Haake: This Is A Fighter’s Committee; Prepare To See Fireworks | MSNBC

Haake: This Is A Fighter's Committee; Prepare To See Fireworks | MSNBC 1


Garrett Haake reports from outside the Judiciary Committee and shares insights on what he Republican minority may use to argue against impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump. Aired on 12/4/19.
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Haake: This Is A Fighter's Committee; Prepare To See Fireworks | MSNBC

50 Comments on "Haake: This Is A Fighter’s Committee; Prepare To See Fireworks | MSNBC"

  1. Oh dear I see the Reps are having to use visual aids again so Fox news fuckwit viewers can keep up.


  3. Some of you will vote NO
    To keep your seats.

  4. Looks like Devin might have to go through some things? 🤪

  5. IMPEACH Trump

  6. What about Hilary oh my bad 😁 what about Linsey Gram

  7. Rudy Giuliani went to Ukraine
    To get dirt for his client is pretty plain
    His butt called a reporter just to ask

  8. Stellar repugnican crew … Louie Gomert, Matt Gaattz, Gunea Pigg others too numerous to mention.

  9. When youve got nothing,
    Attack the process

    • RedPill OVERDOSE | December 4, 2019 at 2:46 PM | Reply

      @jeremy tee
      Indictments are coming next week for all your deepstate masters

    • @Jason Faulkner
      Again in regards to this conversation.
      The opinions of the constitutional scholars testifing currently,
      have value.
      The conclusion youve drawn,
      in opposition to theirs,
      based on what you dont know,
      is not helpful to anyone.

    • Jason Faulkner | December 4, 2019 at 3:41 PM | Reply

      @jeremy tee no no i agree you can make inferences based on personal witness accounts..(‘if it walks like a duck..quacks like a duck’..etc.) the scholars are all fine..i just don’t see impeachment working (for many reasons)unless the Democrats ‘independently declare the presidency invalid’ and call it a day which is a HORRIBLE idea ..Censure is the only viable choice for them NO MATTER what the scholars say.

    • RedPill OVERDOSE look at low iq Pilly with some more of his wet dreams. Keep yttingy

    • @Jason Faulkner
      Well 1 Constitutional scholar out of 4 agrees with you.

  10. The family (c-street)

  11. Todays hearings are so informative and literally break down every single point the GOP tries to make on behalf of trump confirming that they are false and trump is guilty. Great job Democrats/Congress great job.

    • Terry Hobbs keep trying little low iq terry. That is all you got. Laughable little Terry.

    • @Kevin stevens and all you got is a put down ??…you project just like your bloated orange fuhrer

    • Ziggyzugg keep trying moron. I am not a Trumpy supporter. Did you even read what I was responding to? Another laughable tool

    • This was over when the transcript was released and everyone got to see that the whistleblower made a bunch of false claims. Everything after that has been the Dems interfering in the 2020 election, literally.

    • @thiskidkatits what false claims did the whistleblower make ?

  12. come on itsq already recess upload faster

  13. The Mastermind in crimes gets tougher sentence in crimes. Trump is “Mastermind”

  14. We need to toss these Republican sell-outs into a dark pit…I’ll bet deep down they’re good people.

  15. “Get ready for fireworks” words one would say when they have no facts or evidence. These aren’t even republicans anymore. Someone needs to take that title back. Take the Republican name back and call these people what they are. The Unpatriotic Party for Mother Russia.

  16. there is nothing partisan about this, its criminals vs the law plain and simple.

  17. She's my President | December 4, 2019 at 2:32 PM | Reply

    Andrea ‘chainsaw’ Greenspan quote “Manipulate one mind you control one person Manipulate all minds YOU CONTROL the planet!!! Awwgghh!! awgh awgh awghh!!!!”

  18. GOP = Enemy of the Free World.

  19. “A thorough taste of Jim Jordan” is EXACTLY what NOBODY wants OR needs in this Congress or ANY!!

  20. When you have so little to work with … so sad too bad Repubs

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