1. @Sean Embry You forgot to mention the nearby NATO force weapons pointed directly at the Kremlin. Add those to the mix defeating Pootin.

      With our missile defense system, it’s unlikely his nukes will even have time to arm before they leave his country and will fall uselessly to earth. We’re killing Vlad with ‘death by a 1000 cuts’ right now, so nukes may not be needed. The US needs zero ‘boots on the ground’ in Ukraine to join this battle. Our drones and missiles could remotely finish his forces in a day. So there’s that.

    2. @Hellpup not a republican. But I would rather die a billion covid deaths than to ever be a leftist like you

    3. @Bert Brandon369 the us doesn’t fund these labs, the us has helped various labs with security to not allow these viruses to get out. Other countries help too. This is a Ukrainian lab that has been there since Soviet times. Read before you post, don’t just listen to news stations

  1. Hackers are playing a vital role during this crucial time. Ukrainians appreciate much of their services

    1. @GulfPort Express OK. Ill bite. How would they know when all social media and independent news has been banned and the only allowed information comes from Putin’s state TV? The only Russians who know use VPNs to get around the ban, meaning young people.

    2. @The Study that is completely right. But you are referring to a minority of the Ukrainian people that lived in the Luhansk and Donbass regions and former Krim. What did Russia do with the Tschechenians? And the seperartists there? Didn’t Russia do the same thing as your so called US backed government in Ukraine did to the separatists regions?
      The truth is no country likes if part of it’s state want’s autonomy, neither in Russia nor in Spain with the Catalans nor somewhere else in the world.

    3. @The Study Since you are well aware of all these war crimes and injustice (Poke the 🐻, Middle East conflict, Genocid of the Uyghurs, Ukraine vs seperartists) how can you still defend the ungoing war in Ukraine initiated by Russia. Since it seems to be the same cruelty as the one’s you mentioned.

  2. The best part is this isn’t malicious at all it’s just connecting people together and tearing down the barrier.

    1. @Mind Flux When the Russian people realize that what’s happening to them is Putin’s fault I think it will be very effective in turning them against Putin.

    2. @tyler dawson The keystone pipeline was being built to EXPORT oil and gas. It would have sent oil and gas OUT of North America. Not INTO the United States. Get a clue!

    3. @brostenen worst ,yet so little context. I can name all the major crisis Biden caused under a year making Carter look like Reagan.

    4. @GulfPort Express Trump supporters call folks “Steeple” and if you’re a Trump supporter, than you’re lost.
      Look, Russia hacked that oil company, it was out of commission for what 2 weeks and gas prices jumped up. Hackers are here and they work for every government on Earth, so, as long as they don’t hack us I’m good!

  3. There’s something about people who work hard, learn hard, and then put that toward the freedom of people far less learned or gifted, that just gets me

    1. @Ash Roskell solicitation is usually trying to sell someone something, like a door to door salesman but I’ll have to Webster that one as well 🤣 but yes I think that texting random numbers you guessed random info is not illegal. Now if that person asks you to stop and you continue that’s harassment which *is* illegal

    2. No people are more gifted than others, if you cant comprehend why im right and you’re wrong then you might be on the less learned side

  4. I say, All hands on deck! Spread the truth and show Putin exactly what we can do. Shout out to all who are protecting Ukraine and its allies from cyber attacks as well.


    2. @Steve En iam from europe….we see the refugees. Woman and childeren without their fathers/husbands.

    3. @Steve En You don’t want truth, you want confirmation of whatever YOU believe is going on.
      So you’re gonna ignore anything that contradicts your narrative and then find videos/sources that make you feel vindicated.
      The truth is there are thousands of people with family & friends in Ukraine and Europe.
      Every big city in this country has areas of the city that is heavily populated by Eastern Europeans. Go ask them and see if they think it’s fake.
      Stop following bullshit online.

    4. There is a certain poetic justice, given how Russia has wielded troll accounts and disinformation since the “Cambridge Analytica” affair that got Putin the Brexit vote, and probably earlier.

  5. Just remember legally correct is nowhere near the same as MORALITY CORRECT. We should stand together to minimize the amount of life lost in this absolute pointless war.

    1. Yes I’ve said that before. Legal and illegal is not the same as right and wrong, good or bad.

    1. @galaxy bordlanders spamming people with Rick Astleys amazing masterpiece song never gonna give you up

    2. I remember an askReddit video on trolls and this one guy accidentally sent his friend a link to a rickroll site… which had a virus. The only problem is, how would that work without hurting the country itself, maybe these hackers could edit that website so it instead gives them access instead of sending a virus, that way, they have more power if they can control what happens and it could scare him enough he stops everything if he knows everything isn’t under only his control anymore

    3. @GreenBean44 GreenBean44 Because believeing that there are a billion diferent genders and women have dicks and men can menstruate makes liberals “intelligent”. Why do kiddie fiddler liberals so strongly support *Desmond is amazing* and *Drag queen story hour* ?

    4. @Do you feel… that you lack critical information? ☝️Q Pawn for Kiddie Porn👆 You are quite the expert on this stuff. Impressive!

    5. 2 horrible no good very bad insane psychopathic narcissistic brat boys with the emotional level of extremely immature elitists 12 year old juvenile delinquents..

  6. This is inspiring me to grind in APCSA as a sophomore in high school. I never knew computer science could be used for such a noble cause

    1. Go, learn things, Learn HOW To Think and not What to think. The ‘what’ is your job to figure by applying the ‘How’.

    2. @For the shin of allah Why would you think that? NOBODY but you and Fox Fake news believes that BS. ;D

  7. “Is it legal?” What kind of doucher question is that?
    When someone is a murderer and trying to murder more people, never ask if this is legal. Hit the enemy as hard as you can, by any means you can.

