1. From Kenya..I sang this song at the National Music Festivals back in primary school and it brings a lotta memories..

    1. @The Memo Allah means God in arabic. And it is often abused by ppl who want to see conflict and sit calmly and eat popcorn while watching ppl fight. No other namesake (God, Allah, etc) has ever had more blood shed over it than the “name” of God😢. I’m Muslim and most of us like most Christians want peace🙏🤲

    2. @Jenifer Johnson There have been more people killed tortured maimed and murdered in the name of God than all the worlds natural disasters combined.
      Enlightened people do not waste their time arguing with religionists.
      Organized Religion is the most destructive force man has ever created and is currently the source of 90% of all the worlds violent conflicts I would guess.
      Organized Religion is used by unscrupulous people since forever for the accumulation of wealth and the abuse of power.
      In America if you took away their tax free status most of these religious hustlers would disappear in short order

  2. She is gonna be a legend 20 years old plays the guitar piano drums writes and sings u can’t a more talented artists

    1. @Cornel sims Aww, Cornel’$ got himself a crush on whoever this no talent wannabe singer is. What a special lil snowflake. 🤡


    1. Really?? How about congratulate Joe for getting 13 soldiers killed, drone striking a family of 10 with children under 5 and then leaving hundreds of American citizens behind in Afghanistan when he said he wouldn’t..You people are crazy.. He is already the worst president ever after only 8 months.. disgraceful

    1. She is very talented. I just found Dimash and think both are keepers to follow.They are different genre, but amazing. Looking forward to finding more works by her now I know of H.E.R.

    2. Look her up on good morning America when she was a little kid performing Alicia keys even amazing then i knew she would be a star. She plays like a gazillion instruments

    3. @Sacre’ Bleu oh she’s got plenty of work out there I think you’ll like her songs. She’s all over the radio. Follow her station on Pandora and vevo page on YouTube

    1. @Benjamin Levine Wrong, Einstein. Israel reinstituted masks and they’re doing fine. Most everyone is vaccinated so they didn’t suffer the DEATH RATE WE ARE. We’re losing more people NOW, NOW, NOW per day in some states than last year.

      If your republican governor doesn’t care, then s/he is as stupid as you, but probably more corrupt.

    2. @M Hall

      What ever happened to Alex Acosta, he was the guy who helped cover up billionaire
      Jeffrey Epstein
      and his friend
      Donald Trump’s crimes against children in the
      80s and 90s!

    1. Fact is, virtually every version done since has been a tribute to Buckley’s rendition. Cohen has acknowledged this.

  4. For most Christians, “Hallelujah” is considered a joyful word of praise to God, rather than an injunction to praise him. “The Alleluia ” refers to a traditional chant, combining the word with verses from the Psalms or other scripture

    1. This song its lyrics are so wrong. Then to sing it like a worship type song. What is it that is so hallelujah about it?

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