Habs face backlash over controversial first-round draft pick 1

Habs face backlash over controversial first-round draft pick

The fallout over the Montreal Canadiens' controversial first-round draft pick may now impact its sponsors.

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  1. Young woman, or minor? No ones sending a text when he’s getting noshed off, it’s a little something for later. Especially at 18.

    1. @Wallace Peeace lol, what about you? What are you overcomensating for by pretending to care about this nothing burger?

  2. She was an Adult, at the time he was a minor. I think Trudeau has trouble with the word consensual. He after all, is the shining beacon of ethics…..

  3. I once heard someone say that perhaps she/he experienced the event differently. Then this certain someone expected all to be forgiven. Is this different or am I just unclear of how the world works.

    before all the haters start…………..note the sarcasm!

  4. The young player should be suing Justin Trudeau for defamation. Justin Trudeau single-handedly destroyed Logan’s future. In sports an athlete’s name is very important as it is their brand and Justin Trudeau just lit Logan’s brand on fire.

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