    1. @James Ricker And the Constitution protects people INSIDE the United States.
      It has ZERO POWER over what other countries do.

      So if a hacker was here, doing that, then TECHNICALLY, it would be considered “against the law.”

      But let’s look at how the hackers are trying to help and SAVE LIVES by warning/alerting people!

      Then, look at ALLLLLL the CRIMINAL activity that the repuGliKKKans and tRump do and while all, AGAINST THE LAW,

      Yeah, put me on a jury in a hacker case, these kinds of hackers… not the “bad” hackers. No problem! They’ll get a NOT GUILTY vote from me!

    2. @Ash Roskell They already were doing it to us. Look up “Cambridge Analytica”, the Russian troll farm that got Britain out of the EU.

    3. Or you can just use Whatsapp to talk to normal people in Russia lol… CNN is a joke, with this hype-fear story

  8. I like the answer that the IT ARMY spokesperson gave, to make everyday citizens feel like the war is there as well. This is true. I mean, how is any different than the sanctions that have been imposed on Russia? Everyday citizens are the ones “suffering”. The more they “suffer”, the more they will voice up and stand up (hopefully) against their government.

    1. I have a feeling the ONLY way to end this or get rid of Putin, is with Russian citizens.
      As of right now, they still believe Putins lies.

    2. In RuSSia historically for centuries people were oppressed by the leading Party and government. They are used to propaganda, hard living conditions, an so on. I don’t know what can make them go and stand up for their lives. (especially if they know they could be imprisoned for 15 year for just coming to a protest).

  9. I am so glad to hear this news. I keep wondering why we haven’t used this as a tactic before…

  10. One of the rare times that you actually are rooting for the hackers. It’s a non-violent approach to trying to help stop a violent war. I’ve even heard that they hacked Russian state TV several times before and some hackers messed up the Belarus railway system to try and delay the supply trains coming in from Russia.

    1. @JL They hacked Russia’s government websites, services they use, train systems, their State controlled TV stations, and many other things. They also leaked a bunch of government documents from Russia.

    2. @JTMaster Lol ja ja ja they did nothing. Mainstream media just made you believe that they are all powerful. In reality Russia will win this war and the west will be humiliated very soon.

    3. @JTMaster remember, from Putin’s puppet’s perspective Mainstream Media is the enemy, just as “mainstream media” has been demonized by Putin’s lackey, trump.

    4. @JL For real… I was talking to a Russian friend via whatsapp a few days ago and im in Europe. This “hacker group” is making it seem like they are achieving an incredible feat. so many people are too dumb to believe anything they see on CNN.

  11. Love the hackers aren’t standing by and are supporting what needs to be done …uniting us all . If u see this…thank you. BULLIES NEED TO BE DEALT WITH OR THEY NEVER STOP

  12. It’s a free real estate for all hackers. What a time to be a hacker! They probably never dreamed a day where hackers is encouraged by the government.

  13. I hope this situation in Ukraine makes people realize we all live in the same world. War is bad. We need to help each other despite skin color, religion, etc. We are one world. 🌍

    1. War is bad but also necessary. For example, you have the lgtbq people in the quiet now. Along with other toxic organizations

    2. @David Jones people like you are the issue with this world. Gay people may be quite in your country, but that is because you and your government are toxic.

  14. Y’all worry about the wrong thing. Saving lives compared to hacking umm no comparison. Hacking with a purpose ok 👍🇺🇸🇺🇦🙏🏼

  15. This is unreal. Wow. This is a great idea. Technology is so so advanced today, and we need to use it to it’s FULLEST advantage.

    1. you believe anything you see on CNN? Im in europe and i was talking with a friend in Russia on Whatsapp a few days ago. Sending text messages to Russia is not “hacking” lol.

    1. Man you believe anything you see on CNN? Im in europe and i was talking with a friend in Russia on Whatsapp a few days ago. Sending text messages to Russia is not “hacking” lol.

    2. @A R Why would you post such an ignorant stupid comment? Their whole entire independent* news media has been thrown out the window for only state-sponsored news media outlets, who many have resigned and protested. He’s made laws and jailed people for even using the term “war” in place of military special operation. You are younger so you understand what’sapp, the older generation of Russians, get their news from literally nothing but propaganda. What he did was make a system where you can randomly* text message a Russian to ask them if they are aware of what’s going on? There have been several videos where younger kids were telling their parents what was going on, and there parents were arguing with them saying no we are there as peacekeepers meanwhile they were bombing hospitals and taking civilians hostage. Keep your mouth closed and be thankful you live in a free society, this is serious, and you are randomly making comments that mean nothing except “everything is fine” when it’s not. Russians bombed 15 miles away from a NATO country, once false move, it hits a NATO country (which it could, since they are outdated shitty missiles) and we are in WW3 with Nuclear Weapons. A few days ago means nothing, did you see what he did a day ago? Made a new law if you protest for peace you get 15 years in jail. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, not even with the hacking part, he just banned facebook and twitter. Whatsapp may be the next one, he is slowly trying to control them like North Korea is, a dictator doing anything and everything to control, threaten, and scare his own people, while lying to them. This was a way to reach even the older generation, who might not have access to whatsapp or even know what it is. It’s bascially like Hitler giving the Jews curfews, slowly taking away their rights and then ending up in gas chambers.

  16. It’s inspiring to learn that listening to Radio Free Europe was so formative for the Polish hacker in the beginning of the video. Both Radio Free Europe and Radio Free Asia are doing a great job covering developments in Ukraine and Myanmar respectively.

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