Haitian Police Arrest Over 20 Suspects In Connection To Assassination 1

Haitian Police Arrest Over 20 Suspects In Connection To Assassination


Founder and Publisher of the Haitian Times Garry Pierre-Pierre joins Ayman to discuss new developments in the aftermath of the assassination of Haiti's President.
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  1. There appears to be a lot of people involved in this. I still barely know what any of this is about or who could be at the root, so I’m going to keep my mouth shut.

    Again, I highly suggest many of you do the same. This is way out of the scope of many of our understanding and no one cares about our opinion.

    1. Yes, if Biden is behind the assassination, let’s all keep our mouths shut because it’s beyond our understanding. Let’s not ever open a book about our involvement in latin american countries. No, that’s beyond our tiny little brains to understand….. or you can blame it on russia and Trump

    2. The President hired outside security to help him while he was fighting corruption within Haiti. They are photographed guarding him that’s why the Haitian blurred their faces on TV. Those are the President’s own trusted outside security, now being framed.

      We know how mafias and cartels operate. The president extended his presidency because there wasn’t a law abiding person brave enough to do the job.
      The Haitians romanticize pirates, mafias and cartels who get them stuff for free without working.
      The Diaspora occult tells them not to show up for work and other people will do the work for them. They don’t appreciate paying jobs in construction, Healthcare, manufacturing and agriculture.
      Its obvious. USA had the same problem before where they blamed us for prosecuting criminals and didn’t want criminals to go to jail. Its not racism, its corruption. They don’t want to follow the Ten Commandments Exodus 20.

    3. Arabs do similar thing, hiring workers from Indonesia to build Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia then they took their passports preventing the workers from leaving until the work was done. Since they cheated the workers salaries the workers tried to leave when they didn’t get paid, clean housing or clean food.

    4. Exactly, what is Haiti’s export? Does it have natural resources? Maybe they’d be used as a pawn. I’m clueless on this.

    5. @Sd hsn Do some research. Such as the US kidnapping Aristide. US corporations likes using cheap labor of poor countries and many coups have been backed by the US.

  2. It is necessary to find their family and keep an eye on their family becuz they might be threatened.

  3. The FBI used phone tapping to find out who did what.. He talks about no intervention from the comfort of his Miami home..

    1. The president hired outside security to help him while he was fighting corruption within Haiti. There are photographs of Moise trusted private security. Thats why their faces are blurred.

    2. When Jfk was assassinated the people didn’t run around raping, robbing and shooting each other.
      The President extended his term because they hadn’t removed criminals yet.

    3. USA provides regulated minimum wages, safety regulations for workers, labor laws protecting children, workers compensation, life insurance, home insurance, auto insurance, social security but some people just aren’t grateful.

  4. The third president who rejected Covid injections in their countries. Coincidence????? All three dead since March.

  5. He want to live off the tax payer same here in Jamaica everyone want to go into politics because you go in Government broke and come our rich

  6. Oh man, looks like whoever did it is trying to frame humanitarian people they might have known…the doctor and then that guy who ran the charity and did the bodyguarding at the Canadian embassy. Just because they call a dude isn’t proof of anything, they could call anyone.

  7. The Haitian police department haven’t solved the murder case in almost 7 to 8 years and all of a sudden they solve this case less than 48 hours (First 48)

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