Haberman: Trump says he'll be reinstated as president by August 1

Haberman: Trump says he’ll be reinstated as president by August


Maggie Haberman says former President Donald Trump is echoing a QAnon conspiracy theory telling people that he will be reinstated as president by August.

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  1. Sounds like a threat to overthrow the American government in favor of a dictatorship. I’ll support our American troops that defend the constitution from domestic enemies.

    1. @Ernesto V17 , It’s not just National Guard, it ABSOLOUTELY will include past military like me, with weapons that match or surpass anything those hilljack inbreds wanna try and come at us with…Myself, I’m just waiting for the day, saving everything, no range time, nothin, but when time comes, we’ll be ready….

    2. Yep… Us 3% will defend our country against the communist socialist left that the Beijing Biden regime is trying to create.

    3. @Info Warrior depends on who’s doing the audit, state officials, yeah I trust them. The Cyber Ninjas, not so much

  2. Is it possible he’s confused? Maybe some insider called to warn him about an indictment coming in August?

    1. @mike davidson you have a 7 month old account. What a surprise. Seems anyone making negative comments on CNN seem to always have a brand new account. Russian troll.

    2. That’s exactly right but Trump got confused and thought he meant reinstated instead of indicted

  3. “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” ~~MLK Jr.

    1. @Zyda Bermudez I see the point that is being made about Prez Obama and his unemployment numbers. Under his 8 years the president created about 8.9 million jobs while Trump created 6.6 million in just 3 years (before pandemic). Obama did great in helping us out of the housing recession, true.
      If Trump would have just sat on his hands for three years, Obamas policies would have continued to spur job growth im sure. But instead he lower corporate taxes and removed regulations and the jobrowth skyrocketed. If there was no pandemic job loss it looked like he was going to surpass the numbers by Obama. Perhaps, ofcourse we won’t know but just speculate.
      Incase you can’t tell I’m all for lower taxes not just for citizens but also small businesses, and I’m for cutting regulations as long as there is long term or permanent detriment to the eco system and environment.

    2. @Francis Peter but the economy didn’t crash even though we were told it would. The only thing the crash the economy was the forced shutdown during the pandemic.

  4. Relax people. He wouldn’t be trying to sell his DC Bed Bug Hotel if he thought he was gonna be president again. He only thinks about money and that’s his big grift. He’s just trying to get more MAGGAT money.

  5. As long as the donations are coming in he is going to keep moving the stick and taking these people’s money.

  6. This is like that guy who keeps calculating the second coming of christ and judgment day. Then silence when the sun comes up, again

    1. @mike davidson – Sure. That’s why they voted for Biden in such great numbers. I mean, when you say ridiculous things like this, are you not aware of just how stupid they sound?

    2. @Jack Dorseys Mom “Joined Apr 7, 2021”, and no content. Gonna have to put you on the troll watch list.

  7. The dates keep moving….It’s a real shame to see these people lose their minds right in front of my eyes.

  8. He’s desperately trying to get back in office so that he can avoid prosecution from his crimes. NY needs to step it up!

    1. @Mogirl Apologies…several windows open…confused your name with another poster and sent you the wrong message. I just removed it. You have my most sincere apologies. Thumbs up on your post by the way. What you described is quite the way it was.

    2. CNN are dying for Trump to come back …..he’s the reason they have no viewers ……Trump2021

    1. @LB Walker
      That is wonderful news, however he is still being given every stage possible to vent out his venoms. Fox, CNN,CBS and all the other entities are still airing his views if not direct then through his proxies.
      He may have lost 30% of his voters but there still many crazies still believing and carrying his wishes. He is a danger to democracy no democrats. Trumpism will live way after the grim reaper has been to collect him. His legacy are the delusional people he has brainwashed.

    2. @Jack Dorseys Mom all I can say is that any Joe Biden comments will be a lot smarter than anything that comes out of the mouth of trump or any of it’s supporters

    3. @Bill Rodriguez that’s a lie and has been debunked years ago, only the stupid beleave that

  9. “Not merely the validity of experience, but the very existence of external reality was tacitly denied by their philosophy. The heresy of heresies was common sense.”
    – George Orwell 1984

    1. The election was thrown. Fauci worked with the Chinese to create a virus as a bio-weapon to be released on the world coinciding with the US election to justify illegal voting law changes under the guise of a pandemic. You’ve sided with the people who’ve murdered millions of people with that virus and subsequently vaccines which will by far kill more people than the virus itself. The entire world knows all of this except you fkn idiots. “We believe the science”…. no you don’t… you believe the TV. You’ve been hustled, and you seemingly aren’t capable of figuring that out… so… one way or another all of this is going to be sorted out whether you can fit the truth into your head or not. That’s what happened, and that’s what’s going to happen. Your stupidity is no excuse for being a horrible person. Trump is irrelevant.

    1. The ones who are crying “fraud” over the election are the very ones who are trying to cheat, steal and rig the elections to come. It’s the ones who are culpable and complicit in the Jan 6th insurrection who didn’t want to commission. Typical.

  10. It is part of the grift! Just as long as idiots are giving him their hard earned money to support his grift, he will keep throwing these things around

  11. Really ? His Q boys said that he’ll be President on March 4th. They seem to enjoy being wrong.

    1. @Rob Stone then I’m assuming you have a large list of these falsehoods which you can now present evidence for?

    2. @mike davidson i was reading all about that , i thought the judges threw out the fraud cases ,, but they didnt …. they didnt even look at evidence.

    3. @Roger Lmfao, gotta laugh at people who really make a point too correct grammar when they have nothing else to say. Trump/DeSantis 2024 , Populist Wave 2022

    1. Once the vaccine was approved, didn’t Trump initially predicted 50 million shots would be administered by the end of December?

    2. @Bruce Bryant they never thought out the logistics they would need for transportation, storage, and vaccinating. Some nobody in the Pentagon was put in charge, and the first thing he did was to blame manufacturers for quality control issues, which didn’t exist. Operation Warp Speed became Operation Total Ineptitude, and after that Trump washed his hands of the whole thing.

    1. Yeh I notice that like she can not really belive what she saying she knows from her years of law that you can not reinstate a an ex president who was not relelected. Yeh going into madness. It like these people can not accept the truth Biden is in but yet can seem to stop lying to themselves almost like its a mental disoeder of ignorance.

    1. Putin really uses Snowden skills for his own purposes. Just from knowing Russians from my own experience – they won’t give him a shelter for nothing in return!!! Ed it trapped to the rest of his life and if he ever will have a willing* to escape_ good luck, your last drink is served,sir!

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