1. The Presidency is his only way out… of course, he’ll run!! Then, of course, he’ll lose. People holding up their right hand and saluting was frightening!

  2. During the entire time these documents were in Trumps custody has anyone attempted to investigate who and how often visitors were permitted into the Mar a Lago residence?

  3. Run again? As if there is no possibility of him being indicted and convicted. Only in America could a likely felon, if convicted, could get the media to talk about him running again. Shape up media, and talk about his crimes.

  4. A person cannot be allowed to delay criminal proceedings against them until they can get a job that puts them above the law.

    1. @Tommy Boy
      “…a lot of people are above the law…”
      Yes I know this, that’s why I said they should not be.
      You would realize this if you could understand the little that you’re able read.
      This is why Dolt 45 loves you, the poorly educated.

    2. @One Question Did they ? I thought there are “Swing” States that allow those states to determine whether or not a minority of voters put through a Republican candidate for President … Trump, Bush etc

  5. He will not announce yeah or nay on running because if he runs he would have to products receipts on what funds went were.

    1. Yea this is my exact thought. His grift would be over and he would be held to campaign finance regulations. However he would be able to pardon himself (maybe?) or install loyalist in AG, FBI Director, more judges that cave to him, etc. to get him off the hook if he wins.

    1. that’s why Cheeto does Right Wing media interviews..where he invariably speaks in his mild innocent tone..sounding subdued…playing the victim role…he saves his amped up spitfire crown whip-up for the MAGA hillbilly ralleys..where hw alternates between manic ranting..and labotomised word salad..depending on the stimulants ingested

    2. He still has The Mental Illness Card. Just as he played ” The Bone Spur Card” not once but FIVE times to get out of Vietnam. This ” Orange Clown” has shown us time after time that he has ZERO INTEGRITY.

      The sadder thing is everyone knew this except these “Mainstream Shills” that help to SUCK UP to him and avoid all his filth to allow him to slime into the Whitehouse.

      None of this Criminal behavior is breaking news, it is his SOP.

      Our Media deserves particial blame along with the Republican Party ( including Congresswomen Cheney).

      Anderson Cooper is one of those
      ” oligarchs ” that remained silent too. I can’t listen to none of them now. They have help destroy this country.

    1. Y’all have been crying about trump for 6 going on 7 years ? Every single “ investigation “ has been a nothing burger 😂🤣 tds is running wild with these cnn folks

  6. “If your Lawyers can’t prove it must not have happened” You know Im still waiting for proof on a LONG list of things

    1. @Nokia 53 Biden, who has never had a parking ticket ! It’s ridiculous him compared to almost any . You are kidding right ?

    2. @gacj2010 Yes but having 2 companies closed down for fraud would also block your admission in some careers ! And the add 3 bankruptcies, and that would disqualify you from some others . Trump couldn’t get a job other than politics !

    3. That is why these fake investigations was put in place to stop him from running. It started when Hillary lost and it hasn’t stop seance. Next you are innocent until proven guilty.

  7. Judge Cannon became another “cannon fodder” in Donnie’s quest for avoiding accountability. Her questionable ruling has now been revised by more competent actors.

    1. Im pretty sure they have the same opinion of the DOJ in the way they have conducted themselves. ….especially the judge they went to in order to get someone to approve the general warrant that would allow them to take everything, including Melania’s undies

  8. Changing real estate valuations 10x (1000%), 20x (2000%), or 50x (5000%) is The Art of The Steal, not an oversight.
    Issuing inflated real estate valuations 100 or 200 times is a pattern of repeated criminality. RICO captures Capone 2.0.

    1. @Trust Me ​ It becomes much more problematic when widely varying values are presented to different business entities and government departments within a short or similar time frame. It then becomes a matter of concern if the values were shifted intentionally to gain tax, loan, grant, insurance, collateral etc. advantages and valuations could contradict each other.

  9. If you have a rule (or rather, an opinion) preventing a sitting president of being indicted for any crime he has committed, shouldn’t there also be a rule or opinion preventing a criminal who is actively being prosecuted for a score of crimes from taking part in a presidential election just to evade being indicted or convicted?

    1. @loft306 DangerMaus
      NYS pauses the Statutes of Limitations Count-Down clock for up to 5 years, every State should update their Laws to the same thing.
      Even if, “God Forbid” he won in 2020, only 3 of those 8 years would have counted.

    2. No, and for the same reason the first rule you mention. It’s easy to indict someone, so you could easily do that to disrupt both their presidency, and their candidacy. The issue is not Trump running for office, or being in office. The issue is that we have a large percentage of the population that won’t listen to the years worth of revelations of Trump’s business dealings, his own lawyers ratting him out, the banks not wanting to deal with him due to risky loans, the fact that financial documentation has had to be amended because he misstated the value of his properties, bragging about physically assaulting women, leering over underage girls, a NDA with one of his affairs, and they still want to vote for him.

  10. Appeals court tore Judge Cannon a new one over her lack of integrity, professional competence and judicial temperament.

  11. Well he had no right taking those documents out of the White House but I guess when we do things we never think there’s a consequence behind it🤔

  12. “He’s done,” said Allan Lichtman, a history professor at American University, in Washington, who has accurately predicted every presidential election since 1984. “He’s got too many burdens, too much baggage to be able to run again even presuming he escapes jail, he escapes bankruptcy. I’m not sure he’s going to escape jail.”

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