1. “If this had happened in ANY other country all these TRAITORS would have been in jail by now, or dead. Not out walking around stirring up more trouble.”

    1. @eric ford you’ll be much better off when you quit blaming the other sides and realize BOTH parties are corrupt and criminals.

  2. Please don’t leave even the tiniest loophole for the Don to escape. In Britain there was the “greased piglet” that managed to escape many scandals until even his own cabinet had enough of him. Let this happen in the US.

    1. Realization: it’s not about truth. We’re surrounded by perverts. It’s not about explaining. It’s about hanging the wicked. In this life or the next, herman.

  3. I get it, we need evidence but we already know individual 1 has committed a number of crimes on camera and on recordings. When is enough enough????

    1. @Biden2024 The whole picture will soon become clearer for you I’m sure and will link and make sense those little isolated incidences.

  4. Trump: Pence needs to show courage to make me president again.
    Jan 6 committee: the witnesses need to show courage to make Trump a jail-bird.

  5. Not one Democrat has forgotten Trump saying he had “the best people “, and not one Republican can remember it.

  6. “My political ideal is democracy. Let every person be respected as an individual and no person be idolized.” -Dr. Albert Einstein, 1930

  7. It’s frigging amazing how many new things there are to report every single day! Trump turns out to be a hard worker after all. His crime total is soon to exceed his 34,000 lie total.

    1. @Tim Dybala Any sane person should be alarmed at the prospect of the government and lawmakers being dominated, or dictated to by barking mad Christians.

  8. I imagine he’s sitting and pouring crushed up bags of Cheetos all over his body while he tries to figure out how to con more ppl out of their money and getting his daughter into bed. That’s how he’s consuming the hearings.

  9. Executive Privilege only for sitting Presidents and not for crimes committed against the country. Also no more pardons by the President for crimes

    1. @jonathan adderly You have proven your naivety, do you really think it’s that simple to charge an ex-president. That doesn’t happen over night.

  10. “Only the mob takes the fifth. If that guy has nothing to hide, why is he taking the fifth amendment?” — Trump.

    1. @Upper 90 When I comment, I get hundreds of folks all over the country to agree with me. You don’t. Maybe you should take notes, amateur.

  11. They, the committee, should release the entire 8 hour deposition so we can see context ,and body language.

    1. @Tom Valveede One way to find out if it’s a cynical conspiracy or not, isn’t there? Release all the video. Why won’t they?

    2. @soylentdean ask mccarthy. He said he was going to form his own committee. Maybe he can get it.

  12. When Trump heard Cipollone was going to testify under oath he threw the entire table against the wall. Then he fell down kicking his legs and beating his fists on the floor, crying.

  13. Haberman on Trump:
    “He’s very susceptible to having his opinion shaped” 7:27

    Wow… Isn’t that just the very definition of a conspiracy nut?

  14. If these republican electorate is getting older, why do they keep voting for people who want to deny seniors their social security benefits? Every time someone says “party of Reagan” all I can think of is his brilliant “trickle down” theory that has wiped out our middle class and made the poor destitute.

  15. He has “the best people” and also “the best words”, for the first time ever, I actually WANT to hear his words. I am praying for the day he has to testify. Even though he will lie, I want to see him squirm!

    1. i’d say he’s crap himself, but he probably does that to avoid going all the way to the can.

    2. @Biden2024 Oh Trump said a bit more than that as I’m sure you know. Or have you not been following?

  16. Cipollones testimony may turn out to be important but Cassidys definitely was. Trumps reaction was epic!!

    1. Good luck on you the best day of luck 🤞❤️‍🔥📞😃😃

  17. Still hoping with great enthusiasm that all this is moving closer and closer to multiple felony indictments for our last president. When that happens it will be a grand day in deed! Hoping for it soon.

  18. HUGE Red Flag when a GENERAL pleads the 5th on the question “do you believe in the *peaceful* transfer of power” dear lord

    1. I learned because of that very thing, that in order to plead the 5th on any question, you must plead it on ALL questions. Once you answer 1 question, you can’t refuse to answer ANY of them. If someone pleads the 5th, prosecutors will ask super obvious things a bit like “Is the sky blue”, to basically trip someone up. If he answered that one, he’d have to answer stuff that probably would incriminate him.

  19. Hard to believe that the guy who said: ‘We’re going to get charged with every crime imaginable’ is going to resist the urge to show that he was right about putting on the brakes.

  20. I remember leaving a comment about 5 years ago stating it will be years after his presidency , before they fully know the extent of what his crimes were/are.

    1. @Tim Dybala I think your the only one left on that ship. You don’t want to be the only dummy that didn’t see the others leave do you?

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