1. Could have been a recording played ..Like a decoy…didn’t see anyone on a megaphone..just came into mind

    1. Very shady…might be drug cartel fueled assassins. I hope countries can help in the investigacion

    2. @Levi Miami came up because they say the killer speak Spanish and English with a accent and alot of people in Miami speaks English with a accent.

    3. @snake doctor So you just randomly threw out Miami even though Spanish is the second largest spoken language in America?

  2. Are these the same authorities that were supposed to be protecting the president that you want us to stay calm and allow them to do their work

    1. @R P cant imagine the future of humanity when many are living in your media created fantasy. You think the puppets in the government are in any way the puppetMasters? Look behind the curtains.

  3. you just said ” warrant”?? In Haiti they don’t need no warrant to bust into your house at any time

    1. @Jacky Brown and you’re right he wasn’t. I have no respect for the man, but I respect the office. Still u need to talk abt things u know. They warrant is called “mandat.” Is there abuse? Yes. Tell me where there’s none

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    2. @ThatOneDude 6969 Gang violence and political instability was prevalent even while he was alive. If the people have been constantly living in turmoil and unrest all their lives do you think this is actually the worst thing that could happen to them? At a time of violent protests everything is horrible, and the people of this country have been living in horrible deplorable conditions even before the violent protests. And you really really think that this is the worst fucking thing that can happen to them?

    3. @Kevs2good the election hold every five years not four years this year make it five years it supposed to be hold this year so get ya fact right sir

  4. No report of any security detail members dead or even wounded. That is very curious.
    No security guards stationed in the house either?

    1. @TheBlackRa agreed and that’s how real country should run, not how America runs their business with presidents smh it’s a joke and scam

  5. Haiti,this country can never have a break.Poverty,corruption,natural disaster,political instability ,i feel bad for this country.This is definitely an inside job

    1. @Joseph Arden Usa invasion of Libya Benghazi in 2011. Clinton qoute ” we came, we saw, he gone”

    2. @curoseba Can’t really prove it through a YouTube comment section now can I? No jit. What ever I say or try to prove, you’ll say, “you found that online”. Or some shiz like that.

  6. Extremely sad. Devastating events for a country that continues to be punished by the International community. Something is not right. A Haitian political figure is definitely behind this assassination. But there is no law or consistent due process.
    Very sad.

    1. They want your money
      And they want to immigrate to your state
      Creating new haiti
      Not your condolences
      They don’t care about haiti and president

    2. *Chuck Schumer – Nancy Pelosi – Joe Biden*

      *Have ZERO Education and Experience in Business and Economics*
      that makes them uniquely un-Qualified to run the Economy

    1. *Chuck Schumer – Nancy Pelosi – Joe Biden*

      *Have ZERO Education and Experience in Business and Economics*
      that makes them uniquely un-Qualified to run the Economy

    2. @Tru Slayer How on earth can the Presidential security apparatus allow foreign agents ( DEA or not ) to enter the residence of a President of a foreign country without disarming them or vetting their search warrant. This was a set up. Someone got paid off big time.

    3. @Chief Nosay its Haiti a poor country the US has a strong foothold over there and who knows the president himself probably said to let them in not knowing they were assassins

    4. @abdirahman ahmed filthy USA ? Explain! Filthy ISIS , filthy terrorists is more like it.

    1. Lol have you seen the shooters? Obviously not, they looked unprofessional and they left a survivor.

    2. @Wow Grace there’s 45,000 Americans in Haiti lmao. Majority of them are black Haitian Americans and the rest are people working in social services and charities lmao. Haiti is THE most useless countries in the new world, nobodies going there.

    3. @Ryan lex Yeah because top government officials sat around with each other and came up with the idea to kill him because ……

    4. @Ryan lex We all know the USA killed him because of their large…

      Agricultural supply I guess???

  7. And get this none of his security forces got into a gun fight they probably were the ones who open the door and let them in. This is life imitating art reminds me of that movie Man on fire staring Denzel Washington. Where the politician security forces was being paid off.

  8. “This is a DEA operation” said no DEA Agent in English (in a French Speaking country) EVER. What a setup. I bet the new PM (which was about to get replaced as Attorney General on Friday) gonna milk it for all its worth. Probably involved. U.S forces wouldn’t have left a witness like these sloppy bozos.

    And yes, the Assassination was cowardly, I pray for the wife.

    1. There is video out there of the assassins
      The way they are holding their weapons is a giveaway they were not professional

    2. The late Haitian President was backed by US. There is no benefit in killing their own ally on foreign soil

  9. It almost sounds like a recording from a movie, even looped since it just repeats.

    1. I’m almost certain it’s just a recording. Plenty of Haitians wanted to take this guy out, betting anything his killers were Haitian

  10. After everything Haiti has gone through… I’m sorry for the way the president died.

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  11. After Hearing This Tape , If The Tape Is Legit , In Retrospect I Can Definitely Tell This Is Not A True “American Accent” That I Am Hearing , & It Also Just Does’nt Stack Up B/C These Guy’s Were Just Way Too Sloppy For This To Have Been Any Hit Done By US , Who I’m Quite Sure Would’ve Left No Stone Unturned & Definitely Would’ve Left No Witnesses Behind , Just Sayin …

    1. My step cousin is married to one of the president family members and they are saying the so called DEA are either Venezuelan or Columbian

    2. thats what they want you to think “its too sloppy for this to have been any Hit done by the US” i mean are they going to assassinate him and keep it under the table until news breaks out??Or are they going to stage it to be sloppy and legit give out a dead giveaway that there obviously From the US with that accent…Idk how you can say its not a real American Accent

  12. He was in his “private accommodation” but how did the mercenaries knew where he was? No! There’s someone who’s hiding something.

    1. This was clearly a professional team. Reports of a drone, it’s possible it was CIA, or just a well paid team of mercenaries that a cartel paid for. Good guns for hire are out there.

  13. That was responsible are most likely already dead
    Whoever did this does not want to be traced back to it. Those mercenaries were a loose ends

    1. @Some Guy
      How are they hard to kill when the police has already k!ll€d 4 of them???

    2. @Major Media Productions
      Police have said that with no evidence so far. Also I said hard to kill not impossible to kill. They still humans my dude

    3. @Some Guy
      yeah I thought about that too. They showed no evidence. Could be a psyop….

    4. @Major Media Productions Could be the C.I.A. special activities center wanting you to think there posing as mercenaries and did a sloppy job on purpose i mean the police even said they cornered them and were in a shootout with them for a little while,, who else has that type of training other than tier 1 operators…Of course this can be false but still just speculation

    5. @ThatOneDude 6969
      My bet is on some top drug cartel. They spoke Spanish and English w American accents and They identified as DEA (drug cartels are known to do this). They also were well trained and funded yet they didn’t have any problem shooting the presidents wife and leaving her alive. If it was the CIA they would have either killed her or left her unharmed. To me this is most likely a drug cartel of some kind.

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