doing.
      It is extremely naive to think that the way to express and promote her perspective is to do things that offend and disrespect people. Does she really think that kind of behavior is going to win sympathy to her cause ?? REALLY ?

      In her mind she thinks, “I want people to stand against racism, so if I offend them and disrespect them, then they will become more likely to want to follow my cause”. That is very immature, superficial thinking, that provokes hate and disunity. It appears that she is young and passionate, but her strategy is really backwards.
      It’s kind of like a principle in the Scriptures. “They have a zeal for God, but not according to knowledge”. She may have a zeal to do something good, but it is not according to knowledge. Unfortunately, because her strategy was so wrong, it obscures her intent and people don’t know if her intentions are altruistic or not.

      Many people have interpreted her behavior as attention seeking, selfish and self centered. She stole the accomplishment of the other two women who also made the Olympic Team be drawing attention to herself.

      The men and women who are chosen to represent us and our country in the Olympics, should put those priorities first. She apparently has not done this. She owes every citizen of the USA and apology for her rude self-centered behavior.
      Be Well,

    2. @Haxicle 1. Morals are a trait of character of people in general. Standing for the National Anthem with your hand over your heart is a valued tradition established by our forefathers. If you are condoning what this individual did, you have no morals.
      2. I am a veteran and truly love my country, no blindness about it. The imperfection of our country at this moment in time comes from the Thuggery of terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa. It also comes from the corrupt politicians of the democrats who allow the chaos from these groups to happen.
      3. Character that one presents is never arbitrary at all. It’s a decision that one makes that establishes his behavior. Decisions often times have consequences. Thoughts don’t define character…….actions do. You need some serious perspective on your definition of character as this Gwen Berry flat out lacks respect period.

    3. @celtic journey 1. That is very flawed logic. You just said, “this person doesn’t take part in this tradition, so she lacks morals.” You’re very obviously appealing to tradition, a logical fallacy. Just because you’re offended because someone doesn’t practice the same tradition as you, doesn’t mean what they did is immoral. It more like means you’re approaching the subject from a self-centered viewpoint.
      2. You believe that, others believe something else. That doesn’t mean they don’t love their country. They believe that there is a problem with the system, you believe there is a problem with people who protest against the system.
      3. You misunderstand me. It’s not the character people present that is arbitrary, it’s what is defined as good or bad character that is arbitrary since that defined by people and their subjectivity rather than logic or objectivity. Thus, what may seem as good character to someone may be bad character to someone else. For instance, a lot of people think “talk backing” is bad character that displays disobedience but others think it’s a sign of good character that shows a willingness to question and think critically.

    1. @ReeRee Mac citations?

      Or are your beliefs so rock-solid, you don’t need no stinking citations?

  3. They need to leave that man alone and let him get his 3rd place prize. How do we know he wasn’t just upset that he was standing on the lowest platform?

    1. @Sparkle hahaha everything is “racist ” can’t y’all come up with something else ? Race card is old and washed up

  4. This isn’t a “conservative” thing… and definitely not a cancel culture thing.

    There is no reason for even showing up for the Trials of you don’t want to represent the country. The uniform will be red, white & blue and will likely have the letters USA on it – is she opposed to that too!?

  5. She didn’t plan to do it….she just so happened to have her activist athlete shirt with her at the podium

    1. @Logical Fallacy Watch did you actually hear her say she was oppressed or that she was fighting oppression do you even know why she is protesting the anthem of course you don’t

    2. @Joshua d’Estoville I’ll take it I’d like to think I’m prudent and truthfully blunt so it’s a compliment for me

  6. Since when did loving america and it’s principles became a political opinion??? This country’s gone to turf

  7. “Martin Luther King, Jr. didn’t carry just a piece of cloth to symbolize his belief in racial equality; he carried the American flag”

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