Haberman identifies moment in new Trump interview that could hurt him

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman says former President Trump admitted taking boxes of documents to Mar-a-Lago in an interview with Sean Hannity. #CNN #News


  1. “They’re in a room” and everybody KNOWS you can’t have cameras in rooms. Never in the history of the world has there ever been a camera in a ROOM! Utterly insane.

    1. @jabbermocky: exactly. As much as I despise Sean Insanity, he is not afraid to ask Trump a hard question if Drumpf says something ridiculously far fetched.
      Don’t get me wrong, Hannity still lobs softballs at Donny Comb-Over on a regular basis.

    2. @TheCynicsCynic LOL, The General Warrant was not signed off by a Federal Judge. It was signed of by a Federal Magistrate.
      General Search Warrants are considered unreasonable Search and Seizure.
      The reason given this General Search Warrant is that Trump could have hidden the documents anywhere in his house, that is why the FBI searched Baron’s room. and Trump’s wife’s closet.
      The problem is that Trump has more than one house, or office, but only Mar-a-Lago was searched.
      Background: Trump has moles in the FBI amongst the 40 FBI agents whistle blowers.
      So, the FBI got nothing a Mar-a-Lago, but the FBI was going to leak information. This is why Trump got the Special Master.
      The FBI issued a claim that Trump loaded boxes on a Jetstream in May of 2022. This is farther proof that the FBI got nothing from the Mar-a-Lago raid.

    3. @Francis Hurley It was ACLJ v. William Clinton.
      Also the New York Times dated Aug 14 2022. Stated the President has the authority to declassify documents.
      Trump stated before leaving office he declassified all documents going to Mar-a-Lago.
      It has been reported that the FBI agents have been told to inflate the numbers of domestic terrorists.
      Every Mama Bear, who speaks up at a school board meeting is labeled as a domestic terrorists.
      Of course, Hunter is a loyal Democrat, mean American, who likes to do business with our friend China.

    4. @Francis Hurley Obama’s Excutitive Order dated 2009 #13526 does not supercede the Supreme Court ruling of 2010, according to the New York Times dated Aug 14, 2022.
      The government has enough Byzantine bureaucracy without Obama creating more.

  2. Let’s not forget that the FBI has six months of video of the traffic in and out if the storage room. They know exactly what happened.

  3. It’s amazing how far human beings will go to convince themselves they’re right when they’re actually desperate.

    1. In their world, saying _”I was wrong”_ is basically same as LITERAL suicide. They have nothing to lose by doubling-down Until The Very End.

  4. I always enjoy watching how T manages to constantly makes bad situations worse for himself. Also, Hannity and Fox definitely had discretion to cut those parts of the interview but they’re like ‘nah this is p good stuff’.

  5. I mean “just by thinking it” and “I declassified everything” points to being aware of it happening and premeditation.

    1. And when he said that you can send them tomorrow Lago or wherever he did say that He’s admitting right there that they were indeed not planted that he did send an intend to send those documents to his resort.

    2. @Leslie Curran The thing is, even if he could do this, and he can’t, Biden can just β€œrethink them classified” again. He is really stupid wasting all this effort on the classification issue, because according to the Law, it is the content of the document that counts, not the way the document is labelled.

  6. “Wouldn’t there be cameras?”
    “I don’t think so.. They were in a room.”
    The clearest signal that the American people were given as to Donald’s being unfit for public service was his own communication. When he’s not incriminating himself, he’s making no sense. Utter filth.

  7. Fills my heart with joy to see that evil man floundering, completely out of his depth as the Law of the land bites him in his most vulnerable spot – his ego. Will he ever face trial or choose to cowardly run?

  8. He also said, to paraphrase, “That’s what I’ve been told…” which is good old plausible deniability as well as throwing someone else under the bus.

    1. @Janice Woodington Yet since 2016 nothing had stuck on him and the left wondered why that is. He just talks and talks, and you all think he’s incriminating himself. You are so smart. Thinking you are smarter than the guy who plays the media for the idiots that they are. Precisely the reason why the media hates him, as do you., him living in all your heads rent-free. Wanna bet money on no crime here? Like this one…US-Ukraine 106-10 wipe the 2nd impeachment after Mueller wiped the first?

    2. @dasteufelhund A rather weird rant, but I’ll respond: One of his major M.O’s is that he gets power over people, whether by blackmail like with Lindsey Graham for instance, or threats and insults, name calling, by his ranting. He is the ultimate CON MAN (he’s conned you, for instance). He preys on the under-educated, disenfranchised, those who don’t want to think for themselves. His crimes are fraud (he learned well from his dad, Fred the Nazi), money laundering – do you know how many apartments he has sold to Russian oligarchs for hugely bloated amounts? Never paying those who worked for him, and waiting for them to sue and then arranging to pay them pennies on the dollar. You see, you just listen to his words, believe them and then say everyone else is a liar – you’re hooked, you don’t investigate for yourself, you believe his words. You have become a member of his cult, and believe everyone who says otherwise, whether it’s the DOJ, SDNY, the investigating committees in the House of Representatives, even judges appointed by him, to be LIARS. I truly feel sorry for you because you’ve been duped by the ultimate con man.

  9. Nobody in the history of the presidency has ever pleaded the 5th better then me πŸ‘
    It was sooo beautiful. πŸ‘Œ

  10. “there is no Chain of custody with them”
    FBI in possession and documenting what they found that sounds like the chain of custody.

  11. Imagine speeding on the highway. Imagine the speed limit for every driver is on the road is 65 mph and you are caught driving at 135 mph. The moment you are pulled over by a local cop, you claim (1) the cop is not a cop, (2) no one really knows the ‘real speed limit’, (3) the speed sign was changed the installed the moment you were arrested, (4) the chief of police in the town has it out for you, (5) you weren’t driving the car, (6) the body cam video is totally fake, (7) you don’t even own a car nor know how to drive it, (8) the entire justice system is corrupt, (9) the speed/laser gun is broken and (10) your driver’s license gives you special secret authority to drive at any speed you want to without concern for the law. That’s Donald Trump.

  12. “There doesn’t have to be a process as I understand it, *different people say different things*”
    Trump has been saying this type of stuff for years. Basically he’s saying: “I just made this up and I’m sure someone out there agrees with me”

  13. Did you notice he said or other places?? Why don’t they have legal searches of all properties and the ex wife’s grave at the golf course. Please get this done, keep the pressure on!!

  14. 03:20 I believe he was no longer president when he took those documents. I think he was a disgruntled and fired ex-employee at the time.

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